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August 5, 2017

Learn How To Live In The Present With Meditation – UYT087

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How To Live In Present Moment Time

Wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to learn how to live in the present and completely let go of any painful or unnecessary emotions and thoughts? To aliving in the present moment everyday tools and practicesllow life to come as it may. To be able to release effort, stress, and anxiety. If you really want to feel what struggle is like, try changing something in the past or controlling the future. That is why the present is critical to growth and happiness.

The Power Of Now

Are you not living in the present experiencing the “power of now,” as so well explained by Eckhart Tolle? Why not? Well, the issue is that we are mostly operating from our ego, our physical body, as opposed to our true spiritual nature. I, too, have felt all of the above. Just spinning my wheels when it came to living my life to the fullest and allowing separation between spirituality and physicality. But I found a path as you can as well.

The main difference in operating as pure consciousness (spirit) versus the physical body is the use of effort. We have this overwhelming desire or need while acting from our physical nature. You can be in full control at all times, regardless of the situation. Your spiritual nature allows all things to come easily and effortlessly.

Acquiring this effortless state can seem to be difficult, however. It’s not a surprise that many people grapple with this. It can be very challenging to live in the present.

Being Present In The Moment

Let’s face it, it is completely impossible as a physical being to live outside of the present moment but quite conceivably to think outside of the “now.” How often do you find yourself thinking about past events or upcoming future ones? How often does your mind wander to painful or even joyous past experiences? Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “I can’t wait until x,y,z happens” or “When this happens, I will be happy finally”? This focusing on the past or future takes you out of the present and affects your current activities.

Here are some questions that my students have sent to me regarding learning how to live in the present:

  • I live in the past. How can I change this?
  • How do I live in the moment and stop worrying?
  • What are some tips for living in the present moment?
  • How can I live in the moment and forget the past?
  • What are some living in the present moment everyday tools and practices?

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5 Techniques To Learn How To Live In The Present Moment

Some simple techniques can bring you right back into this moment, allowing you to experience the full benefits of your life.

Here are a few great ways how to stay present and learn how to live for today:benefits of living in the present moment

  • Take Notice… Do you have present-moment awareness? If not, start to become aware of your environment. See all the options available to you right here, and now that can ground you to this moment in your life. Choose to spend your time doing those things that you like. I heard an enjoy every moment quote once that had seemingly different origins, T. S. Elliot, John Lennon, Kierkegaard, “If you enjoy doing something, it is never a waste of time.” Somehow I feel this says it all.
  • Stop Procrastinating... If you take notice, you may often catch yourself living or even waiting for the future to happen. Putting things off until “tomorrow,” “there will be time for that next week,” and “I don’t have the time for that today.” The thing is that it is never tomorrow. It is always today, and you most probably will never get around to it. Don’t waste a moment of your life.

If you live 100 years, that is only 36,500 days. Think about that. That is a very finite time. One-third of that is taken up in sleeping. Now you are down to about 22,000 days. Taking into consideration work 10,800 and school 4,320 could leave you with about 6,880 days for yourself. Do you really want to fritter them away on wishing for tomorrow? There is always time today, now for the things you want to do, so do them.

  • Acceptance… The past is the past. Leave it there. It has happened, and you cannot change it no matter how hard you try or how long you roll it around in your mind wishing for a different outcome. It is gone! Reminiscing is lovely, but what does it give you today? You can remember that delicious meal you had last week or last month, but you really can’t taste nor will it replenish you in the present. Let the thought come into your mind, and then let it go. Don’t get attached to it.
  • Stop The Illusion… The future is an illusion. No matter what you may think, you can only control it to a point because things happen, both positive and negative in nature. You can set goals, intentions, and plans. There is nothing wrong with that. Just fall into the trap of believing that they are real and “today”. Your ability to Manifest is real.

When you set an intention to work with the Law of Attraction you can state it in the present positive tense such as “I have a new car”. This does not make it real at this present moment. It does allow the manifestation to occur at some point, but dwelling on not having it will not help. Live in the present creating the life you want right now.

  • Meditate… Last but not least, create a positive meditation practice in your life. Meditation connects you with them now. It costs nothing. It is easy to do. It takes no special tools or materials. Once you begin a grounding meditation, it will bring you into the present immediately. This is where you want to be enjoying your time in this body in this life.

As a race, humans applaud effort (grit, determination, hard work, willpower, discipline, and struggling against the odds). For this reason, we believe something isn’t worthwhile unless it is difficult to acquire it. We even feel guilty if we are not working hard enough at something or if it comes too easily. We also tend to judge people who don’t behave following these social morals. They become tagged as dreamers, living in an unrealistic fantasy world. This is not true. The struggle is optional.

In this Podcast, Learn How To Live In The Present With Meditation, you will learn:

  • The benefits of living in the present moment.
  • Why Meditation Works for the Release of Stress.
  • The differences between body versus spirit.
  • Ten tips to release effort.
  • The power of living in the now.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Learn How To Live In The Present With Meditation, where we discuss the 10 tips of reducing the effort in your life and learning to live happily in the present.

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