What is a Negative Entity?

Negative, dark entity attachments are low-frequency, self-interested, parasitic energies, and energy beings. They attempt to control others and feed off their energy for survival and self-expression. These astral parasites attach to you, cause trouble, and need to be removed, so you can heal. The different types of parasitic entities come from past and present life relationships, other worlds and dimensions, or are personified thought forms.

steps to clear entities from your space

Entity Removal

Clear negative entities, implants, energy cords and devices

Clear negative entities, implants, energy cords and devices.

10 Signs of Being Possessed by an Entity

If you harbor negative energies from low vibration energy beings, or thought forms, you might act out of character, or say things that harm you or others. Dark entity removal results in positive changes to your health and well-being. This can only happen if you truly want to change and are willing to let go of your attachments. Here are some symptoms that can be caused by entity invasion. Although, there can be other explanations, and having them doesn’t always mean you have an entity.

  • It seems like you have multiple personalities.
  • You speak and act in ways that are out of character.
  • You’re unable to think straight, you have a foggy head.
  • People tell you that you don’t look or seem like yourself.
  • Physical pain, especially shoulders, neck, base of skull.
  • Can't sleep, wake up petrified, and suffer from nightmares.
  • Recognize some thoughts coming to you are not your own.
  • Reality is not in sharp definition, and you feel disassociated.
  • You feel, hear, see, or know the foreign energy in your space.
  • You're tired, depleted, depressed, low energy, not yourself.

You Must Read This Before Booking!

This booklet answers your questions and explains my approach. It is important you understand this before booking!

Entity Removal - Frequently Asked Questions

how to get rid of negative spirits

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What People Are Saying

Jennifer Ashley

Dr. Lesley Phillips saved my life with her healing skills after I had been a target for extreme psychic attacks from local and non-local groups of Cults and Covens who are Dark Energy practitioners. I had been targeted to abuse for my Life Force Energy as I am a natural psychic channel. I had no knowledge for why I was getting sick emotionally and physically but had been told to find someone to remove the implants and to have my energy fields cleared. Many healers that I had tried before Leslie, could not clear me proficiently. Lesley was able to find and remove the implants, alien and non-alien devices and technologies, communicators, entities and beings that were taking my energy, or hobbling my progress and successes to keep me locked in a constant state of depression for which continued access to my energetic fields was held for lower vibrational beings. My DNA had been altered on both energetic and physical levels as well, and she was able to remove the blockages, heal and correct it with her amazing healing guide and entourage of healing guides that he would call in to help. I can now re-collect my life without suffering from re-attachment because my energy fields are mostly cleared from the current and Karmic pain body development. I am now able to heal emotionally and physically and feel healthier and happier. Thank you, Lesley, for helping me re-claim my life; To you, I will always be grateful.

3 Steps to Clearing Your Entities

steps to clear entities from your space

Step 1 - Entity Evaluation Session:

Your first step must be to book an Entity Evaluation Session with Dr. Lesley. - This is your application process for Dr Lesley to work with you.

  • 25 minutes on zoom ($135) with Dr Lesley to evaluate your situation
  • A decision from Dr. Lesley as to whether she will agree to work with you.
  • Recommendations which may include an entity removal session with 1 or 2 healers.
  • An overview of the beings in your space, your relationship with them, and why there are there.

Step 2 - Practice Energy Tools?

Your second step will be to learn techniques for owning your space. - This is a condition of Dr. Lesley working with you.

  • Dr. Lesley will request you learn energy/meditation techniques.
  • These tools help you own your space after the entity clearing session.
  • If you don't agree, the session won't work, and Dr. Lesley will not work with you.

Step 3 - Entity Clearing (Attachment Removal) Session?

Your third step may be to clear foreign energy from your space. - This is with Dr Lesley and possibly another healer.

  • 55 mins with Dr. Lesley to help cleanse negative energies.
  • Energetic removal of harmful energies and beings as time allows.
  • Recommendations and next steps for you, which may include a follow on session
  • A complimentary audio recording of your call so that you don’t need to worry to miss anything.
  • Dr. Lesley will call you either via phone, Skype or Zoom for your appointment - no matter where you are in the world.

How Are Entity Removal Sessions Different to Normal Healings?

There are specific personal preparations I must follow that are outside of the one-hour session time. This is to protect me from your dark being and give you the best service possible. Some entities have attacked me for hours or days before and after the removal session with you. Because of this, these sessions take a larger time commitment from me than just the time I spend directly with you and cost more than my regular sessions. 

People with dark entities are challenging. They may resist change due to a perceived gain from having the entity, such as protection, or attention. The affected individual can be attached to their entity, and find it difficult to give them up. In fact, some people are not ready to let go of their being, and can become reinvaded after the healing. This means I can do my part, but if you do not do yours the healing may not last. Owning your space is your responsibility. This is why there are no guaranteed results and no refunds.

Occasionally the safest way is for multiple healers to work together to remove the dark entity. As there is strength in numbers, and they can clean each other out before and after the session. So for difficult cases, I may arrange to bring a colleague in to assist, at an additional charge. It is also very important that you learn how to own your space. This is why, I insist you take an energy management course in addition to the entity clearing session.

If you suspect you might have an attachment, book a 25-minute Dark Entity Evaluation session with me first. I will assess your situation and give you an honest evaluation of your condition and inform you if you are infected and would benefit from an entity clearing. I do not agree to work with everyone, and so this session allows me to meet with you and decide. Do not book the Entity Removal session without consulting me in this way, as I will cancel your appointment and return your money.

These resources can help prepare you for your session, and make it more likely that the session will be successful.

  1. Meditations including energy techniques to help you own your space.
  2. Book with Meditations  including energy techniques to help you own your space - jump straight to section 3!.
  3. Course with Meditations including energy techniques to help you own your space.

I recommend you do the course, or read the book, and practice the techniques daily, for several weeks BEFORE your entity clearing. Then continue to use these techniques afterward to own your space, and prevent reinvasion.

dr lesley phillips speaks about intuition development


I trained in advanced entity removal techniques at a modern mystery school in the US and Canada between 1999 - 2005. Since then I have Assisted many clients whose difficulties were due to entity invasion. I have helped them to release entities, energy cords, implants, and energy devices. As well as supporting them to clear what it is within them that is allowing the entity to be there.

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Most psychic readings and healings are booked by time. You can opt for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Exceptions are Psychic Ability Blueprint, Cellular Healing and Entity Removal, which are priced according to the specific reading or healing service.

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