About Portico Soul Essence Cards - “When I held a card between my hands, I could feel waves of energy emanating from it. I felt energy go from the bottom of my spine, to the top and out of my head, streaming over me like a waterfall. At the same time I could feel my chakras aligning. Then the energy ground back into my body, down into the earth. I felt so centered and balanced. I am very excited to discover such a powerful form of healing.”

Cress Spicer, Certified Bodytalk Practitioner
Infinite Wellness
"I had been seeking some input about the direction of my life at the time I met Lesley. The concept of 'getting in touch with my higher self' through a portrait and reading absolutely resonated with me and seemed an answer to my asking. Lesley did not know much about me at all and we had only met the one time.

While it did seem unusual not to meet again Lesley said we did not need to and she would 'get in touch with my higher self' and provide me with my soul portrait. When we did meet again I was deeply touched by what she had done. My actual soul portrait has some things I thought it would and far exceeded my expectations in what I have learned about myself. I read the text almost daily and each time I find some new message hidden within as my life evolves on many different levels.

This is a wonderful gift to give your ‘self’ and Lesley is huge light for all of us seeking deeper meaning this lifetime."

Dana J. Smithers
"Thanks again for the workshop. Our whole team benefited from it and spoke highly of your ability to create a calming, fun and engaging session. We came back to the office so rejuvenated that the team we share our office with wanted your contact information for their own team day.”

Helen Van Wart
Social Worker, Child and Youth Special Needs, Ministry of Children and Families
“I’ve now been booking both Lesley & Cress throughout the year and also into the next for a variety of exciting workshops. As a coordinator in an independent living residence for Seniors, it’s been wonderful having these ladies come in and do their workshops on a variety of fun topics, as the Seniors get pretty bored always having medical guest speakers. I highly recommend these ladies as they are always a joy and lots of fun!”

Wendy Belfare
Amica at Rideau Manor
I have now had two Aura Readings with Lesley and have found both to be very informative.  Her skill at articulating what she sees is both relevant and useful.  It has helped me gain insight as to where I am on my path.  I would recommend her for a reading without hesitation.  Thank you Lesley!


Heather McLeod
North Vancouver
"I am very pleased with my first experience and am looking forward to attending another event"  and after attending a second event "I attended an evening of mediumship - the energy was very powerful and enlightening! Would like to attend another one" and after receiving a reading "I was very intrigued and inspired at how personal and accurate all the information regarding myself was relayed"

Vancouver Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awareness Meetup Group
"I wasn't sure what to look for in my very "first" past life reading. However,after having my past life read by Lesley, the message I received through Lesley was loud and clear. I understood. My hope is to receive awareness from past to present always"

Vancouver Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awarenedd Meetup Group
After attending a night of mediumship "Really really amazing group. Everyone there is all growing with loving light. Very warming, and comforting for the time I need the most. thank you !"

West Coast Reiki Center Meetup Group
After attending a meditation hour "It was a very interesting experience, thank you Lesley! I learned more about myself."

West Coast Reiki Center Meetup Group
After attending a meditation hour "It was very heplful for me, I feel much better and I hope to continue to participate in this group. Thanks"

West Coast Reiki Center Meetup Group

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