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October 13, 2022

Your Psychic Abilities And The Body, Mind, Spirit, Connection UYT348

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Your Consciousness And The Connection Between Mind, Body, And Spirit

You may be aware that you have access to 22 psychic abilities. However, most of you do not understand the body, mind, spirit connection and the relationship between them, your psychic abilities, and your body or your body’s personality level. The body personality level is an element of your consciousness that has chosen to live in your body on planet Earth at this time.

Your Psychic Abilities And The Body, Mind, Spirit, Connection

Your Physical Body And Your Eternal Spiritual Body

Of course, you are so much more than this body and this unit of consciousness occupying your body. You are a multi-dimensional eternal being, and you can create in multiple different realities. Unfortunately, understanding this concept can be difficult for your human side to grasp.

A simple way to do this is to use a metaphor. We will use one from my book, ‘Intuition, And Chakras.intuition and chakras In the book, you will find the metaphor for the Mars Rover. Let’s begin by imagining that you are a heavenly star. Think about a star. A star is very bright; our Sun is a star. And that Sun or star is radiating light in all directions. It also shines light throughout the universe. This light travels far and wide.

Your light travels into multiple realities and dimensions. And that’s you, your higher being, your soul, that higher, more significant level of you. And now imagine one of those beams of light emanating from this massive radiant star of your multi-dimensional consciousness. Then, finally, envision one of those light beams finding its way to a small blue-green planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, otherwise known as Planet Earth.

And you see this beautiful world, this beautiful blue-green planet full of abundant life and adventure. And you say, “I would like to explore that world more deeply.” The thing is, though, that world is made of dense physical matter. And therefore, the energy in that physical world is of a much slower frequency than your energy.

Also, this physical world does not obey the same laws of reality that you are used to. It has two limiting factors, time and space. And it has this linear progression, where things shift and change through time. And you have this multi-dimensional version of you wondering how your infinite multi-dimensional will fit? How can you experience that three-dimensional world and experience it as fully as possible? The answer is to create a body that you can use to explore this blue-green planet.

And you make the body. You construct the body from natural materials found on the planet. So atoms and molecules that make up the dense matter of Earth are used to create this physical body. You can now use this body as a vessel for exploring.

And think about something from our not-too-distant culture. Think about NASA and how they sent the Mars Rover to traverse the terrain on Mars. So that’s the metaphor. It’s a bit like you created a Mars Rover, your earth body. It’s like an earth rover.

Your Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

And, of course, just like the Mars Rover, you want your body to operate independently. And so you create your earth rover to transverse this physical world. You kitted it out with sensory apparatus capable of interacting with the environment. You can store information in it. And so it’s got a level of capability of its own to interact with the environment. Still, you also remain available to guide it. Remember that, in truth, you are a Spirit Being. So you have a link, a communication link between you and this earth rover that you’ve created.

And you also assign an aspect of your consciousness to stay with it. To be in charge of that clear communication. This is similar to how NASA’s control center interacts with the Mars Rover. Clear communication between you and this body is essential. So you, Spirit, and the creator of this body install a relay system that can transmit and receive energy signals to and from your body.

The relay system is your chakra system. Your chakras are the communication conduits between your higher being, the higher aspects of yourself, this radiant star infinitely shining its light in multiple realities, and the body personality or earth rover version of you. So, your chakras act as the communication conduit.

Your Chakras And The Body, Mind, Spirit, Connectionhow to improve chakra energy

Your chakras are the non-physical channels that exchange energy and information between your higher aspect and your body’s personality level. So just think about that. The non-physical channels are similar to the energy transmission signals the Mars Rover uses. These are radio waves; it might be something else, right? The critical concept is that they are non-physical. It’s an energy exchange that’s taking place.

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Psychic Abilities, Your Chakras, And Your Body, Mind, Spirit, Connection

It’s an energy broadcast and receiving that’s taking place. So your chakras transmit and receive information, and how they do that is through your psychic abilities and Intuition. So these are all part and parcel of your onboard system for being an earth rover.

You have seven major chakras, energy information exchange centers, positioned along your spine. Each is a channel for spiritual information relating to a different aspect of your reality. So just like on the Mars Rover, other communications deal with different parts of the onboard experience of being the Mars Rover. The same thing occurs with your chakra system. Each one deals with a different aspect of your reality.

Each one transmits and receives information on a different part of you. The Chakras are also associated with your endocrine system, your nervous system. So this is the basis of the physical body and Spirit interface. These chakras interface with your hormonal, endocrine, and nervous systems. They help direct energy flow through your body. So they are giving you the signals that enable you to operate as high-vibration energy being personified in a physical world. As well as all of those major chakras, hundreds of additional minor chakras are associated with smaller nerve clusters throughout the body.

