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School of Intuition Testimonials

Unlock Your Intuition Class

Sher Goerzen


I had an appointment with a doctor for anxiety. After he finished the testing, he looked at the numbers then told me I had erased one of my markers for trauma! He said my brain was so plastic now & responded quickly! The ONLY thing I have done differently in my life to explain this change is work with you. I knew your teaching was powerful but it was interesting to see numbers that show it in black and white and to have a doctor comment on it.

Sher Goerzen - Overcame Her Fear


Prior to the class, I was restless, drained, had difficulty concentrating & retaining new information. I felt exhausted, stressed & overwhelmed. After learning to release negative energies from my energy field, I feel more at peace. My anxiety has reduced & I no longer worry endlessly about every little thing. I’m able to relax & enjoy life instead of being in my head. I’m able to remain calm & neutral even when confronted with challenging situations at work. My intuitive skills have also heightened and I’m able to access information that aid in my self-awareness and improve the quality of my life

Trang Huang - Owned Her Space


Before this course I always looked externally for someone to read my energy field, tell me what was happening or to ask for guidance.The greatest gift now is I don’t need to step outside myself. I have a sense of my own energy & that is so liberating for me. Even though my “seeing” is slowly coming, my other intuitive abilities are heightened, which is so exciting for me!

Stephanie Duffey - Felt Validated


I was very impressed with the value of learning to clear the chakras, as necessary, for emotional or psychic reasons, as well as learning what it means to really be grounded while you’re doing these intuition exercises. It is certainly more than just being psychic - it’s really learning about how to grow personally and use a new tool in getting through life.

Chuck Rich - Got Tools For Life


I have learned so much about myself these past couple of months. It really has shifted my life into much more relaxed way of being. I didn’t know what to expect as I haven’t taken an on-line course before - I LOVED it.The best part is you could feel a difference right away. It made me want to practice everyday & master the techniques,  which I feel I have. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was great & I am curious to find out what Lesley’s will teach next.

Lori McNaughton - Had Instant Results


My initial reason for joining was to learn to better handle an emotionally driven life. After the first session I remember thinking "WOW, with what I learned tonight this course just paid for itself" and after the second session I knew it had!! There were 6 sessions to go and each one got better! The bonus was learning how to engage and use my intuition!! Dr. Lesley was able to teach and give very practical ways of doing this! I enjoyed our small class, a neat group of people from around the country, and learning so much from the other's questions, insights & growth

Courtney Wells - Got Great Value


Unlock Your Intuition by Dr. Lesley Phillips is a supportive program promoting skill sets greatly needed to navigate our present reality & explore the vast energy of the spiritual realm. Whether in the group or in a one on one session with Dr. Lesley I enjoyed the unexpected. Students shared discoveries & Dr. Lesley's expansive knowing & experience were profound & inspiring.

Ruby F. - Reaped the Rewards


Unlock your Intuition has been such a powerful, life changing course for me. The techniques & tools Dr Lesley teaches are easy to learn & extremely effective. I felt so supported through the course, from the podcasts & meditations, especially the weekly meetings with Dr. Lesley & the other students.Its been amazing how blocks in my life have simply cleared, allowing me to keep evolving to my full potential. 

Diana Cory - Cleared Her Blocks


I can't express easily how this course is changing my life but I would like to try. I realize how we each create our own reality & have done so since birth & why the past isn't important & can't effect my present unless I allow it to. The future is nebulous & will take care of itself when I get there.I believe the only thing that truly exists is love & we are one. I don't know the scientific formula but know I don't have to bother my brain with that. So I am saying a huge Thank You for the breakthroughs. I am very grateful that I found this course.

Nancy Norvell - Let Go of Limits


I found the course extremely helpful in learning how to harness meditation. 10 years ago my internal clutter began presenting itself to me. My meditation teacher at the time did not provide visual tools or techniques to release and respond when the body & mind feel uncomfortable. Instead we focused on the breathe & stillness, while sitting in lotus pose. Through, Unlock Your Intuition I realized I had found the missing link to my meditation practice. It provided me with the tools I need to continue to come back to myself, my intuition and the present moment.

Candace Partland - Found a Missing Link


In Unlock Your Intuition, Dr. Lesley Phillips provided easy, effective techniques and the necessary tools that showed me how to release what is unnecessary while allowing me how to harness my  energy so that I may access my consciousness.  The calm, clarity and focus I experienced was immediate — and that was just the beginning!  This course was life changing! I cannot thank you enough!

Mary Beth Abruzzo - Accessed Higher Consciousness

Donna Wipp


I Have been very fortunate to have found Dr. Lesley as the help I have received has been life altering. I learned processes that have enhanced the quality of my life in ways I never thought possible. I have previously tried several different types of personal development without this kind of success. I recommend this course to all my friends, I believe in what you are doing.

Donna Wipp - Enhanced Her Life

Sandra Couts


Working with Lesley is a life-changing experience. Her ability to intuitively guide deeper inner work is unique. I value the tools I received. They support me in anchoring my changes while empowering me to love and appreciate my own abilities and gifts and to live my life even more fully.

