You're More Powerful Than You Know

  • Going through a major personal life change?
  • Do you feel lost, overwhelmed or stuck?
  • Are you unhappy, frustrated  or unfulfilled?

An intuitive reading or healing will help you gain peace & clarity. 

Developing your intuition lets you tap into your guidance when you want.

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If you desire a more meaningful connection with yourself or want to make a change, I can help you​ transcend faster with greater ease. Tell me what you wish to achieve.

Your Intuition is a Sacred Gift.

“The rational mind is a faithful servant and the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." Albert Einstein.

Your intuition has the power to transform your life. It helps you find purpose, illuminates your path, guides your journey, supports you to heal & manifest your dreams. Meditation helps you tune into your intuition, enhance your spiritual growth; as well as promoting mental, emotional and physical well being. 

  • Spiritual - life purpose, self-knowledge, higher guidance, confidence & empowerment.
  • Physical - improved health, restful sleep, ability to manage pain.
  • Mental - increased clarity, focus and ability to make decisions.
  • Emotional - reduced stress, healthier boundaries and better relationships.
Einstein on Dr Lesley Phillips home page on intuition

Here's What People Are Saying

Sandra Couts

Working with Lesley is a life-changing experience. Her ability to intuitively guide deeper inner work is unique. I value the tools I received. They support me in anchoring my changes while empowering me to love & appreciate my own abilities & gifts & to live my life even more fully.

Sher Goerzen

I had an appointment with a doctor for anxiety. He told me I had erased a trauma marker! The ONLY thing I did differently is work with you. I knew your teaching was powerful but it was interesting to see numbers  in black and white and to have a doctor comment on it!”

Donna Wipp

I am fortunate to have found you as the help I have received has been life altering. I learned processes that have enhanced the quality of my life in ways I never thought possible. I have previously tried several different types of personal development without this kind of success.

Which One Best Describes You?

don't know what to do

I feel unclear & exhausted. I don't know what to do.

Get energized with a healing.

I'm searching for answers to my life challenges.

Become clearer with a reading.

I am blocked from my intuition & need help gaining clarity.

Take charge with some mentoring.

I am committed to my growth & want to master my gifts.

Develop yourself with a course.

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None of the above describe me!

I need a meditation teacher for my employees or a speaker for my event.

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