A Tool for Intuition and Reflection

These are intuition cards that can be used in self-reflection, dream incubation, visualization, and for daily insights and affirmations, as well as for psychic readings. Each card has an inspirational image that assists in the opening of the viewer’s intuition and creativity and is associated with a keyword and phrase to help inspire you and provide insight.

“PORTICO, Soul Essence Cards are a limited edition deck of 64 intuition cards, the cards are packaged in an attractive colorful box and booklet of suggestions for their use. A free book of interpretations of the symbols in the cards is available to those who purchase the card deck. 

“PORTICO, Soul Essence Cards, Intuition cards,  are your entry points to the inner world, they are self-reflective mirrors that provide a window into the soul and offer teachings to all who are attracted to them. Just as a portico is an entrance to a temple, these intuition cards are the entrance to an individual’s inner sanctum or soul.”

Lesley Phillips, Ph.D.

A Free Card Reading

You can receive a free live 1/2 hour psychic card reading by entering the bi-weekly draw. Your complimentary reading recording will be e-mailed back to you to review over and over at your leisure.

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Portico Testimonials

These lovely cards offer entry into a world of beauty, playfulness, and complex meaning. They invite deep study, establish pathways for intuitive communication, and inspire an atmosphere of whimsy and delight. These cards are simply transporting

diane rodgers

Museum Archivist

When I held a card between my hands, I could feel waves of energy emanating from it. I felt energy go from the bottom of my spine, to the top and out of my head, streaming over me like a waterfall. At the same time I could feel my chakras aligning. Then the energy ground back into my body, down into the earth. I felt so centered and balanced. I am very excited to discover such a powerful form of healing.

cress spicer

Certified Bodytalk Practitioner

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your cards. I had been thinking recently that I wanted to get my own deck. The other day, I asked my housemate to borrow some of her cards and she gave me her Tarot. Interestingly, when I came home tonight and showed her your deck she started laughing, because she has them and had debated about putting those out for me instead. Finally, while I was talking with her I decided to open the new deck and I got the exact same card that I had picked out tonight at your place, Uniqueness. I take that as a sign that your cards are special, and now is the perfect time to be using them!

jill boadway


I loved using these cards. The use of joyous color and whimsical images were perfect to allow for a variety of interpretations. I found myself smiling while I used them and the messages I received were constructive and positive.

Margaritte Paul


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