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August 12, 2017

Suppressing Emotions Can Be Painful And Unnecessary – UYT088

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Do You Suffer From Repressed Emotions?

Emotions are interesting. As humans, we all have them. The interesting thing is that suppressing emotions seems to be a common pass time with many of you. Occasionally you may have repressed emotions or suppressed repressed emotions can be dangerousemotions that may affect your happiness. Yet doing this is more difficult than just allowing it to happen. You actually have to work at it. Why is this so? Simple! What you focus on grows. Resistance is actually persistence because you can’t resist something without focusing on it.

If you are not sure about this let’s look at how your mind reacts to stimuli. What happens when I ask you to “Not Think” of something like a clown for instance? What happened? Did you think of a clown? Of course, you did. It is human nature. It is how your mind functions. The same holds with emotions. What you feel brings on more of what you are feeling.

Suppressing Emotions And Repressed Anger

Let’s look at anger. When you are angry with someone or something it usually is triggered by some reaction to an event or something they said to you. Then you have a small or large burst of the specific emotion related to this event. Now you focus on it to the point that you can even work your way into a rage. Why this happens is because you are actually resisting the emotion.

This why is resistance so painful? It really isn’t the emotion that causes the pain it is the resistance to it. If you notice the stimuli and just let it go through you there will be no pain involved or at least a very diminished amount almost insignificant.

When we try to shake that feeling of anger off by focusing on it we are surprised when it will not subside. You are resisting the change by thinking about it. Resistance brings on more of the same. This isn’t magic. You have drawn a picture of something, you have chosen your reaction, and you are focusing on it. You have to have drawn a picture before you can erase it. It may seem automatic but it isn’t. It is a learned reaction to a stimulus. This holds with many life issues as well.

When you want to try to remove yourself from having any specific experience or feeling you are actually putting yourself into that space first. Then you will try to stop it! What you have done is called it into the present. And then you resist the change.

Uncovering Repressed Emotions

No matter who you are there are days that you will be faced with adversity. It’s going to happen. Regardless of how bad it depends on your tolerance level. For some, the simplest negative occurrence can be devastating, to others the same occurrence can be a mere speed bump on the road of life. Regardless your reaction is your reaction. Three is no good or bad here. Feeling bad about something that happens is normal. It is part and parcel of this human journey. The real issues arise when you decide to ignore your emotions. This doesn’t work, as you learned earlier

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How To Release Emotions

So what do you do when you are caught in a loop of negative emotions. Occasionally you may feel that everything bad is happening to you at once. Running from the negative emotions this causes, or burying them is not the solution. There are ways to cope. Here are five simple first steps you can take:

  • Be Present… This is a big one. Unless you are magical beyond belief you cannot change the past. The future is out there and yes you can set intentions to manifest good things but you still must live in the present. Allowing yourself to time travel in your negative emotional state can sometimes have dire outcomes. Living in the “what if” state, “what if this had happened instead,” or “that had happened, everything would be good now”never had positive outcomes. Be present. The power of now is incredible as Echart Tolle has written.
  • Be Positive… Ragging on your self is not the best solution when you are facing trials and tribulations. Stop the negative self-talk and focus on the positive no matter how small it may be. Focusing on negativity will result in you believing what you are saying about yourself. If you keep a positive stream of information releasing repressed emotions through self-loveflowing it will win out at the end. It is a little like self-hypnosis. No, actually it is self-hypnosis.
  • Choose Your Company Well… Have you ever jumped into a swimming pool and stayed dry? Of course not! The same is true with the people in your life. If they are positive you will absorb some of this positivity. The opposite is true as well. If they are negative you will become negative as well. Keep your pool positive.
  • Be Grateful… Regardless of your situation be grateful. Remember it could always be worse. You may have to look hard if you are experiencing tough times, but you will find something to hang on to. If you do this regularly it is like floating in that pool we mentioned earlier.
  • Don’t Get Attached To The Outcome… Acceptance is key. Remember you can’t change the past, and even one minute ago is the past. If you expect nothing then anything will be wonderful. There is a saying that states only death and taxes are certain. There is one more. and that is change. No matter where you are and what you are feeling this too will change. If you are expecting something specific to happen it may so if you are not attached to it the loss will be minimal. Could you imagine if everyone that ever bought a lottery ticket got attached to winning and let it take over their lives?

Stop Suppressing Emotions

Why is resistance so painful? Basically, you keep manifesting more of the same in your life and can’t understand , uncovering repressed emotions is healthywhy it persists. That’s painful! There is a way to stop this from happening. Stop resisting. Go with the flow. Let it in and then let it out without focusing on it. If you experience a bad thought just notice it and let it leave. It will. If you try to make it leave it will stick around.

Releasing Repressed Emotions

Learning how to stop repressing emotions can be a real voyage of self-love. Another great way to avoid suppressing emotions and living in negativity is to meditate. Meditation can help you get in touch with your true nature, Spirit. Spirit feels no pain, just enlightenment. Wouldn’t that be a better choice for you? Below you will find a link to a simple and free grounding meditation for you to follow along with. Enjoy the journey!

Free Guided Meditation

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In this podcast you will learn:

  • Why resistance does not help add great things to your life.
  • Why building mental dams for emotions does not work.
  • Why meditation works so well in helping with emotional suppression.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Suppressing Emotions Can Be Painful And Unnecessary as we explore ways to move towards a happy fulfilled life.

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