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September 12, 2023

What Is The Gift Of Prophecy And The Spiritual Perspective Of Prophets UYT388

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Is Prophecy And Prophesying Still Alive And Well?

This week’s topic was suggested by a listener, Anderini. “What is the gift of prophecy? What is the spiritual perspective of prophets of different religions? What kind of psychic ability does a prophet possess? Are these abilities religious, cultural (human), or spiritual?

There was a Christian music concert held recently in a park nearby. The leading performer was a young convert. She gave a short testimony on prophecy and how she felt her life was prophesized. If you ponder this, at first, you may feel that prophecy is something you tend to think of as a historical prophecy and has the connotation of being related to some form of religious belief or even God.

And yet, the idea of prophecy and things being prophesized is still a thing that’s alive and well in Christianity and other religions. Does that make you curious?

What Is The Gift Of Prophecy And The Spiritual Perspective Of Prophets?

Prophesy And Divination

Sometimes, when people are very deeply into what you could consider to be a literal interpretation of religious beliefs, they don’t like the idea of psychics or psychic abilities. The word itself is not approved of. And yet, there’s this massive thing about prophecy.

Historically, there is a considerable list of prophets from the Bible, especially in the Old Testament books. Hundreds of people in the Bible’s biblical days prophesized things. Even a mule was known to speak prophecy in Numbers.

It’s interesting. Whereas in biblical times, it was called prophecy and accepted in contemporary times, a word you use to describe the same thing is precognition, or having a precognitive dream and not accepted as realistic.

In historical times, the people who prophesized were called prophets and prophetesses. There’s a tradition of this actually in all religions. Often, what’s written in the Bible is that these people had prophetic dreams. And you know from scientific research and studies that have been done in modern times that up to 98% of people have what would be called prophetic dreams, also known as precognitive dreams. So it’s widespread.

Types Of Prophetsreligions and their prophets

Another interesting fact is that many prophets are written about in the Bible and other religious texts. Yet there are very few notations of prophetesses. And some of the prophetesses that were written about were considered evil, wicked women, or witches.

But, in studying the pre-Christian era and 1000s of years before, the people prophesying were predominantly women. They were the prophetesses and the priestesses at the Oracles in the ancient world. There were Oracles all over Ancient Greece. One of the most famous ones was the Oracle at Delphi. People would come from afar to consult the prophetesses and listen to their utterances.

Pythoness was the name of the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. She expressly served as its prophetess and was known as the Oracle of Delphi. Delphi used to be called Pytho, which relates to the idea of the serpent. In turn, you can associate the name with Kundalini and its power to awaken the prophetic ability.

It’s a common belief that these priestesses were highly trained in the spiritual arts. They were seated on a tripod that used to be installed above an opening at the Oracle. This was a portal open below the earth’s crust where the fumes, probably noxious, would rise. The high priestesses would sit on the tripod, breathing the fumes, and subsequently go into a trance, channeling gods or goddesses. So, she was under the influence of certain chemicals.

It was also written that they didn’t live a terribly long time, probably because of that. So they were regularly bringing in new Pythoness and prophetesses.

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What Is The Word Of Prophecy

Prophecy is the gift or the message to prophesy or predict a future event. To be forewarned of something that will supposedly come to be. In the ancient world, the places where prophecy occurred were called Oracles. So the Oracle at Delphi previously mentioned was one of many different locations, just the best known.

So how is the word of prophecy given by these Oracles different from those of the different religious prophets? Maybe the question to be examined is, “How are prophets chosen?”

And so, you think that what a religious person might say is, the difference is that a prophet is chosen by God. In contrast, ordinary people may call themselves prophets or prophetesses because they have activated their psychic abilities. And they are accused of anything from witchcraft to dabbling or meddling in something that perhaps they shouldn’t.

The answer is that both statements are factual in a sense. Both types of individuals are receiving messages from a higher power. You are multi-dimensional spiritual beings. Your consciousness exists throughout time and space, even though you experience yourselves as individuated humans embedded in time and space. But all of you can connect with the larger realm of all that is. And in doing so, you can connect with all of the different ranges of possibilities, timelines, choices, and outcomes of those choices.

So when you’re having what is called a prophetic dream, a precognitive dream, when you arespiritual meaning of dreams asleep, your consciousness moves beyond the physical realm. It moves beyond the limits of time-space reality, and you can transverse past, present, and future alternative realities and alternate timelines.

And so what a prophetic dream is, is you bringing into your conscious, your waking consciousness, a memory of that experience of an alternate reality you have had. Bringing it forward into your consciousness, in fact, you may even make it more likely to occur because you’re already starting to manifest that idea into physical reality. So sometimes what you do in your sleep is play around with these different ideas, different possibilities, or different probabilities. Then you bring some of that into manifestation. But you can’t bring all of it into manifestation because there’s a limit to your time-space reality.

A prophesy is not cut in stone. It is not always about predicting the absolute future. It can be to let a person or group know to stop doing or behaving in a specific way, or else some disaster will befall you. But if you behave this way, you are more likely to have a wonderful life.