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Intuition And Your Body, Mind, Spirit, Connection

Also, you access your Intuition through your chakras. And by tuning into your chakras, you, the higher being assigned to this body in this time and space reality, can access your Intuition. You can receive your higher guidance through your Intuition. This will help you become consciously aware of your purpose for being here, your life purpose.

You know, maybe today the Mars Rover has to go over to the mountain in the distance and take some samples. But, likewise, today, you may have a particular purpose that you’re accomplishing guided by your higher being.

By mastering your chakras, you can live your purpose. And you can deal with all the ups and downs of the terrain you are navigating. The Mars Rover is kitted out to deal with things that it might encounter along the way. And so are you. And it’s called your Intuition.

Trusting Your Intuition And Your Physical Sensestrusting intuition is key to how to awaken your intuition

Planet Earth comprises three-dimensional space and time. And as Spirit, you are outside the dimensions of time and space. So you are a multi-dimensional being. But your vehicle, your earth rover, has the sensory apparatus perfectly suited for interacting with its environment on Earth. So it has five physical senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, that will help it navigate the physical reality system.

But you also have these chakras. They are the body-spirit interface and are channels for you to receive your higher guidance through your psychic abilities from your higher being. And these give you information beyond the five physical senses. They give you guidance from that higher being. This is just like the Mars Rover might receive a directive. Instructions may include a new direction to go or a data upload or download of a program sent to it from NASA on Earth.

Your Higher being may convey to you a new direction to go in through in your life. And if you are in touch with your Intuition through your chakras, you will hear that signal loud and clear. And you will be able to follow your higher guidance and be directed to an appropriate course for you and your life.

Open Your Intuition Meditation

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Your Spiritual Path

Your spiritual path leads you to the unfoldment of your psychic abilities. Or the desire to develop psychic abilities has led to your spiritual development. They go hand in hand with one another. Suppose you go back to ancient Hinduism, ancient Egypt, or ancient Tibet. In that case, you will see that their teachings are related to this concept. The idea is that when you turn within and have an inner focus, a spiritual focus, and meditate, you can heal yourselves.

Let go of your misunderstandings about who you are. Let go of the lower base nature of this animal form. A natural side effect of this letting is you will awaken your psychic abilities. So if you heal yourself and raise your vibration, your psychic abilities emerge. It is a spiritual path. Likewise, if you are motivated by a genuine want to develop your psychic abilities, to do it to a very high degree, achieving a level of mastery, you must also heal yourself.

So the spiritual path leads to the development and awakening of psychic abilities. The desire to develop an openness to psychic abilities leads to the spiritual path.

If you don’t treat your desires to open the doorway to your psychic powers as a spiritual path but maintain your physical nature and don’t heal yourself, then you will get stuck. You will reach a point beyond which you can go no further unless you take those steps.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Your Psychic Abilities And The Body, Mind, Spirit, Connection as we explore the relationship of your human body with your psychic body.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Your Psychic Abilities And The Body, Mind, Spirit, Connection:

  • Kourosh – Does this mean that the people who successfully activate their psychic abilities have mastered their Chakras?
  • Karen – Why would someone have the gift of telepathy? I trust my insight and intuition, yet sometimes I get told I am overthinking and wrong. Thank you both.
  • Brian – are our memories truly stored in the mind or elsewhere? Since we can access past life memories and there are areas of study like the Akashic Records, is it kind of like how we can save files on our computer but also back them up in the ‘cloud’? How else are our memories and experiences stored or saved for access?
  • Sylvie – What are your thoughts on a healing modality like Reiki?
  • Lorraine – I’m finding using both the Audible and PB edition of your book, Intuition And Chakras, helpful. First, I listen and then review what I’ve heard with your book.
  • Susan – When I’m in my mediumship circle, we have to give messages after the evidence. I can get evidence, but when it comes to a message, I struggle. Is there anything I can do to help get a meaningful message?
  • Wies Lawa – I saw my body being all light! How do I repeat that experience? It was an unbelievable experience because I had worked on myself before.
  • Ahmadian – Does unlocking psychic abilities have some sort of side effect on my body?
  • Shannon – Can you give me a short read on my solar plexus
  • SG – is there any kind of belief or programming that keeps me in an anxious state that I am unaware of?
  • Karen – I telepathically pick up on negative thoughts directed at me by friends. Why would I be picking up on the negative thoughts? Should I block or find friends more in alignment with me?

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