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August 25, 2017

Follow Your Intuition And Be Amazed – UYT091

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How Do You Start Trusting Your Intuition?

Many of you already use your intuition like your clairvoyance and are not aware of it. So how do you find the trust in yourself to follow learn how to tap into your intuitionyour intuition? And when you make that decision, how to tap into your intuition is the next question I am sure you are asking yourself. These are all valid questions I have heard before when people first start exploring their intuitive abilities. I would like to make something clear. Intuition is not from outer space, it is from inner space. It emanates from within your spiritual being. Intuition is seeing with the soul. So you can’t think your way into a place where you follow your intuition.

Learning How To Follow Your Intuition

You have this special intuitive gift even if you don’t have the slightest idea of how to tap into your intuition. Have you ever had what you may call a bad gut feeling something is wrong somewhere in your personal world? A good or bad gut feeling for no reason at all. You may not have been able to pinpoint what it was. Yet all of a sudden you receive some really bad news or something precious to breaks etc.

One of my favorites is when I am driving and I have a choice of multiple ways to get to point B. All of a sudden I hear or feel that I should take a different route than the regular one that I am on. When I haven’t paid attention I will get stuck in traffic. Go figure. I am sure when something like this happens to you, you didn’t stop to take the time to recognize it was your intuitive spidey sense that kicked in.

You may not have followed through on any of these feelings or even really noticed it at the time but yet it did occur. This is important to understand. Once you grasp this fact then all you need to do is learn how to access your intuition and then practice using it.

How Do I Know My Intuition Is Right?

Some people call it picking up on a vibe. If these experiences sound familiar to you, you may be what is called an empath intuitive. In my experience, everyone has had some exposure to this kind of extraordinary second sense. Regardless of what we call it, it is a wonderful gift. Some would say the only real valuable thing is intuition and that you shouldn’t depend on anything else.

So how do you tell if your intuition is telling you something? How do you tune into your psychic intuition?

Here are some easy methods of opening up your intuitive senses. They are simple and to the point:

  • Pay Attention… The first and foremost is to learn to listen. At first, you will notice that this gift is like a still small voice within your mind. You may not be able to even tell it apart from your logical mind. You may not recognize it because it actually has been with you forever, and you just haven’t paid it any specific attention. Most probably because you have not had the desire or taken the time to differentiate it from the other noise in your mind.

Take a moment and sit there and be very quiet. Now ask yourself a life question. Then just listen. Allow the flow to begin. It may take a little more practice but it will happen. Life can get hectic so you need to set time apart to train just like any instrument you needed to be consistent.

  • Slow Down And Listen. This in many cases takes some form of entering a state of solitude. Find a quiet place. Somewhere that you can retreat to hone your skill. Nature is an excellent place. There is magnificent synergetic energy communing with Gaia. In this manner how to know when your intuition is talking to you.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

  • Begin A Mindfulness PracticeMindfulness is a new buzzword for this millennium. What it is is learning to be present in the now. Focus on the here and now. Our minds tend to wander to the past and worry about the future and we miss what is going on right in front of our noses.

Basically what you are doing is filtering out unwanted thoughts, noises visions. Eliminate all those unwanted distractions in your surroundings and your mind. You can even call it an “Intentional Waking Meditation”. As become versed at this, you will hear your intuition loud and clear.how to know when your intuition is talking to you

  • Cultivate Trust... You may not have noticed but as a human being, you may lack trust in yourself and your abilities. You question all kinds of things you do or don’t do. You may even judge yourself harshly in many cases. Stop! You are in truth, Spirit. Spirit is godly and godlike. This makes you powerful. Tune into that. Trust yourself. Love yourself.

When you begin that journey now trusting that gut feeling that comes will become second nature for you. some people tend to look for proof. You can test your intuition just by listening to it. You will see that it is right on in so many cases.

  • Dream Well… When you sleep you are close to your true form of Spirit. You are not bound by time or space. You can use this time to explore your intuitive gift or gifts.
  • Meditate Often... Meditation is a little different than mindfulness. During meditation, you can cross the boundary between reality and spirituality. Like in dreams this is when you can truly connect with your spiritual core. You can see, hear, feel things that you cannot during an animated state. Again time and space are no barriers to your consciousness.
  • Seek Out A Teacher... There are people out there, like myself, that are training in the psychic arts and can help you along your way. I love helping my students expand their intuitive gifts. You have more than 20 of them. You may need a guide to help you sort them out. I have a special reading, Psychic Abilities Blueprint, that does exactly that. You can learn more about it below.

I hope that you have come closer to open your heart and mind to the idea of using your gifts. The principal reason that some individuals seem to be more intuitive than others is that they have learned how to open up and listen to their intuition. They have just stopped disregarding or denying it. You can choose to do the same and I hope you do.

“There is a voice inside of you That whispers all day long. What’s right for you – just listen to the voice that speaks inside” Anonymous

In this Podcast, Follow Your Intuition And Be Amazed, you will learn About Intuition:

  • How to recognize it.
  • How to embrace it.
  • Tips on how to develop it.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Follow Your Intuition And Be Amazed and learn how to tune into your psychic abilities.

Find Your Intuition Style

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

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