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October 6, 2016

What Do Dreams Mean? – UYT030

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Are Dreams The Real Windows To The Mind?

So what do dreams mean and are they important? Have you ever had a dream you just could not forget? It may not have been very dramatic or worthy of any notoriety but just stuck with you after months or even years or have sought someone ought and begged them “please, interpret my dream.”

What Do Dreams Mean?

The History Of Dreams

Dreams have captivated men, women, and children since the start of the human race. In early Egypt, individuals with strong, clear dreams were deemed to be endowed with an extraordinary gift. You can even find many of these preserved on papyrus. They actually believed that dreams were a form of inspiration and holy revelation. They even had special beds they would sleep in when they were looking for godly enlightenment. They referred to these as “dream beds” and were considered to be very hallowed.need help to interpret my dream

These ancient superstitious concepts were lost with time. Saner heads prevailed. Psychologists and psychiatrists followed the ideas formulated by their mentors such as Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. They formulated the theory that dreams were the doorway to the psyche. Dream analysis and dream interpretation answers became a popular tool amongst these pioneers of the mental health industry. They argued that while the body slept our subconscious minds created perceptions, ideas, and concepts that permitted them to perceive and understand the true depths of the individual’s ids.

The depths of the meanings of vivid dreams and their interpretation were considered to be the secret code to the inner workings of the mind. You can find the meanings of different aspects of dreams in dream dictionaries online.

What Are Dreams?

Regardless of what these mammoths of mental health thought, we do seem to have present-day naysayers. Amongst these are scientific researchers and neuroscientists who feel that our nightly fantasies have no depth or meaning whatsoever.

They believe that they are just basic processes our minds carry out automatically. They feel that our minds are like computers going through nightly reboots allowing the brain to streamline and organize the thoughts of our day. It can be thought of as a form of subconscious housecleaning, eliminating or storing thoughts, we amassed during our doings of that day, depending on their importance. Some may disagree with these ideas.

Amongst them are individuals like myself that consider dreams to be important tools in helping people achieve their spiritual and physical goals on these journeys we call life.

So What Do Dreams Mean?

Have you ever had a dream you just could not forget? It may not have been very dramatic or worthy of any notoriety but just stuck with you after months or even years. We all dream! Even if you cannot remember your dreams it doesn’t mean that you haven’t had one or more during your sleeping hours. What your dreams are telling you may be very important to you.

When dreams occur they generally are a reenactment of your day’s events. Their purpose is to clear any issues that may have happened during your waking hours. Also, they sometimes are prophetic dreams and visions as well. The meaning behind dreams can vary drastically from person to person. Dream interpretation is not a science and shouldn’t be considered to be accurate in all cases.

What Causes Dreams?

What is actually happening during the dream state is that the consciousness separates from the physical body and has experiences in other realities that occur in the dream plane or astral plane. The astral plane is not limited by time and space and so it is possible to visit past and future realities.

Do Dreams Have Meaning?

There also may be a spiritual meaning of dreams. Dreamers remembering such dreams can what are dreamshave premonitions or deja vu experiences. Regardless of what you have been dreaming, they can have relevance in your life.

Why Do We Dream?

If you are like an ever-increasing number of people you will feel that dreams do have a profound significance and meaning. More than 40% of North Americans think that dreams expose unconscious aspirations and desires. You are not different or unusual if you wonder what it means when you dream about your ex or people chasing you, nightmares.
Nightmares in adults are often spontaneous. But they can also be caused by a variety of factors and underlying disorders.

Why Do We Have Nightmares?

Occasionally a bedtime snack has the ability to increase your metabolism which then sends messages to your brain to grow more active. There are also specific pharmaceutics that can bring on nightmare states. Medications like antidepressants or narcotic-based medication can be connected with nightmares. There are also cases where hypertension medications, for the treatment of high blood pressure can also produce nightmares.

Interpreting dreams, and their symbols, and associating them with specific meaning has grown in popularity. In our modern-day culture dreams are considered to be entertaining and self-reflecting. Most people believe that dreams actually have secret meanings. Some believe that they can learn their true hidden hopes and aspirations that are buried deep within them by understanding their dream stories?

When considering what do dreams mean there seem to be many similarities and commonalities in the types of dreams of so many people. These dreams have also been ascribed to specific meanings by many. Let’s have a peek at a few of the most popular dreams and what the experts are saying about the psychology of dreams.

What Do Dreams Mean To You?learn about dream interpretation answers

  • Dreams Of Falling: Many people worry about these dreams because the popular concept about them is that if you do manage to hit the ground in your dream you will die in real life.
    In reality, the most common interpretation of falling while in the dream state is that there is something in your life that has you locked in a state of fear.
  • Dreaming About Death: This can be considered to be uncovering some fear around a change in your life. Basically a dread of the unfamiliar.
  • Dreams Where You Are Flying: This is another very popular dream. There can be two distinct interpretations of flight in the dream state. It can mean that you feel free and independent. It can also be a feeling of the lack of either or both of these emotions and you just want to run.
  • Being Frantically Pursued or Followed: The interpretation of this type of dream may imply that there is something in your life that you would like to not have to face or trying to flee from strong emotions of fear or desire like love or hate that may be haunting you.
  • The Loss Of A tooth Or Teeth: One concept is that this means that you have some underlying worries about how you look physically. Another idea about this is that someone close to you will pass away.
  • Infidelity Of A Loved One: Generally this does not mean that you are worried about the infidelity of your partner but more so that you have issues around trust, a lack of loyalty, or even fear or the lack of communication at a deeply intimate level in a relationship.
  • Public Nudity: Have you ever dreamt that you were naked in front of many people. This is actually a sign that you are going through a stage where you are fearing that you will be found out to be a fraud of some sort or that people will discover your flaws and imperfections and deficiencies.

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Have you experienced any of these dream scenarios? If you have you can choose to believe what they mean or just accept them at face value for what they are, an escape of the conscious mind, a release if you would. Or maybe just spicy food just before bed. However, they can also mean that they are a representation of some anxieties or stress that you are facing in your reality in one manner or another.

The best way to analyze your dreams is first to remember them vividly. This can be done using a dream journal to record them.

We discuss dream journals in other episodes as well (see below). Dream interpretations and meanings can then be worked on by the individual or an even better choice would be to have an Intuitive Reader help you. They can be more in tune with what is occurring and supply you with the meaning of your dreams more readily.

Either way, never let what you dream take over your waking life. Live it to the fullest.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • 10 signs you are astral traveling.
  • Different ways you can travel outside your body
  • Guidance dreams and how to remember them.
  • Dreams and premonitions.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Do Dreams Mean, not only learn what dreams are all about but also astral travel

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