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August 8, 2023

Why Should You Learn How To Connect With Your Higher Self UYT383

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How To Surrender To The Universe – Your Higher Self

What is your higher self? Why should you focus on learning how to connect with your higher self? And how do you know that you are channeling your higher self? Many of you understand what the higher self is but cannot fully connect with that part of you. Others do not understand the depth of this vital segment of your being.

Why Should You Learn How To Connect With Your Higher Self?

What IS Your Higher Self?

What is your highest self, and how do you connect with the expression of it? You fully experience yourself as a human being having this life adventure. You have a physical body, and this thing called life that you are living. And you are navigating that life journey the best you can, having all sorts of experiences. And that’s your main point of reference, your point of perspective.

You are the aspect of your higher self existing in three-dimensional reality. But the one you are experiencing yourself to be is not all you are. As human beings, you are a finite entity. Being human means you are born, go through a life cycle, and, unfortunately, pass away at the end of the cycle. There is only one way out.

Being human means you exist in time and space in 3d reality. You move around, and time goes by as you do. You cannot change this. You all experience yourself in this format.

Also, you experience duality, both polarities, negative and positive. You go through life making choices because the unfoldment of time allows you to make choices. However, there is much more to you than that.

Your Higher Self And Godhow to find your higher self through meditation

So there is a more significant part of you that is infinite, multi-dimensional, not limited by time and space, and eternal, which means it never dies. It exists in perpetuity. And so you have different names for that more significant aspect of yourself. And one of the names is the higher self. Sometimes you call it the inner being or even the term soul.

Often these words are used interchangeably, but the meaning is it’s this unlimited, unbounded, all-seeing, all-knowing, infinite, eternal version of you. And that’s your highest self. And in a way, you might say that it’s your parent, and you are its progeny. And that’s actually in the Christian Bible when it refers to the Father and the Son. This reference is about the ultimate source, God giving rise to its progeny, Jesus.

A good metaphor to help you conceive of the idea of your higher being is the concept of the sun. The sun is a source of light, energy, and life force. And it emanates rays of light. So you emanate from your higher being from that source energy of you. And you are being projected on a beam of light on a ray of light into this experience, this incarnation, and this physical reality.

The following is another metaphor from my book Intuition And Chakras. Think about the Mars Rover. NASA has created this vehicle here on Earth to go and explore another reality. And then it sent it to Mars. And the Mars rover is on its own in this terrain. The control center at NASA is sending it instructions, directions, and guidance.

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If the signal is kept solid and clear, the Mars rover can receive those instructions and carry them out. And it’s able to fulfill its purpose. Sometimes there are glitches, such as it goes round and round in circles because it’s not receiving the signal or it bumps up against a rock. And that is a metaphor for your life. Sometimes you might feel like you are going round and round in circles chasing your tail or banging your head against a rock, and you can’t seem to move beyond a particular block.

And if only you could connect with your higher guidance, then you would know what to do. You would know how to stop going around in circles and banging your head against a rock. That’s your higher being, your higher self, that would give you directions and guidance.

Your higher self is the source of you, and it has the big picture ofget in touch with your own higher guidance to combat challenges in life why you are alive today. It answers the question of what this life is about and the exploration theme for you. What kinds of things did you come here to discover, unfold, and how you planned to evolve and expand?

Messages From Higher Self

Another valuable metaphor for your higher self. You are on the ground, right? You may consider life as being in the jungle, and you can’t see what’s ahead. You don’t know what’s coming out of the bush or what’s around the corner. And there is a specific destination you want to achieve, and you need direction on which way to head. So how do you get there?

Your higher being is on the mountaintop. It’s above the jungle canopy. And it’s got a bird’s eye view of everything happening. So if those two aspects of you can be connected, opening a conscious conduit to your higher being, then the path will become clear. Your life becomes more manageable, less challenging for you. Because now you have this source of guidance that is at your fingertips and available at any time.

As a human being using your mind, you all have many questions. Everything can be a challenge. What should you do? What should you say? How can you help? Where should you go? Where should you live? Think of all the questions that you ask yourself daily. Often, you get stuck in analysis paralysis in your human brain. And this slows you down.

So imagine what life would be like if you understood how to connect with your higher self. A clear connection with your higher self. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? You would always have your answers. Or if you didn’t have a clear answer, you would be comforted in the knowledge that you were being guided in a step-by-step fashion to the unfolding of your life. Hmm, sounds interesting.

Not Receiving Signs Your Higher Self Is Talking To You

So often, you talk about how you are disconnected from your higher self, how to connect with your highest self, and never separate from your Higher Selves. Just like Russian dolls, you exist within your higher being. You can have the illusion of being disconnected from it, but your higher being is always there, constantly aware of you, and never feeling separated from you.

But from your perspective, you don’t have a similar picture, complete and wide, because you have come all this way into the density of the physical reality, into time and space and duality. The interesting thing about this separation is that you solely, are responsible.

