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  • Helping you heal and find your purpose. 
  • Providing guidance through psychic readings.
  • Showing you how to connect with your intuition.

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  • SEARCHING for authentic answers about WHO YOU ARE?
  • Yearning to find ways to cope with LIFE CHALLENGES?
  • Knowing you are here to make an IMPACT....but HOW?
  • Do you desire to live a BALANCED and PURPOSEFUL life? 
  • Are you are unique and value authenticity? 
  • Do you often get frustrated and feel blocked?

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips' Biography

Lesley Phillips Ph.D. is a spiritual teacher, focused on helping people access their personal intuitive guidance. She has offered intuitive readings and energy healing since 1996 and has taught meditation, healing and intuition development since 2003. Dr. Lesley has provided spiritual guidance to thousands through her School of Intuition courses, Unlocking Your Truth radio show and podcast, books, mentoring sessions, workshops, readings and healing. She used to be an environmental microbiologist who searched tropical regions of the planet for natural product medicines. Later she was a business negotiator for life science companies. She created the School of Intuition to bring teachings about intuition to as many people as possible. She believes that psychic senses are our most natural form of communication and that as we evolve into an awakened species we will reclaim these abilities and use them as naturally as we use our physical senses. She created her signature Psychic Ability Blueprint chart and consultation to help her clients validate their unique purpose and remind them of the amazing potential of their intuitive abilities. She has created numerous on-line courses and workshops to help people master their gifts. From her Unlock Your Intuition Course, to courses on individual psychic senses, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, as well as her Kundalini mastery courses. Dr. Lesley also creates automatic drawings that convey spiritual information, and created the Portico Soul Essence Card deck to open the intuition of its users. She is author of a spiritual novel called The Midas Tree, that aims to help children keep, and adults remember, their spiritual gifts. She is happiest when working on her next creative project, to support her mission to bring intuition to the mainstream.

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips' Credentials

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Spiritual Teacher; certified by C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA

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    Spiritual Teacher; graduated 2005 (18 month program)
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    Meditation, Energy Healing & Spiritual Growth
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    Completed >250 hours of training & 64 hours teaching under observation & 64 hours practicum
Dr Lesley Phillips

I believe you can live a purposeful life with loving relationships by following your intuition. I offer intuitive readings and energy healing to help you gain clarity and relief. My passion is teaching you to develop your intuition so you can access your inner guidance. My approach is effective, was developed over time, validated by personal practice and has lead to desirable changes for my clients. I work with awakening humans, game changing leaders, conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, alternative practitioners, and those who wish to follow a spiritual path.I have offered intuitive sessions since 1996, taught meditation and intuition development since 2003.

Dr. Lesley Phillips

Kind Words People Have Said

"So relevant to our consciousness & growth in the 21st century."

~Joni Gray Ph.D. Trans-personal Psychologist

"A light in dark places” as life’s inevitable challenges occur." ~Catherine Whelan Costan, Let's Get Real Chattin' With Catherine

"Tremendous passion to help others learn spiritual truths." ~Constance Kellough, Namaste Publishing

"Closer to the masters than most who do this kind of writing." ~Evan Hadkin, Living Authentically

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Dr. Lesley has had > 150 speaking engagements. Corporate clients include 10 industry sectors. She has assisted clients in > 40 countries & mentored > 100 executives. Speaking Info


A known expert in her field, Dr. Lesley has appeared on 50 radio / TV shows, & written > 50 guest blogs articles. As host of Unlocking Your Truth, she hs produced >100 educational podcasts. See Interviews

Radio Show

Unlocking Your Truth, hosted by Dr Lesley is a talk show on metaphysics & spirituality that aims to expand your concept of reality. Tune in live, listen to the podcast & call in with a question. Show Info.


Dr. Lesley has helped 1000's in the last 20 years. You can read testimonials on the session pages before you book or explore them in one place at course testimonials

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