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May 25, 2021

How The Different Religions And Their Beliefs Have Blocked Your Spirituality UYT293

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Do Religious Beliefs And Practices Hold Your Spirituality At Bay?

Have you heard the term, “I am not religious, I am spiritual?” You hear this statement all the time in the metaphysical realm. It is very valid in many cases, yet different religions and beliefs do not necessarily support this concept. So why do those two components of your lives, religion, and spirituality seem to cause such separation and anxiety within mainstream religions? They seem to clash with each other. What are the blocks that the hierarchy of major religions of the world have around your spirituality?

How The Different Religions And Their Beliefs Have Blocked Your Spirituality

Religious Beliefs And Spiritual Beliefs Defined

Most of you feel that you can be spiritual without being overly religious. Right? This topic is not literally about religion versus spirituality. It is about why the two can not seem to live in harmony. Let’s begin with a definition of what it is to be religious and what it is to be spiritual.

First and foremost, every single human being alive on this planet is spiritual because you are Spirit. You are a divine spark. That is who you are. You can’t escape it. It is part of your nature. However, people often use the word spiritual to indicate a particular form of a nondenominational belief system and not relatively so easy to define. This ideology is more like a new-age belief system.

The term religion in itself, you might say, is a belief system. These religions are groups of people that agree to adhere to a specific belief system. These belief systems often include particular rules that you are expected to follow. They, however, do not necessarily agree with them. They conform to follow them. Many people in their specific religions do things because they are told they have to do it or suffer the consequences.

Religion Versus Spiritualityhow to find god through meditation

Every single one of you is a unique spark of divine consciousness. You have a direct personal connection to divine energy, which you can call God if you wish. And so you each have that unique relationship. That is your innate right to cultivate, to communicate in that way.

But often, what happens when you belong to a group belief system is that that comes in between you and your direct connection with the Divine. And that can happen in spiritual groups and religious groups or groups that define themselves as spiritual groups.

In these groups, you have common beliefs and a specific belief system. This belief system, again, is a standard set of rules. And everyone is expected to match that vibration and be a part of that ideal. If you do not, then there are eternal consequences usually connected to the so-called sins or disagreements in doctrines you may have.

When you have some form of punishment constantly hanging over your head, it can be challenging to be spiritual. The vibration becomes altered, and your connection with the Divine suffers.

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Different Types Of Religion And Their Rules Or Doctrine

There are different religions and beliefs on the planet. And many of them have been in existence for a long time. At the very core, these religions have good intentions in common. Often religions are born because there’s been a fantastic teacher that brought information into the world. And then, a culture or grouping is formed around that teacher. But often, what tends to happen is that the original word is lost somewhere along the way. The adherence to the religion or sect, identify themselves as a group separate from others. Often the individual groups take umbrage with those other groups because they feel they own the Truth, and other groups cannot share in this Truth. So these outsiders are then considered wrong.

The fundamental issue around religion is that a certain amount of control is exercised on the individual within that group. This control in some way diminishes the freedom of experiencing the individual’s personal spiritual experience. Thus they are not living and experiencing their divine connection to the fullest.

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Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How The Different Religions And Their Beliefs Have Blocked Your Spirituality, as we discuss the purpose of religion and religious practices compared to spirituality.

Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How The Different Religions And Their Beliefs Have Blocked Your Spirituality:

  • Good point! I was wondering the other day why only men can be Monks?
    Buddhism is often seen as a philosophy, but it is a nontheistic religion. (I like your definition of religion.) Anyway, I’m not sure if monks were part of this religion initially. Do you?
  • ​I find that believing there is a source out there greater than myself that has infinite strength & is here to work through me helps me. I’ve tried breaking habits etc., on my own, but it does not work.
  • Religion never answered the questions for me. It didn’t jive with my inner knowing, my inner Truth. It didn’t make sense to me, too many missing pieces.
  • ​I have lots of experience with “hierarchies” in religion(s). I was a member of a nontraditional church, now I can’t connect within a traditional congregation
  • Same here. I was raised Catholic. Going to church, Sunday school, youth group, etc., was not particularly special to me. However, as I develop my intuition, I appreciate what I understand and believe about God/ Spirit. It has helped me make connections.
  • I think those early experiences did shape a better understanding of God. The contrast helped my beliefs.
  • Such a paradox, how does God give us free will and then punish us if we make the wrong choice! It’s incredible. The God in the Bible sounds like a god with an ego, like the ancient gods worshipped in ancient Greece and Rome?
  • ​I have studied and practiced many different religions. I have found that some understanding from one assist with a sense of another.
  • ​Tibetan Buddhism was influenced by Buddhism from India and the shamanism local to Tibet. The Sanskrit language itself has lots of gender inequality in it, I believe. ​And I believe Sanskrit is also associated with a time of patriarchy, colonization, and social hierarchy. So great knowledge and Truth, but again misused by rulership.
  • ​When it becomes an organization and gets the human ego involved, some forget the reasons for the faith. They focus on the rules and hierarchy. A church is a group where the common energy enhances.
  • The Book “Anatomy of the Spirit” by Caroline Myss does an excellent job connecting various religious beliefs with the chakras.
  • ​I have a question. Everything seems to be slowly improving in my life, but I still feel disconnected from myself and my life. Why do I feel outside of myself? ​I tried it. I don’t know if it was working; I have trouble grounding.
  • Yes, churches seem like peaceful places, even if no one is in there at the time. You can feel the peaceful energy.
  • ​I just had a session with Dr. Lesley figuring out the same question @SG looking at my difficulty grounding. Some reasons we discovered resonated so much but no way I would have figured those out.
  • I also have trouble grounding, trying to keep with it. Still, physical discomfort keeps getting worse, maybe due to some of the energy work I’ve been doing. I don’t think the physical symptoms are an actual illness. Can you look at it?

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