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August 15, 2023

The Lions Gate Portal, Manifestation, And Abundance UYT383

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The Lion’s Gate Portal

I received a Lion’s Gate Portal manifestation today. Let me explain. I had no idea what I would talk about on the show today. Occasionally I rely on some form of related topic to show up. I received a message that let me know today was the Lion’s Gate Portal event date. This very day. The Lion’s Gate Portal is a cosmic event that occurs every year. The Lion’s Gate Portal dates are between July 28 and August 12. And it is at its zenith on August 8.

And it made me think about some energetic themes that have been coming up within my work over the last week or so. Also, I recently acquired a great new card deck that I’m really enjoying, and I pulled a few cards before the show started to get us in the theme. I was blown away by the cards that I pulled. So I’m going to weave all of this together, but first of all, we will look at some information that explains what the Lion’s Gate Portal is. (sourced on the website https://foreverconscious.com/the-lionsgate-88-portal)

The Lion’s Gate Portal, Manifestation, And Abundance

The Lion’s Gate Portal Meaning

So these are her words noted down and paraphrased. So, this week we celebrate the Lions Gate portal. The portal activates on August 8, and it tracks the rising of the star Sirius. Sirius has been revered across many ancient cultures and is believed to be our spiritual Sun.

At this time of year, it rises back into our sky after being invisible. At the start of July, we had the Sirius gateway. And this was when the Sun and Sirius came together in alignment. That alignment was active for the first week of July. And when that alignment is on, you can’t see Sirius anymore because it is what the ancients called the Sun behind the Sun. But now, Sirius is starting to separate itself from the Sun again, and we can see it again in the sky.

And as she says, this was considered a sacred time by ancient cultures. And as Sirius is a spiritual sun, its movement back into our sky signifies its rebirth and, therefore, the rebirth of your spiritual energy. It’s called the Lion’s Gate Portal because we are in the middle of Leo, the astrological sign of Leo.

The energy portal is very concentrated, and it represents the rebirth of your own spirit energy. The refueling, recharging, and reactivating of your own inner flame is strongest in the middle of the Leo season. Leo is a heart centered sign that represents the inner light that lives within. You get this beautiful rising up of your spirit energy. And it’s a powerful time to align with your truth and authenticity and reactivate your inner flame and the truth of who you are.

This is a beautiful energy to meditate on. Stay tuned later for precisely that, a guided meditation.

When Does The Lion’s Gate Portal Open? when does the portal open

As mentioned earlier, the Lion’s Gate Portal s on the eighth of the eighth. So numerologically, that date is chosen as the apex because it’s very auspicious. The event starts on July 28 and lasts until August 12, peaking on August 8. It’s when the Sun is in Leo. The planet Earth, Orion’s belt, and the star Sirius aligned up. So you’ve got the Earth, the Sun, and the Sun behind the Sun lined up.

Lions Gate Portal Energy

As you all know, everything is made up of energy. And by focusing energy on any given thing, you can alter it. This is what happens during the Lions Gate Portal event.

Energetically it has been an interesting 10 days working with individuals in my practice. Two main themes have been showing up. The first theme is this idea of the old life crumbling and the new life emerging. This is like that Syrian energy coming full circle. It represents an energetic type of new year, a new life rising.

In speaking to many people over the last week, at least five were living this theme of their old life crumbling significantly. For some, much of their life is changing, and some unknown thing is coming to replace it. A peer group and I meditated on it these radical changes. A couple of pertinent things came up in that meditation.

There was no awareness of the Lion’s Gate Portal event when the meditation was held. But because this seems to be happening to so many people, it must be some form of world or even galactic energy.

So the focus of the meditation moved to the planet. A vision appeared. As a rocket returns to Earth and begins to break the atmosphere, the nose cone gets incredibly hot. You may even see the nose cone become red hot. And it’s like this feeling of traversing into a new reality. So the planet looked like that. what is meditation good for

And then, after seeing that vision, which was a grid, somewhat like a mathematical grid. Mathematical formulae were written around this grid, and the Earth sat in the center. And, then, the grid shifted. Shifted as when making a bed, you cause a wave to travel along a sheet or blanket, causing a ripple effect.

So there was this idea of the earth having a particular direction in this horizontal grid work. Then the shift of the ripple effect changed the formulae, the underpinning of reality. The mathematical formulae completely changed. And, there was what could be considered a 90-degree shift of the Earth going in a different direction, causing reality to change.

This definitely felt like a shift in the course of the universe. A transformation in what’s going on for everyone in your reality. So it’s like, the formulae changing caused a vibrational shift. It indicates a new pathway, the ending of an old pathway, the crumbling of an old reality, and the emergence of a new pathway.

This is a standard topic in the Metaphysical genre. The old earth versus the new earth, 3d reality versus five D reality, whatever label you care to put on it. Have you felt a significant shift over the last week or so?

Your old life isn’t really existing in the same way, and something new is coming, but it’s something completely unknown. You don’t know what it is yet.

