Two Types of Courses

Meditation and intuition are connected. By learning to meditate you quiet your busy mind and calm your emotions. A side effect of being so relaxed and peaceful is you can start to notice the subtle signals of your higher consciousness. Meditation is the tried and trusted pathway to accessing divine consciousness. Turning within through meditation is the best way I know to develop your intuition. 


Meditation can increase your concentration, helps you relax and even improves emotional well-being and physical health. If you work in a stressful job or are going through a tough time it can help you calm your emotions, still your mind and bring your scattered thoughts under control. So you can be clear, focused, peaceful, happy and relaxed. Inner turmoil can lead to physical symptoms. Improving your peace of mind with meditation eases depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, infectious diseases and immunity. It can even help you heal faster after an operation. Stressed out employees have lower job satisfaction, are more prone to engage in conflict, as well as being less creative and not as productive, I have developed a range of meditation programs specifically for the workplace. More Info.


Your intuition can guide your life, answer your questions, help you know yourself, what you want and how to create it. Unfortunately most of us are not in touch with our intuition and experience only fleeting impressions. Our culture encourages logic, which blocks intuition and causes doubt. Intuition is a powerful tool that is often forgotten and ridiculed. Without intuition you remain unconnected with your inner wisdom and life purpose. You can't tap into your full creative potential and may feel unfulfilled. Intuition can increase clarity, neutrality, acceptance and self-confidence. It can reduce doubt and help you let go of limiting beliefs, set boundaries and be more assertive. Everyone has intuition and can learn to access it. I have created a series of development programs to help you reclaim your gifts. Go to School of Intuition.

My Style of Teaching Meditation & Intuition

I teach a form of meditation that includes stillness and actively working with and moving energy. We need to be still to know who we are and to receive guidance from the higher levels of our consciousness and we need to be in motion to create change and healing. Both states are important to achieve balance and harmony in our lives.

The meditation techniques I teach are very old. They are the ancient mysteries and were the foundation stones for both western and eastern spiritual beliefs and practices. I teach in a non-denominational style so that these skills are accessible to everyone and in a very practical fashion so that they can easily be incorporated into daily life.

Many people find that they are better able to tune into themselves and what they want from life when they meditate and for those with a spiritual side meditation can help clear the way for improved communication with a higher power. Once we know what we want, there are also powerful meditation techniques that we can use to create this in our lives and let go of what we no longer want.