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I'm a scientist who became a psychic! 

Hello, I'm Dr. Lesley

I am a Psychic Development Teacher, and Founder, of Dr. Lesley’s School of Intuition -  a kind of incubator that births professional intuitive readers, medical intuitive healers, and channelers into the world. I've over 10 courses training people in the intuitive arts. I am the author of “Intuition and Chakras,” a spiritual novel called “The Midas Tree,” and an 8-year-strong podcast with close to 400 episodes, called “Unlocking Your Truth.”

I’ve been doing this work for 25 years. I was a bio-prospector, searching biodiverse regions of the planet for natural product medicines, and a VP business developer in the biotech industry, until I committed full-time to my passion 10 years ago. Now I teach intuition and healing through energy, frequency, and vibration. 

Many of my students are like me. They're often healing professionals who understand there's an infinite world of intuitive possibilities beyond our intellectual limits. They either want to complement or enhance their mainstream job or create a new career, so they can feel they are being of authentic service to humanity. 

Here’s My Perspective On Psychic Abilities

You Are Psychic

You’ve likely had some psychic experiences. Hearing voices, and seeing things, can actually mean you’re awakening, rather than going crazy. In fact, your soul talks to you through your psychic senses. And you can develop them as conscious tools to guide your life. All your answers lie within, and developing your psychic abilities lets you effortlessly tap into them.

Your Chakras Channel Your Psychic Abilities

There are 22 psychic abilities, focused through 7 energy centers, called chakras. You can access your psychic abilities through your chakras. You can master your psychic abilities by becoming a chakra master. To do this, you must understand how opening and closing them effects your reality experience.

Your Psychic Abilities Support Your Life Purpose

You came here for a reason. Your psychic abilities support this purpose, and your chakras channel guidance to help you accomplish it. Everyone has a unique perspective, life path, and intuition profile. I call the psychic abilities that relate to your life purpose, your Psychic Ability Blueprint. Knowing your Psychic Ability Blueprint reveals your life purpose.

There's Common and Specific Intuition Blocks

There are 7 common intuition blocks everyone must deal with that relate to being in a body. Your chakras also encode specific lessons, along your path, for your personal growth. Your psychic abilities naturally emerge as you transcend your unique chakra challenges. You can overcome them using energy techniques, known as the ancient mystery teachings.

The Key to Developing Your Intuition

You are divine consciousness. Your body is your vessel. Your physical senses help you navigate physical reality. Your psychic senses help you navigate non-physical reality. Specific daily meditation practices, help you heal yourself, raise your vibration, and reduce the frequency gap between body and spirit. This is essential for psychic development.

Common and Specific Intuition Blocks

7 Common Intuition Blocks

My Unlock Your Intuition Course helps you overcome these 7 blocks to developing your intuition 

Your Specific Chakra Lessons

Download this interactive PDF. Reveal specific lessons encoded in your chakras that when transcended reveal your psychic abilities

IMPORTANT - For the interactive PDF to work, you must download and save it to your computer, then open it in Adobe Reader. 

Who Are My Clients? 

I also use my intuition and psychic abilities to help people who want to receive guidance or healing. Some go on to become students. Others are satisfied to listen to messages that help them take their next step, or absorb neutral healing energy to help them grow and change.

Who Are My Students? 

I help mostly women, 35-65, to develop psychic abilities. They've already experienced intuition, but wish it was stronger. Or struggle with being too sensitive. I've noticed they often fall into these 3 categories

Seeking a Complimentary Approach

  • Conventional therapists, who seek insight into their clients and want improved personal balance. e.g. counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mainstream health professionals.
  • Managers who want to use intuition for better work-life decisions.

Expanding Skills and Abilities

  • Natural practitioners, who are advancing themselves to help their clients and wish to better protect their energy. e.g. energy healers, readers, acupuncturists, and massage therapists.

Aligning with Life Purpose and Passion                 

  • Empaths, who want to turn over sensitivity into gifts.
  • Career changers, retirees, and mums, furthering their interest.
  • Artists, musicians, and writers who wish to channel their muse.

Are We a Fit?

We are most likely a fit if you are curious and excited to develop your psychic abilities. Willing to create a foundation for steady growth, regularly practice what you learn, and use it to heal yourself. You see life experience as a learning tool and have invested time and resources in personal growth before, so are now willing to commit to my psychic development programs. It's part of your life purpose to use your gifts for yourself and others, yet you are humble and respectful with your gifts.

Characteristics that don't fit, unless you are willing to heal them, are being manipulative, competitive, and invalidating other students. Channeling beings to disturb others, being unwilling to take charge of your energy. Demanding shortcuts, quick fixes, and wanting to know all the secrets NOW. Being distracted, non-committal, or diluting and muddling the information, by grazing on other courses and teachers.