The Galactic New YearLion's Gate Portal is also known as the Galactic New Year

The Lion’s Gate Portal is also known as the Galactic New Year. Here are ways to celebrate Galactic New Year:

So before the meditation, let’s look at the cards I mentioned earlier. I pulled a couple of cards from a card deck by Alyssa Royale called galactic heritage cards. I shuffled the deck, and two cards jumped out as they sometimes do. The first one is this card depicting Sirius coming full circle. A New Year celebration, some might say. The term Galactic New Year is also used to describe the Lions Gate Portal event. If a card in the deck relates to it, that’s it.

So that’s amazing. Sirius is coming full circle. This is what is said about this card because it’s relevant to the topic.

“In the ancient days, the Syrians placed codes within our DNA to help us evolve when the time was right that time is now humankind is awakening as the Assyrians had hoped their task has come full circle.

If you pull this card, you have a connection to the ancient Assyrian past. And because of humanity’s awakening, you’ve recently completed a karmic pattern held for 1000s of years. The old Earth is crumbling. You may feel subtle energies of completion. You may feel nothing at all.

Or you may feel something more powerful, which is what I’ve been noticing. And so you know, if you have, it’s like, it’s not necessary to hold on to these old patterns anymore. It’s come full circle. You canrelease negat ive old patterns of energy and habits let them go.”

That was the first card. The other card that dropped out of the deck was self-observance. That’s connected to the future version of the Lyran civilization. Here is what is said about that card.

“After much struggle as a species, the Lyrans eventually healed themselves by honestly and objectively observing themselves. At first, this can be difficult, but ultimately, it leads to a powerful transformation. As long as it’s done without judgment.

The power of self-observation is essential for any species that seeks transformation. Begin this process now. See your habits and patterns without the need to fix them. It’s an alchemical process that produces spiritual evolution on a very profound level.”

So again, it’s talking about the same transformation. There’s an illusionary feeling of safety in the familiar, even if the familiar is dysfunctional and it no longer serves you. Take a look at your life. Now what are you clinging to that is old and familiar? It’s time for an inventory. Just as in our Earthly New Year’s traditions of making “resolutions.”

When you clean out the old, you make space for the new. The karmic pattern of fearing change must be healed at this time. When you resist change, it’s often forced upon you. And you can circumvent this by taking steps toward change.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation

Lions Gate Portal Meditation

This meditation can be like the opening of a galactic gate. And it causes very powerful energy. If you choose and you are able to, join in the meditation. During the meditation, the goal is for you to have a direct experience of connecting with that Sirius energy. And, then, you can see what it’s like for yourselves.

This is a collective meditation, tuning into the energies of the Star Sirius, emerging as the Sun behind the Sun. It’s been hiding behind our Sun, and now it’s separating itself from our Sun. Its energy is becoming more visible to you again.

If you wish, you can follow the meditation in the video below.

Once you return from your meditation, you can keep that gateway open within yourself of that transmission, that beam of light coming from Sirius to Earth. You don’t have to close it down unless you want to. You can allow that color of light to continue flowing through you, to you, and through you.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, The Lion’s Gate Portal, Manifestation, And Abundance, and celebrate the Galactic New Year.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of The Lion’s Gate Portal, Manifestation And Abundance:

  • Brian – You aren’t kidding, Dr. Lesley. If I try doing anything that’s out of alignment, old routines, habits, etc., I can‘t push myself to do it. There‘s no energy; it’s kind of like apathy. Yet, if it‘s intuitive or spiritually guided, it’s effortless. That‘s been going on for me for some time. Yes, like reality’s being rewritten!
  • Amber – To address your question…..Yes. Coming from different directions. Mother Earth and all her elements and especially the sun right now.
  • BC – It feels like making connections and connecting with people, groups, plants, and animals is paramount!
  • Katie – All of this totally resonates with me! Thank you for sharing.
  • Denise – My 3-year-old grandson is extremely hyperactive- is it his surroundings? My mother judged, so I picked up on that. Then I was abused, so yeah, that’s s possible.
  • Cole – That‘s what I got; this new world (we’re already in it) operates by different rules, and the old rules don’t apply and will no longer work!
  • Denise – I felt blocked by the meditation.
  • AC – Can you elaborate on the citation (spelling) energy? Oceania energy? There was a group of Pilot Whales that beached themselves in the Uk recently; they were channeled today. There are so many unanswered questions. I had a pilot whale channeling with a group today, and I am very curious.
  • Cole – I‘ve had these bizarre dreams after only sleeping for a few minutes, mainly in the morning. I’ll look at the clock and be aware of my surroundings, yet I’m also dreaming. When I look at the clock again, only 10-15 minutes have passed. I’m very aware of it! I can recall the dream, it doesn’t feel like out of the body, but usually, science says it takes 90 minutes to start dreaming; I’ve had that ability for some time, and I’m wondering if you could tell me what‘s going on there, it’s really fascinating because it does seem outside the rules and science realm!
  • Amber – All beliefs are valid, which is a message I needed to hear. Thank you
  • Andarini – Can you check if I am connected and receiving the energy- I feel I needed guidance badly.

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