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Downloadable Workshops

Akashic Adventures include 3 x 30 min audio meditations and a discussion. 

Downloadable Meditations

Life Activations are 30 min personal journeys.

My Style of Teaching Meditation and Psychic Development

I teach a form of meditation that includes stillness and actively working with and moving energy. We need to be still to know who we are and to receive guidance from the higher levels of our consciousness and we need to be in motion to create change and healing. Both states are important to achieve balance and harmony in our lives. The meditation techniques I teach are very old. They are the ancient mysteries and were the foundation stones for both western and eastern spiritual beliefs and practices. I teach in a non-denominational style so that these skills are accessible to everyone and in a very practical fashion so that they can easily be incorporated into daily life. Many people find that they are better able to tune into themselves and what they want from life when they meditate and for those with a spiritual side meditation can help clear the way for improved communication with a higher power. Once we know what we want, there are also powerful meditation techniques that we can use to create this in our lives and let go of what we no longer want.

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