You have deliberately cut yourself off from part of yourself so that you can have the experience of revealing yourself to yourself and expanding from those human experiences. So you can have the illusion that you are separate from your higher being. And that is why it isn’t easy to recognize the signs your higher self is talking to you.

And all sorts of things can create that illusion. So it could be belief,you to have common belief systems part of your belief system. So imagine some things that could be responsible for creating those beliefs. You may have been raised in a very strict and didactic religion. One that delivered a concept of God, of Source, of the soul, and now you are repulsed by it. So you might cut off your nose to spite your face. And you would believe that you have no interest in any of that stuff.

So you can have received programming that indoctrinated you to believe in a certain way, and you now rebel against it. This belief can cause the illusion of separation between you and your higher being.

Or maybe you had some form of horrific trauma earlier in life. And often, when you are in trauma, you have a sense that you separate yourself from yourself. You disassociate because you don’t want to be present for the traumatic experience. And so this sense of disassociation caused by experiencing trauma can cut you off from your association with your higher self.

So many things can cause you to disconnect from your higher being and stop hearing that particular quiet voice from within. Even extreme physical illness can arrive with an enormous amount of pain and make it very hard for you to focus on your communication.

Or you may be in survival mode, struggling to survive in life. You don’t have much bandwidth for that communication from your higher self, those quiet messages, because you are too busy focusing on your actual survival.

So you can come up with infinite reasons why you might feel disconnected from your higher self and not hear messages from within. Whatever the reason for the disconnect might be, what do you do if you want to feel that connection again? You can use energy techniques to help you to heal what may be coming between you and your higher self.

Reconnecting With Your Higher Self

The simplest and best way to approach reopening the path of communication with your higher self is through meditation. A daily meditation practice brings you into spiritual states of neutrality, non-resistance, surrender, and acceptance. Those will bring you into high vibrational emotional conditions of joy, gratitude, and love, which will all help you be closer to your higher self.

Remember, your Source, God, is high-vibration energy, and it’s projecting within you. And you are at a different energy state, which is a lower vibration. So anything you can do to raise your vibration brings you closer to having awareness of your higher being. Below is the video of this specific meditation.

So, negative beliefs, all of the other things mentioned earlier, and anything that causes you to generate negative energy lowering your vibration will cause a communication block between you and your higher self.

Your Higher Self And Intuition

Intuition, and your psychic gifts, are all aspects of Spirit, your higher self. Whatever blocks these will also stop you from receiving messages from your higher self. There are seven common blocks to intuition. The same seven blocks would keep you from your higher being.

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One thing is essential to understand and so well worth repeating. You can never be disconnected from your higher self, but you can have the illusion of being disconnected. And it’s all that human stuff that can cause you to feel that disconnection. So spiritual practices will enhance it. Spiritual practices such as:

  • Meditation practices
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Any spiritual practice where you are quiet and turn within yourself
  • Anything that will separate you from all of the daily concerns while you turn inward
  • Turning off your monkey mind
  • Having a calm mind
  • Releasing emotional overwhelm, anxiety, stress, emotional distractions, being on an emotional roller coaster
  • Dealing with other people’s emotional dramas.

The more you can rise above and be neutral under those circumstances, will help you connect with your higher being and be in a higher vibrational field.

Eckhart Tolle calls it the “Deep You,” and meditation can bring you there. It is real.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Why Should You Learn How To Connect With Your Higher Self, and learn about the techniques you can use to rise above your human self and connect with your higher spiritual self.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Why Should You Learn How To Connect With Your Higher Self :

  • Lori – I lose my higher self when it comes to relationships. Two friends, one male, and one female, no longer have time for us to hang out. And I am unsure if there is more to the story, particularly with my friend Sam who I started liking romantically. I have been trying to figure it out.
  • Tracy – What is the relationship between your higher self and God?
  • Brian – Ironically, I never lost the connection with my higher self/the deep I. I admit I don’t engage it as much as I should. Yet, since childhood, there was always that calming inner voice. People always talk about the critical/judgmental voice. But I always had that inner voice that would encourage me, trying to get me to see things from a higher perspective. It always made such sense at a deeper level. It is calming and connecting, definitely experiential. You’re a ray of sunshine.
  • Amber – For me, a new connection, tapping into my higher self, is hard to describe. Thank you.
    • Amber: That resonates. It was very experiential with light and images. Thank you for the meditation! I received something very new!
  • Zachary – Is that what some translate to light language? I can’t relate to that.
  • Kathy – A relationship with someone is wanted more from me. I want to know about a relationship I have been working on manifesting. Also, one that is turning into more than I expected. A relationship with someone that is wanted more from me.

Responses after the meditation:

  • Denise – Relaxing and lightness
  • Kathyinsa – I loved the feeling of being aligned.
  • Zachary – I feel the beam of light between my eyebrows that is always strong. It makes it more intense.
  • Tracy – It was great, thank you. It felt comfortable, Very relaxing
  • Lorraine – I feel free of all emotions, which is very special.

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