Whether, like me, you are an intellectual who is also intuitive, or a professional who is searching for purpose, let me help you develop your psychic superpowers, to make the extraordinary ordinary, and supernatural natural.

Dr. Lesley's Bio

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips. is a spiritual teacher and psychic development trainer. She's offered intuitive readings and energy healing since 1996 and has taught psychic development since 2003. She provides psychic development training through her courses, books, radio show, and podcast, which is called Unlocking Your Truth.

She once was a microbiologist who searched tropical regions of the planet for natural product medicines. Then she became a business developer for life science companies. Now she heads the School of Intuition and brings her teachings about intuition to as many people as possible. She believes psychic senses are a natural form of communication, and, as we awaken our species, we'll use them as naturally as our physical senses. 

Dr. Lesley offers Psychic Ability Blueprints to help her students find their purpose and unique intuitive gifts. She helps them master their gifts from Unlock Your Intuition to Medical Intuition and Kundalini and Mediumship to Manifestation, as well as courses to enhance the psychic senses (clairvoyanceclairaudienceclairsentienceclaircognizance). 

Dr. Lesley is the author of Intuition and Chakras, and a spiritual novel called The Midas Tree, which aims to help children keep, and adults remember their spiritual gifts. She also creates automatic drawings, some of which are included in her Portico Soul Essence Card deck. She is happiest when working on her next creative project, to support her mission to bring intuition to the mainstream.

Dr. Lesley's Credentials


Spiritual Teacher; certified by C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA, 2005

  • Spiritual Teacher; graduated 2005 (18 month program)
  • Meditation, Energy Healing and Spiritual Growth
  • Completed >250 hours of training, 64 hours teaching under observation, and 64 hours practicum Element


Minister, ordained by C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA, 2003

  • Spiritual Counselling & Clairvoyance; graduated 2003 (2 year program)
  • Professional development as an intuitive reader and energy healer, including seeing and reading auras, akashic records, advanced control of chakras, astral body, kundalini, energy awareness, space ownership, maintaining a safe place, divine communication and other ancient mysteries.
  • Completed > 200 x 2 hour readings and > 500 energy healings; plus > 600 hours of training; qualified to perform weddings, baptisms, christenings & funerals.


I was an environmental microbiologist who searched bio-diverse regions of Earth for natural product drugs. Later I traveled the world as a business developer for life science companies. 

  • B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from John Moore’s University, Liverpool UK; 1988
  • Ph.D. in Microbiology and Natural Product Discovery from Warwick University UK; 1992
  • For more information on my professional background visit LinkedIn


Additional training from C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA; School of Insight & Intuition (S.I.I), Richmond, UK; Rainbow Bridge Dream Analysis Group (R.B.G), London, UK

  • C.D.M. - Meditation Levels I & II (2001); Healing Levels I & II (2001); Kundalini Levels I & II (2003); Body Awareness (2002); Women's Class (2001)
  • S.I.I - Energy Healing and Clairvoyance Training (1997)
  • R.B.G. - Dream analysis, programming, re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying (1996-98)
Dr Lesley Phillips

I believe you can live a purposeful life with loving relationships by following your intuition. I offer intuitive readings and energy healing to help you gain clarity and relief. My passion is teaching you to develop your intuition so you can access your inner guidance. My approach is effective, was developed over time, validated by personal practice and has lead to desirable changes for my clients. I work with awakening humans, game changing leaders, conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, alternative practitioners, and those who wish to follow a spiritual path. I have offered intuitive sessions since 1996, taught meditation and intuition development since 2003.

Dr Lesley Phillips

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So relevant to our consciousness and growth in the 21st century.

A light in dark places” as life’s inevitable challenges occur.

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Tremendous passion to help others learn spiritual truths.

Closer to the masters than most who do this kind of writing.

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Dr. Lesley is a seasoned speaker. She is available to offer talks and workshops at holistic and psychic fairs. She's also taught meditation to clients in > 10 industry sectors. She has also assisted clients in > 40 countries. Speaking Info


A known expert in her field, Dr. Lesley has appeared on 50 radio / TV shows, & written > 50 guest blogs articles. As host of Unlocking Your Truth, she hs produced >350 educational podcasts. See Interviews

Radio Show

Unlocking Your Truth, hosted by Dr Lesley is a talk show on metaphysics and. spirituality that aims to expand your concept of reality. Tune in, listen to the podcast, and ask a question from the chat room. Show Info.


Dr. Lesley has helped 1000's in the last 20+ years. You can read testimonials on the session pages before you book your private session. Or you can explore course testimonials. all in one place.

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