Life Activations

  • Experiencing difficult life challenges?
  • Feeling disconnected from your answers? 
  • Don't despair, there is a wise part of you who knows & is ready to guide your life.

Explore these mystical guided meditation journeys that help you move beyond your blocks, create desired change & activate your inner senses. Discover how you can reconnect with your higher self & explore your life challenges in a safe & gentle way.

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7 Ways to Change Your Life

1. Life Purpose Activation - to find your life purpose and path.
2. Health Activation - to enjoy improved health and well being.
3. Relationship Activation - to attract loving fulfilling relationships.
4. Career Activation - to improve your career opportunities and choices.
5. Financial Activation - to attract abundance and financial prosperity.
6. Anti-Stress Activation - to keep calm when life gets stressful.
7. Mental Clarity Activation - to get sharper decision making & mental clarity.

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Find Your Life Purpose & Path

Are you feeling lost, experiencing confusing life circumstances you don’t enjoy, and wondering why you are here? Times of uncertainty, when you lack clarity and walk in the dark with no direction are debilitating. When you feel like this it doesn't help to be told by well meaning people that even though you feel lost, you are still on your path and living your purpose. Knowing your doubt and confusion is helping you grow is not comforting when you are drifting through life without a rudder. In this Life Activation you will raise your awareness above doubt and uncertainty. You will climb the Magic Mountain & receive higher guidance and take a leap of faith that will reveal details about your Life Purpose.

Enjoy Improved Health & Well Being

Are negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs building up causing you to suffer from physical ailments. Your body is your temple. It is the precious vehicle that takes you through life's journey. Your body must be nurtured to remain healthy. Like a garden, your body must be tended or the weeds take over. Like a house, it must be cleaned or clutter makes it uncomfortable to live in. In this Life Activation we will see what has built up inside your body causing blocks in its natural energy flow. Then we will take a healing journey to the Crystal Cave & Ancient Spring of Rejuvenation. Where you will be invited to relax and allow the healing waters to ionize your energy field and wash away all your ills.

Attract Loving Fulfilling Relationships

Are you failing to attract a loving supportive relationships, or do you suffer from unhealthy or abusive relationships? You will not be saved from loneliness and unworthiness by a future event where you meet your soul mate, unless you first become your own loving supportive partner. As the law of attraction states "you always attract who you are." This means your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. In this Life Activation we will see what you are attracting into your life by examining your beliefs that don't support attracting a love match. You will courageously look at your reflection in the Magic Mirror of Self-Revelation. After releasing distortions of how you see yourself, you will be invited to Activate Your Magnetic Heart and attract loving relationships that reflect the new you.

Improve Your Career Opportunities and Choices

Wonder why you ended up here? Not being challenged to grow in your current job? Feeling bored or trapped? Maybe you followed other peoples ideas rather than your true calling? You are an amazing individual with many skills and talents. If they are not being validated or used to their full potential, you probably feel unfulfilled. Most people prefer to be in a career that aligns with their greatest passion. Happiness prevails when your need for personal development and to be of service is satisfied, but when you lack direction and don’t know your next step, you can feel depressed and anxious. This Life Activation will help you identify a clear path forward for your business or career. You will emerge from the Inner Labyrinth & Chalice of Creation with more clarity than ever before.

Attract Abundance & Financial Prosperity

Are you suffering from a lack of abundance? Are you stuck in effort when it comes to manifesting what you want?  This is a recipe for disaster and leads to feelings of frustration, unworthiness and lack. The more exasperated you get, whether you feel like a victim of an unfair world or judge yourself for your lack of creative ability, the worse things get. As your vibration spirals down you attract even less, because in our creative universe like attracts like. Retrain your brain with this extraordinary adventure in the Garden of Eternal Abundance. Where you will be shown the trick to attract what you want without struggle and where you can effortlessly release your limiting beliefs. Creating is easy when you know how.

Keep Calm When Life Gets Stressful

Does your life feel out of control? Are you so busy you can’t think straight? If your life feels like an emotional roller coaster, then you are already suffering from stress. This can be a big impediment to leading a happy life. You may be under pressure to perform at work, be responsible for your families’ livelihood and be dealing with relationship issues and more. Yet ask if it is worth taking yourself to an early grave for? If you suffer from the symptoms of anxiety and fear that accompany stress, then it’s time to take a step forward and relieve the pressure. In this Life Activation we will address stress, and acknowledge how it is affecting you. Then we shall take a relaxing journey on the Jungle River Raft so you can recharge your batteries and be at peace.

Get Sharper Decision Making & Mental Clarity

Our society still places the intellect on a pedestal, yet over analyzing and over thinking things can be a huge impediment to making fast decisions. If you need instant mental clarity, weighing up pros and cons and figuring out multiple factors involved can get you overwhelmed and in a muddle. If you are suffering from indecision, mental fog or are challenged by too many thoughts in your head at once, then a trip to the Tower of Light & the Crystal Palace Within could be just what you need. In this Life Activation we will explore what it is that limits your clarity. You will tread an ancient path to a secret place available to all, but known only by a few. Here you will experience clarity as you have never known it before!

Essential Life Activations

This bundle gives you instant access to guided meditation journeys that deal with the three most common life challenges, such as "What is my life purpose...? Why can't I attract loving fulfilling relationships...? How can I enjoy improved health & well being...?*

Complete Life Activations

This bundle gives you access to all 7 Life Activations, dealing with core questions such as "How can I... Find my life purpose? Attract loving fulfilling relationships? Enjoy improved health & well being? Improve my career opportunities & choices? Attract abundance & financial prosperity? Keep calm when life gets stressful? Get sharper decision making and mental clarity?