Sandra Couts - Lives Life More Fully

Kundalini Class


I had an unexpected Kundalini experience. I spontaneously began hearing voices, drawing symbols, and doing involuntary body movements. After taking Dr.Lesley's course I found myself to be secure, safe and empowered in using my Kundalini instead of being at the mercy of it. I found the Q&A after the lecture and meditation beneficial. As I was running my Kundalini to cleanse my blockages I would experience side effects such as talking gibberish or involuntary head movements. It was a relief to have Dr.Lesley there to explain what was happening, because it didn't make sense to my conscious mind. I highly recommend taking Dr.Lesley's course. It's a good foundation course where you learn to consciously run Kundalini that's safe, beneficial, and healing for you.

Jackie Quijano - Felt Safe & Secure


Having completed Dr. Lesley's introductory Kundalini course I want to recommend it to anyone who may be interested in exploring this rather mysterious subject. Since Kundalini is a powerful force, the course stresses tapping into it cautiously by controlling the level at which you activate and use it. Along with supplying us with several tools to manage Kundalini, Dr. Lesley provides invaluable impromptu one-on-one mini-assessments, as necessary, during discussion sessions to help guide the student with respect to particular questions or issues. During this course I had several intriguing experiences with my own Kundalini, and feel I can now safely use that energy to enhance my own personal and spiritual growth. If Dr. Lesley offers a second level course in Kundalini, I will take it.

Chuck Rich - Enhanced His Growth


Introduction to Kundalini – Sex, Death & Transformation”  is an amazing introduction to learning about our kundalini. This is the second course that I have taken from Dr. Lesley and I will highly consider  taking all of the courses she creates. Her course preparation and framework of delivery far exceeds any other program and courses that I have taken. The added bonus is that she is able to see where and why we may be stuck and offer a helping hand to help us out. I now have great respect for my Kundalini energy and know when to evoke it and how to settle in down. 

Stephanie Duffey -  Respects Her Kundalini

Mentoring Testimonials & Case Studies

Elaine Cheung

When I met Elaine she had relationship challenges, high expectations of herself and strong self-judgement. She developed sixth chakra and clairvoyance to see her unique truth. She found she had different relationship beliefs than her partner and that her expectations came from her family. She let go, started validating herself & created a great new relationship.


Elaine Gets Practical Tools

Dr. Lesley knows her stuff. She teaches you tools which are useful and practical to use in everyday situations. Her sessions and courses are filled with lots of good information without any BS. I would highly recommend everyone attend her courses and mentoring sessions.

Arnold Wolfe

Arnold's heart was suffering. It was difficult to trust anyone. We worked on his fourth chakra so he could accept what was happening, forgive and let go> He learned he created his reality through his energy vibration. When he allowed his energy to flow & stopped resisting his life changed for the better.


Arnold's Abundance Flows

When I met Dr. Lesley, I was going through a messy divorce. So my business was struggling. She taught me how to remove the energy of my divorce from my business & to let go of judgment. After the session, I felt empowered again, and within two weeks my abundance was flowing, and my business was making money again

Marika Hall

Marika suffered from emotional, sexual & boundary setting issues. She felt drained, confused & overwhelmed. Her life was filled with emotional outbursts &  arguments. During  mentoring she learned about her second chakra & emotional intuition. She turned her block into a success & now works in women's reproductive health.


Marika Find Her Calling

Dr. Lesley taught me to go deeper and heal wounds stored in my Chakras. I still use these techniques. I have much gratitude to her for helping me embark on my journey of self-healing.

Nikki N. 

Nikki (not her real name or picture) had a history of giving away her power and believed she was a victim. She had controlling parents, abusive boyfriends & was programmed by a cult. During mentoring we focused on her third and seventh chakras. She learned to know her own mind and reclaimed her power. Now she is confident and easily creates what she wants.


Nikki Regains Her Power

Dr Lesley helped me develop the empowerment to leave a cult. I have learned how to create the life I want. Before I felt I was a victim of circumstance. Now I know I create all the experiences that happen in my life; the good, the bad and the wonderful.

Christina Young

Christina had unexplained psychic experiences & was curious to know more. However she was racked with intense self doubt. It turns out she was gifted at clairvoyance. After her sessions she knew about her sixth chakra, had learned to by-pass intellect and cleared self-invalidation.She now uses intuition for her everyday life decisions..


Christina Sees As Spirit

Thank you giving me confidence that I have psychic abilities. The doubts I had are gone. Now I know it is up to me to practice if I wish to get better. I am learning to listen to my heart/spirit rather than my head as I am prone to do.

Luciano B.

Luciano (not his real name or image) heard unexplained voices & original music in his head. He sought logical explanations as he is a rational, scientist. He was channeling spiritual music.After learning about fifth chakra & intuitive hearing, he embraced his musical gift.


Luciano's Mystical Muse

I hear several pieces a day. I am an amateur musician now because of it. I can't play instruments but have been writing them out using music studio software. When I go back to what I've written & find it baffling how I came up with it.

Eddie T.

Eddie (not his real name or image) didn't have a job & felt directionless. He believed family controlled him & wanted to move on & create a better life. During our sessions he cleared his families influence & felt like himself again. He found a job he liked, discovered a book of spiritual teachings he loved & used his inner wisdom to interpret & teach it.


Eddie Finds His Calling

Dr. Lesley taught me useful techniques. Her insights and treatments have helped me to heal and to better understand myself. I would strongly recommend her to anybody. She is an excellent clairvoyant. Her energy healing skills are powerful. Her insights were always accurate. 

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