are they cheating on me

Are They Cheating On Me? FCR162C

Sometimes people in relationships have issues going on in their lives that make them behave differently and one of the first things a partner thinks is ‘are they cheating on me’. Is my partner cheating is not an uncommon question in today’s society especially with all the availability through the web, basically cyber cheating.  Is […]

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will we get back together

Will We Get Back Together? FCR161C

So many people mourn over lost love and wonder “will we get back together’. This can take an negative emotional toll on an individual. Occasionally things do work out. I often hear about my students and clients breaking up and getting back together years later after doing some personal work on their belief systems.

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how do they feel about me

How Do They Feel About Me? FCR160C

How do they feel about me? Regardless of whether it is a romantic encounter, a job interview or just meeting someone as a friend we often ask ourselves that question. If you had a really outward personality you may even come right out and ask “what do you think of me?” However as most of […]

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will i ever meet my soulmate

Will I Ever Meet My Soulmate? FCR141

I receive many questions along the lines of “when will i meet my true love, when will i find love?’ True love and meeting your soulmate are not necessarily the same thing. I discuss this in more detail in this free card reading response. The question may be something more along the lines of “when […]

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