Clairaudience Training Program

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  • Learn how to develop your psychic hearing.
  • Talk to your angels and spirit guides in 35 days.
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    Learn to discern your inner voice from all other voices.
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    Hear angelic choirs, the music of the spheres and other healing frequencies.
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    Activate your fifth chakra.

Clairaudience, or auditory intuition is your ability to receive information intuitively through sound and Clairaudient dreams. This course will help you master your auditory intuition so you can use it to help yourself and others.

Why Develop Clairaudience?

7 Reasons To Develop Your Psychic Gift

  • 1
    Experience clear intuitive hearing.
  • 2
    Tune out interference so you can be peaceful and calm.
  • 3
    Evolve your consciousness by tuning in to the world of spirit.
  • 4
    Receive effortless, fast information you can rely on..
  • 5
    Speak your truth using your authentic inner voice. 
  • 6
    Validate you are not crazy for hearing things.
  • 7
    Clear your doubt and uncertainty.

Results That
You Can Expect

  • 1
    Recognize the first signs of Clairaudience and overcome issues in opening and mastering your gift.
  • 2
    Learn how to hear messages from angels, guides and other energy beings.
  • 3
    ​Clear blocks to using your our auditory intuition.
  • 4
    ​Receive messages through Clairaudience.
  • 5
    Use intuitive hearing, through the 5th chakra, to provide intuitive messages to others.
  • 6
    Understand challenges and benefits of using this psychic power.
  • 7
    Turn it on and off at will and listen only to what you want to hear.

Module 1

About Clairaudience
practice your intuitive psychic sense of clairaudience

This introduces you more understanding about this intuitive gift. Everything from what is clairaudience to how it can be used and more.

  • Course Introduction.
  • Clairaudience Explained.
  • Applications of Clairaudience.
  • Assessing Your Clairaudience.
  • Different Types of Auditory Intuition.
  • Recognizing the first signs of clairaudience

Module 2

Explore Your Gift
explore your psychic sense of clairaudience

We will explore how you might be blocking your auditory intuition and set some personal goals to develop it.

  • Common Blocks to Clairaudience.
  • Benefits of Auditory Intuition.
  • Your Clairaudience Challenges
  • Goals For Psychic Development.
  • Overcoming Your Blocks​.

Module 3

Validate Your Ability
clairaudience psychic training program to hear your guides

Next you will work on clearing your blocks, learn the basics and validate your own ability to hear as spirit.

  • Hearing Vibration.
  • Clearing Foreign Energy.
  • Healing Your Fifth Chakra.
  • Clairaudience exercises
  • Listening to Your Inner Voice.
  • Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Module 4

Practice Clairaudience
how to use clairaudience to validate your ability to hear as spirit using your psychic abilities

Once you have done some clearing and laid a strong foundation you will activate and use your clairaudience

  • Meeting Your Guides.
  • Tuning Your Psychic Radio.
  • Listening with Inner Hearing.
  • Transmitting Your Messages.
  • Talking to Different Beings.
  • Communicating with Discernment.

Module 5

Case Studies
develop and use your inner voice and intuitive hearing safely

Use your clairaudience wisely by developing a practical plan and clearing your space from foreign energy. 

  • Making Separations. 
  • Matching Experiences.
  • Clairaudience Case Studies.
  • Famous Clair​audients.
  • Practical Clairaudience.
  • Personal Implementation Plan.


What's Included
support and all the tools you need to develop clairvoyance

There course includes 35 days of practical exercises and guided meditations to unblock, activate and practice your clairvoyance. 

  • Quiz
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Play Sheets
  • Discussion Forum

Your Investment


Pre-requisites: You must be a graduate of  Unlock Your Intuition Course, or Practical Meditation  Course or  private mentoring from Dr. Lesley. Occasional exceptions are made contact info[@] us if you are unsure.