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February 26, 2019

You Can Learn How To Be Peaceful In A Crazy World UYTI193

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Is Achieving Inner Peace Possible?

As the world whirls around on its axis we as human beings often struggle with an understanding of how to be peaceful. Peace between nations, between cultures, between religions, and even within ourselves between our egoic and spiritual state. It seems that peace of mind is almost an unachievable place. Or is it?

Just like happiness, inner peace is thought of as more of a destination than a state of being.learn how to find inner peace with yourself You look at your life and make a statement like ‘when I reach this goal I will be happy, when I accomplish this I will be successful, when this happens I can then be at peace.’ Yet the truth that may elude many of you is that peace is totally achievable without changing your life’s circumstances. All you have to do is take a different outlook.

It is not about what is happening to you that determines your sense of peace. It is how you accept what is happening to you that sets the stage for your peace. It’s not about relaxing, working less, or even changing your relationships.

Finding Peace Within Yourself

Learning how to find inner peace and happiness within yourself doesn’t have to be a dream or something that will come once you slow down. It is readily available. It has much to do with choices. Your choices. Now I am not saying that peace comes without sacrifice or some portion of work on your part. It does and it will.

How To Get Peace Of Mind In Life

Acquiring a peaceful state of mind is about not allowing your thoughts to be the end all be all of your life. Just because you have a specific thought does not mean that you need to act on it. This is called reaction. You react automatically to the relationship between your beliefs about what you are thinking and how you should react. It happens so fast you don’t even realize that this process has happened.

As an example, you are driving calmly on your way to some form of an important meeting. You are paying attention to your driving and also thinking deeply about the meeting, what will happen, what will the outcome be., what you will say or not say. Out of nowhere someone cuts you off… and you lose it. You get angry, maybe even curse a little and your calm semi-peaceful state is stolen from you. Your lack of control over your emotions has hijacked your peace.

It is but not by someone else. You have been programmed to react angrily to someone cutting you off. What if you were to allow yourself to think that maybe this person has an emergency and needs to be somewhere very quickly like an emergency ward or the like. How would you react then if you were in on that little piece of information.?

The fact that the individual violently cut you off is still true. Yet you have been programmed to feel compassion for someone who is having a medical emergency. So the fact that a state of peace has left you has very little if anything to do with the other person it is all about your choice of reaction.

Overcome Life’s Challenges With Life Activations

7 Tools To Overcome Life’s Challenge

Truly experiencing peace of mind in daily life can be a challenge when you are having difficult times. We are all human and have been programmed. This programming can’t just be rewritten instantly. It takes time and concerted effort on your part. However very worth it.

Many gurus or spiritual teachers will tell you the same thing but maybe in different words. Thoughts are things and you can choose to act on them or ignore them. No rule states just because something crosses your mind you must comply.

How To Find Inner Peace With Yourself

There are many ways in which you can create true peace of mind. A meditation practice or mindfulness exercises can really help find that clearness that will help. Both of these will help you connect with your true nature, that of Spirit. Spirit is strong and always truthful and peaceful. Spirit is loving and kind as well as longsuffering.

There is also an understanding of inner peace Buddhism can teach you. Today our special guest is Dr. Stephen Fulder.

Learn How To Be Peaceful In A Crazy World

Stephen is an author and peacemaker in the truest sense of the word. He is the founder and learn to achieve a peaceful state of mindsenior teacher of Tovana (the Israel Insight Society), the largest organization in Israel that brings Dharma teachings to thousands of participants yearly. He has been deeply engaged in peace work in the Middle East and his stories and experiences are wonderfully peace-provoking.

Life can feel quite a struggle. He teaches that mindfulness and other methods that evolve from Buddhist teachings may be powerful tools that you need to be able to dance with uncertainty, to be joyful regardless of what life throws at you. Whether your aggravation stems from conflict and dispute in the family, at work, or between groups, or even inner personal turmoil it can be painful. The big question he answers today is “How you can become peacemakers in your life?”

Dr. Fulder’s book, What’s Beyond Mindfulness, has been a number 1 Bestseller in Israel for 18 weeks. “It is a life-changing guide on every aspect of modern life from how to age wisely, finding fulfillment at work, using mindfulness to heal conflict to making friends with your body, your heart, and mind.

It is filled with important concepts such as happiness is found in being, not having, to the impact of deep listening and sharing our suffering as a way to create empathy and build bridges amongst war-torn groups.”

In this podcast, How To Be Peaceful In A Crazy World you will learn the answers to many important questions we ask Dr. Fulder:

  • Please tell us your personal story of doing peace work in Israel and Palestine
  • What is mindfulness as a gateway to an awakened life?
  • Why go beyond it?
  • What is the key to happiness?
  • What are the key Buddhist teachings and practices to acquire a state of peace outlined in your book?
  • Describe some of the wonderful aspects of the many years of peace work in the Middle East using Buddhist inspired methods.
  • As one of the pioneers bringing Buddhist practice to the West over the past 40 years, where is it going?
  • What are the practices and teachings beyond mindfulness and what can they achieve?

You can contact Dr. Stephen Fulder or find out more about him at http://www.stephenfulder.com or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Fulder

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Be Peaceful In A Crazy World to have the veil lifted from what many may feel is a secret for only special individuals, finding inner peace and happiness.

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