Dr Lesley Phillips

Here's what I am all about!

I believe you can experience a purposeful & happy life with fulfilling relationships by learning to follow your intuition.

I offer intuitive readings & healing to help you gain peace & clarity.​ My passion is teaching you to develop your intuition so you can access your inner guidance whenever you wish.

My approach is effective, was developed over time, validated by personal practice & has triggered desirable changes for 1000's. ​I work with awakening individuals, many are game changing leaders, conscious professionals, entrepreneurs & alternative practitioners.

604 359 5183 / info@drlesleyphillips.com

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Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips' Credentials

    I have offered intuitive sessions since 1996, taught meditation & intuition development for over 10 years & have guided 1000's through readings, healing, mentoring, classes, courses & retreats.

    Spiritual Teaching Qualification

    • Spiritual Teacher; graduated 2005 (18 month program)
    • Meditation, Energy Healing & Spiritual Evolvement
    • Completed >250 hours of training & 64 hours teaching under observation & 64 hours practicum
    • Ordained as a Spiritual Teacher; C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA

    Intuitive Counselling Certification

    • Spiritual Counselling & Clairvoyance; graduated 2003 (2 year program)
    • Professional development as an intuitive reader & energy healer; including seeing & reading auras, akashic records, advanced control of chakras, astral body, kundalini, energy awareness, space ownership & maintaining a safe place, divine communication & other ancient mysteries.
    • Completed > 200 x 2 hour readings & > 500 energy healings;  plus > 600 hours of training; qualified to perform weddings, baptisms, christenings & funerals.
    • Ordained as a Minister, C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA

    Additional Training

    C.D.M. Spiritual Teaching Center, WA, USA

    • Meditation Levels I & II; graduated 2001
    • Healing Levels I & II; graduated 2001
    • Kundalini Levels I & II; graduated 2003
    • Body Awareness; graduated 2002
    • Women's Class; graduated 2002

    School of Insight & Intuition, Richmond U.K.

    • Energy Healing; (1 year program); graduated 1997
    • Clairvoyance Training; graduated 1997

    Rainbow Bridge Dream Analysis Group; qualified as follows:-

    • Dream analysis, programming, re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying 1996 - 1998

    Academic Qualifications

    I was an environmental microbiologist who searched bio-diverse regions of Earth for natural product drugs. Later I traveled the world making business deals for life science companies. 

    • B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from John Moore’s University, Liverpool UK; 1988
    • Ph.D. in Microbiology and Natural Product Discovery from Warwick University UK; 1992
    • For more information on my professional background visit LinkedIn
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Kind Words People Have Said About Me

"So relevant to our consciousness & growth in the 21st century. "

Joni Gray Ph.D. - Trans-personal Psychologist​

""A light in dark places” as life’s inevitable challenges occur."

Catherine Whelan Costan, Let's Get Real Chattin with Catherine

"Tremendous passion to help others learn spiritual truths."

Contance Kellough, Publisher, Namaste Publishing

"Closer to the masters than most who do this kind of writing."

Evan Hadkin - Living Authentically

Some Ways I Connect With People


Dr. Lesley has taught 1000's through > 150 speaking engagements. Corporate clients include 10 industry sectors. She has assisted clients in > 40 countries & mentored > 100 executives.


A known expert in her field, Dr. Lesley has appeared on 50 radio / TV shows, & written > 50 guest blogs articles. As host of Unlocking Your Truth, she hs produced >100 educational podcasts.

Radio Show

Unlocking Your Truth, hosted by Dr Lesley is a talk show on metaphysics & spirituality that aims to expand your concept of reality. Tune in live, listen to the podcast & call in with a question.


Dr. Lesley has helped 1000's people in the 20 years she has been practicing. You can read testimonials on the session pages before you book or explore them in one place here.