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, used to say that a prophet is not somebody who is giving you a message to tell you what will happen. He is someone giving you a message to tell you what will happen if you continue on the same course. And they tell you their message is an opportunity for you to change course.

That’s precisely it. And really, Edgar Cayce meant, as a psychic reader, you truthfully don’t prophesy. You don’t tell the future for people. But what what you do is you read their energy in the present time. And if they’re looking for personal direction, you can look at what they’re doing now energy-wise and how that will propel them forward. Where is that going to take them? You know, what’s the likely outcome of that? And how might you change your energy in the present to manifest the reality that you prefer?

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What Is The Gift Of Prophecy?

It used to be called prophecying, but now you call it precognition. Now, you call it tapping into the quantum field of the multi-dimensional reality.

Another thing that you can call it is reading the Akashic Record. When you name something with a different word, people tend to misinterpret it. People like to have a full disclosure to understand and feel comfortable. What’s the different admission of that? Because it’s a different word, it may have a different meaning to you or others. But you have so many words that you use to say the same thing.

So prophecy is prophesy, prediction, precognition, looking into the future-time Akashic Record, tuning into the quantum field, and observing different potentials, possibilities, or probable realities. It is a different language describing the same thing. The idea that you are more than meets the eye.

You are embedded in this time-space reality, but you exist beyond that. And that you can tap into that energy field beyond that. So, as for the gift of prophecy, you have it too.

Prophetic Messages And Psychic Abilitiespsychic abilities and the gift of prophecy

You have intuitive gifts and psychic abilities. And precognition is a psychic ability. You don’t just have it. You can purposefully direct your gifts to deliberately look into future potentials. It’s a combination of using your clairvoyance and your claircognizance.

The modern idea of being a psychic has an expectation by many people that it means predicting and telling the future. But you create your own reality. You create your own reality by the vibration you are, the thoughts you think, the emotions you’re feeling, and the energies you are carrying. That is what you are broadcasting out to the universe. And this universe is run by the Law Of Attraction.

So whatever it is that you’re putting out is what is reflected back at you. So, rather than predict your future, you would be better off focusing on what you want to manifest. Then, look at the idea of creating yourself as a match to that. Because if you are, the likelihood of it showing up in your reality is much higher than if you are not.

So it’s the same thing whether you are a modern-day psychic reader, clairvoyant fortune teller, or an ancient-style prophet or prophetess. Reading a person’s energy, the energy of a situation, or the energy of a nation is all the same. Through the energy, the vibration that’s going out, whatever is the most likely potential outcome of that energy will show up. When you can change the energy or do things to help change it, it will benefit all involved.

How To Connect With Your Higher Self, Your Inner Prophet

The most straightforward route to change your energy is to practice a daily meditation. Meditation changes your state from strictly human to getting in touch with your Spirit, your higher self. All meditation is good, but some are better. A meditation focused on grounding and centering can focus your energy and enhance your connection, increasing your consciousness level. Below is a link to a guided meditation to help you along your way.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth: What Is The Gift Of Prophecy And The Spiritual Perspective Of Prophets, and learn about your higher self and prophetic nature.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of What Is The Gift Of Prophecy And The Spiritual Perspective Of Prophets :

  • Brian – Yes, it is a double standard. It used to be okay to have prophets and seers like in the Bible, but apparently, there’s a cut-off date, like it once was okay, but no longer!
  • CK – How do you know the message given to you by a so-called prophet is the truth?
  • Limitless Creators – Can we ignore probability and just create heaven on earth?
  • Heidi – Wow, I never thought of that last part .. I’ve always felt energy but not necessarily read it to see an outcome.
  • BC – For some people, to know the future as it’s read can be used as a form of self-sabotage. For instance, a person afraid of a close relationship is told someone is coming into their life. Subconsciously, they could alter that because of that embedded fear or belief, and it doesn’t come to pass then.
  • Andarini – So, is religion created by a higher guide? Historically, from Abraham to Moses time to Christianity, then Islam – they are related and just being revised or adjusted.
  • Cole – I’ve had some experiences with teachers/leaders who weren’t coming from that place of authentic connection. My level of awareness immediately made me feel something was off in the moment. It didn’t seem right. It’s comparable to when people tell me something that is in resonance. It’s readily accepted, not necessarily as a conceptual understanding but as a more profound feeling/knowing.
  • Brian – True. But remember, many books and scrolls are missing from the Bible. It seems to be a pieced-together story with a purpose.
  • Lorraine – Can we help raise other’s energy?
  • Lorraine – Thank you. I agree entirely. A healing and giving love with no strings.
  • Brian – Dr. Lesley, it seems the structure of many systems, money, politics, and religion, is being broken down to its core essence. Is that what you see happening? It’s like all the extra stuff.
  • Cabanaroulette – It’s got to come up to come out. It is very easy to get sucked into old belief systems or indoctrinations. Any advice on daily practices or other exercises to incorporate? Added to them over the years, including the corruption, is being distilled down to regain that balance?

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