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“Unlocking Your Truth” is my call in radio show, “. It brings you information on metaphysics, intuition, meditation, spirituality and the Psychic realm. The show’s goal is to uplift, inspire and to expand your concept of reality. Join us for our weekly exploration of the intuitive and the mystical. Join in the discussion topic of the week or phone in to receive an intuitive insight on your relationships, career, money, health, purpose, spiritual abilities, life purpose and more.

Call to receive answers to your most pressing questions. Dial 604 504 7441 extension 4142 and receive a reading live on air. E-mail questions to info[at] Listen in to hear inspiring information about metaphysics, spirituality, and your psychic abilities. With teachings about meditation, intuition, relationships, life purpose, money, career. Plus expert guests share their stories, wisdom and expertise to inspire you.

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