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Clarity Reading

Do you have lots of unanswered questions?

Want some help sorting through the confusion?

What is a Clarity Reading Like?

In this intuitive reading I  will connect with your higher being, Source (God), guides, angels, ascended masters, even deceased loved ones to bring answers to your questions. A Clarity Reading is essentially a question and answer session and is for those not drawn to having an Aura Reading or a Past Life Reading or an Intuition Blueprint Reading and who have specific issues or questions they wish to focus on.

Choose to talk with spirit guides, angels, unborn children, deceased loved ones. Costs $75 for 25 minutes & $145 for 55 minutes

Suggested Questions / Requests

Typical things people ask in a Q&A intuitive reading:-

  • Connect with a loved one who has passed over.
  • Receive direct guidance from your spirit guides.
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    Communicate with your guardian angels.
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    Becoming a parent and attracting baby souls.
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    Assessment of spooky or paranormal experiences.
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    Learning more about your psychically gifted child.
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    Spiritual perspective on mental illness / issues.
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    Blocks to creating the life you want.
Dr Lesley Phillips Intuitive Readings

Dr. Lesley's Experience

I have been asking my own questions and answering other peoples questions about "life the universe and everything" for as long as I can remember...

Once a month I hold "Coffee Tea & Intuition" where participants can ask me questions about anything in the realm of intuition & metaphysics. I have also answered 1000's questions for callers on my radio show and podcast called "Unlocking Your Truth." At the date of writing we have produced over 100 podcasts and we usually answer about 6 questions from callers per episode.

I have given over 1000 free card readings over the last 2 years in an experiment to see what the most common questions people ask.  The most popular question (40%) is "what is my life purpose?" Another 30% ask about relationships and the remainder range from health, finance to intuition and spirit guides.

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