Clairsentience Training Program

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  • Learn how to Activate your extra-sensory empathic ability.
  • Sense the emotions of others as well as discern your inner messages to discover what your gut feelings are really telling you. 
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    How to develop your empathic abilities in 35 days. 
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    Overcome emotional overwhelm by clearing other people's energy.
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    Prevent taking on other peoples negative emotions.

Clairsentience (clear feeling) is one of the psychic abilities that receives information intuitively through emotions that are unexplained by conventional science and psychology. This course will help you master your emotional intuition so you can use it to read others and understand yourself more completely. Being an empath can be difficult emotionally, until you learn how to use your empathic abilities and control your gift.

Why Develop Clairsentience?

The 7 Reasons To
Develop Your Gift

  • 1
    Feel into your truth about people in emotional situations.
  • 2
    Learn how to deal with the unbridled emotions of others.
  • 3
    Experience emotional clarity, others and yours.
  • 4
    Have clear communication with your physical body.
  • 5
    Trust your gut to make choices you feel good about.
  • 6
    Be neutral about your own powerful emotions.
  • 7
    Develop emotional intelligence and evolve your consciousness

The Results That
You Can Expect

  • 1
    Learn how to strengthen empathic abilities.
  • 2
    Understand challenges and benefits of using your gift.
  • 3
    Clear issues and overcome blocks to using and mastering your gift.
  • 4
    Recognize insights from your emotional intuition.
  • 5
    Listen to your own body and read others emotions.
  • 6
    ​​Avoid taking on other peoples energy and emotions.
  • 7
    Discern your gut feelings and other signs of emotional intuition.

Module 1

About Clairsentience
learn about clairsentience emotional intuition and emotional intelligence

This introduces you to clairsentience and how it can be used and understand more about your own unique gift.

  • Course Introduction.
  • Clairsentience Explained.
  • Applications of Clairsentience.
  • Assessing Your Clairsentience.
  • How to stay in charge of your gift.

Module 2

Explore Your Gift
clairsentience is emotional intuition

We will explore how you might be blocking your emotional intuition and set some personal goals to develop it.

  • Common Blocks to Clairsentience.
  • Benefits of Emotional Intuition.
  • Your Clairsentience Challenges
  • Goals For Psychic Development.
  • Overcoming Your Blocks​.

Module 3

Validate Your Ability
how an empath deals with friends emotions

Next you will work on clearing your blocks, learn the basics and validate your own ability to feel as spirit.

  • Get senior to your emotions.
  • Heal your emotional center.
  • Clear disturbances from others.
  • Consciously shift your emotions.
  • Learn about your second chakra.
  • Accept & be aware of emotions. 

Module 4

Practice Clairsentience
examples of clairsentience usages

Once you have done some clearing and laid a strong foundation you will activate and use your clairsentience

  • Psychic Protections. 
  • Energetic separations.
  • Read your own gut feelings.
  • Intuitively read emotions of others.
  • Reading from photographs.
  • Practice in real life situations.

Module 5

Case Studies
learn how an empath deals with emotional overwhelm

Use your clairsentience wisely by developing a practical plan and clearing your space from foreign energy. 

  • Making Separations. 
  • Matching Experiences.
  • Clairsentience Case Studies.
  • Being an empath in everyday life.
  • Personal Implementation Plan.


What's Included
support to develop clairvoyance

This course includes 35 days of practical empath training exercises and guided meditations to unblock, activate and practice your clairsentience.

  • Quiz
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Play Sheets
  • Discussion Forum

Your Investment


Pre-requisites: You must be a graduate of  Unlock Your Intuition Course, or Practical Meditation  Course or  private mentoring from Dr. Lesley. Occasional exceptions are made contact info[@] us if you are unsure.