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Understanding The Spiritual Awakening Process

Do you know how to achieve higher consciousness? Do you even understand what consciousness is at its base? Many humans are sleepwalking. Not present within their body. Or they totally identify with the body and its recognizing the spiritual awakening stagesanimal nature. We cannot be aware of higher consciousness from these lower states, because we are literally operating at a different vibrational frequency.

The Spiritual Awakening Process

Developing consciousness involves raising your vibration so that you connect with that higher frequency band. It would be like trying to see what is on a raised highway when you are standing beneath the overpass. Spiritual awakening signs can take many forms. There are people who have an instant awakening. This can happen to old souls, who have attained high levels of consciousness in prior incarnations. All humans are on a path of awakening. Most of them experience it not just step by step in a single incarnation but over many lifetimes. The path of awakening is unique for each person.

What Is Higher Consciousness?

There are different cultures and spiritual beliefs that try to define higher consciousness. In the west, higher consciousness is called different things such as Christ consciousness. In the East it is called Buddha consciousness, one is said to reach reaches Samadhi or Nirvana, which are transcendent and enlightened states of consciousness. This state is when you achieve perfect harmony with who you really are, Spirit. These are some of the spiritual awakening stages of your higher essence:

  • Awareness beyond human experience: 3D space, time, physical senses, thoughts, emotions, desire.
  • Attunement to God/Source and awareness of yourself as a divine, eternal, multi-dimensional spirit.
  • Feelings of spiritual ecstasy, oneness, connectedness, divine bliss, guidance on your purpose and path.
    You become enlightened which is described as a state of awareness where you’re elevated above the challenges of ordinary life.
  • You begin to experience through your spiritual senses. You talk to angels, spirit guides, and even departed loved ones.
  • Becoming aware of the deeper meaning of life, your divine essence, and the underlying energetic nature in all things.

Simply heightened consciousness is the state of spiritual awareness and beingness. There are different names, synonyms, that you may have heard:

  • Collective Consciousness
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Buddha Consciousness
  • Superconsciousness
  • God-Consciousness

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How To Achieve Higher Consciousness

When you think about these terms you may imagine to be divine in nature or especially high unattainable states offollowing the path of developing consciousness spiritual advancement. What Higher consciousness actually is, is a spiritual awareness that exceeds one’s usual reflection of the mind with your existence. When you elevate your consciousness you begin to understand the true nature of who and what you are. Your fundamental state which is Spirit. This epiphany can also be called a spiritual awakening.

This state is not inert or stagnant. It will grow giving you deeper and deeper insights into your truth and eternal existence of your souls and that of all life past, present and future as well in all realities. This sounds so very much an impossible task and meant for only the Masters. Can you achieve this state of higher consciousness you may ponder? Yes is the simple answer. However, doing so in another thing. Mastering the mind, and overcoming your human nature can be a challenge of immense proportion.

Why is this so? A very commonly used adage comes into play here. As spiritual beings experiencing a human adventure we have a tendency to work under the concept of “I will believe it when I see it”. Rising to higher consciousness will only occur as your belief intensifies. Once your belief system moves from the human concept of the Universe to the Spiritual you may then have your eyes opened.

How To Raise Your Consciousness Levels

As a spiritual being, you are not bound by space or time. You have no limits. One of the simplest ways to access this state of being is to begin a meditation practice. Meditation is the path to your hidden consciousness, your higher-self, your god connection.

As human beings, we have a tendency to want to change our environment. We want to change and improve ourselves. We look to “become” something better, different. To the truth of who you are is just the opposite of this desire to grow. Reaching an awakened state of higher consciousness is becoming aware of who you really are. You are Spirit and you are perfect and you are endowed with all the gifts and attributes of this being just like the Masters of old.

Achieve Higher Consciousness By Changing Your Beliefs

As you experience your life you go through cycles of growth and change. As we travel through Earthly existences, challenges come and go, painful experiences rise and fall. We see our choices reflected back at us through the mirror of our life circumstances. Initially, we believe we are innocent victims. Eventually, we connect the dots to see that we are responsible for reality creation. There is a law of cause and an effect.

How To Achieve Higher Consciousness And Signs Of Spiritual Transformation

We can be deliberate creators rather than unconscious ones. This is a major step on the enlightenment journey experiencing the spiritual awakening processbecause then you can consciously make course corrections. To move from an unconscious to a conscious creator involves major reprogramming of beliefs. You must take all the limiting beliefs that would have you see yourself as disempowered and let them go. Then you must let go of your responsibility for others because as you start to awaken, you see what others cannot and want to help them. Taking responsibility for others disempowers them.

Is it time to wake up and transcending your human thoughts and ideologies. Is it time to leave that constantly nattering “monkey mind” behind and live in a state of quite understanding. Can you imagine all negativity gone? Only positive energy and understanding remaining. This is your true nature.

By raising your consciousness, you awaken to your eternal, multi-dimensional nature. Yet, only God contains all perspectives. You are all unique. You each can have your own unique experience of reality. By raising your consciousness you experience the divinity and oneness within yourself. You realize you are part of the whole, and that every other human is also a fragment of divine light. You are capable of seeing the divine in everyone, and open to the compassion in your heart. You reside in vibrations of knowledge, acceptance, gratitude, gratitude, love, patience, kindness, honesty and other high vibrations.

In this podcast How To Achieve Higher Consciousness you will learn about:

  • What is consciousness in spirituality?
  • What is human consciousness?
  • How to discover the path to reaching higher levels of consciousness.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Achieve Higher Consciousness as we adventure into the true nature of all humanity, the Spirit.

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