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How To Control Negative Emotions When You Are Overwhelmed!

How To Control Negative Emotions is the third part 3 of a series on Meditation Benefits. Emotions are one of the major driving forces in a human being and this holds true for allcontrol your emotions types of emotions, positive or negative. Since we are all human beings this applies to us all no matter how some individuals would like to think not. Thus we all have emotions. Some may revel in them where others are ruled by them. One question we all ask ourselves is about learning how to manage emotions in a positive way. Managing emotions is one way of staying centered and calm removing stress and anxiety. I am going to put that statement into a reverse order. Staying centered and calm is one way of managing emotions. If you allow your emotions to rule your life it may be a bumpy journey.

Auras And Chakras Health Affect Emotions

Regardless of life circumstances, you may find yourself facing it may be more beneficial for you to be in control and have calm emotions, rather than allowing your emotional body to control you. Learn how to control negative emotions. It can help you in many facets of your life. One of the various reasons you may have emotional issues or can’t control your emotions may be that your second Chakra is out of tune. If this is the case you can have an aura reading during which a re-calibration can be carried out. This will reduce your control issue. However, this may not be the only reason you have lost power over your emotions.

Have you ever lost your temper and said or did something you regretted? Or were you completely lost with how to deal with emotions in a relationship at some point? Learning how to control emotions in love is an essential skill that will bring much joy to both you and your partner. Trying to create great relationships let alone good ones, especially long-term ones such as in a marriage; can be straining on the emotional body. To take a quote from Steven Covey’s book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ “seek first to understand. This will take you a long way to becoming an emotional hero.

For many people being able to know how to control emotions at work can be a real challenge and it can even cause major physical stress and grief. Learning the keys of how to control emotions and feelings is an important tool for both your physical and spiritual life. All the self-help and self-empowerment techniques will not help you unless you gain control over your emotional engine.

How To Send Unwanted Emotions To A Quick Grave

Hope is available if you suffer from the emotional infliction of impatience, anger or any of the other negative emotions. You should also understand that it is healthier to keep positive emotions in check and let them run rampant. There are several ways of doing so but by far Spiritual Grounding is one of the best keys to emotional health and well being. Spiritual Ground is a concept very similar to that of a grounding antenna or wire when it comes to electricity or lightning. Either of these can send unwanted voltage into the earth where it can do no harm. When it comes to emotions it gives us the ability to take full control and even give us a physical and emotional strength to resist negative energy allowing it flow to the earth’s core.

The way we accomplish grounding is to practice a Grounding Meditation. This is a short meditation that connects ones emotional core energies away from your body allowing them to flow into the earth thus eliminating them. This form of meditation can relax and calm you immediately as well keep you on track for a long time. Also, it can be done while standing, sitting and even while speaking to people or driving. Anywhere anytime! To learn how to do one I have provided a guide meditation here for you to practice following until you become proficient enough to do it on your own.

In this Podcast you will learn:

  • Why it is important to be in control of your emotional body.
  • What are emotions truly?
  • Tips on calming your emotions.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Control Negative Emotions, where you will learn why it is important to understand what emotions are and how to work with them to your best interest. Once you get a handle on how to control negative emotions your life will change.

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