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October 4, 2017

What Happened to Doreen Virtue?

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What Happened To Doreen Virtue – Angel Cards And Christianity?

I have had so many people ask me about what happened to Doreen Virtue? We all have heroes and role models of every kind. TV heroes that save the day. Good friends that we look up to. Scientists and physicians have brought health and wonderful inventions to the world. Even some public figures have been an inspiration such as the late President Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Some of the most important of these notable figures are spiritual leaders. Those that teach us what it means to be a spirit living in a human body and expressing it. Sometimes, however, these pillars of virtue can fall or at least fall in our eyes. Which do you think is true of Doreen Virtue’s reversal of path?

When a friend recently told me that Hay House maven Doreen Virtue had denounced her previous existence as the doyen of intuitive card decks, even her Angel Cards, and had reinvented herself as a bible bearing Christian I could have been blown over by an angel’s feather. So I set out to investigate. The internet was in an uproar. Christians were delighting that such a famous New Age celebrity had denounced the devil’s work and converted to a path of righteousness. Hardcore tarot card readers and fans were upset and angry; they felt used and abandoned. I watched the now infamous video and this is where I ended up.

Doreen Virtue Stopped Using Tarot And Card Decks

communing with angels and other spirits is possible for everyone

What Doreen Virtue said in her video was that she had stopped using her card decks or indeed any card decks. She said that she should never have created her Ascended Masters deck because that was not how they wished us to connect with them. Dr. Virtue has nothing against card decks per se, her problem was more how they were being used. She had been using them as a proxy for communicating directly with God and she had realized this was not correct for her.

I did a podcast episode about card decks not so long ago entitled “How to Use Tarot Cards.” As opposed to being an instruction guide for using cards, it was meant to be more about how to approach it in general. I have to say I agree with most of what Doreen Virtue said. The power is not within the object. The power is inside you. So if you are using your tarot as though the deck is the oracle itself then, in my opinion, you are misguided. If you have memorized the book that came with your deck then you are using your intellect and not your intuition.

Card decks can be a great tool to help people bypass their intellect and access intuition. If you are looking at the symbols and pictures and translating them into meaning in the context of the present moment and the person being read then you are using your cards as a doorway to your higher knowing. Many people can’t access their intuition easily due to their intellectual programming. Starting with a card deck can be a gentle introduction to intuition and maybe less frustrating for the student than trying to access it directly. This is why I created my Portico cards.

Another perspective is certain people having a Psychic Reading are not in control of their energy. As they are curious about what will be said they project their energy into the third eye of the reader. As someone who reads from trance without objects of any kind, I can tell you this can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. So it has to be managed energetically. For readers who do not know techniques for that having a card deck can attract the readers’ invasive energy onto the card deck instead of into the reader’s head as the person being read, they believe that is where the power lies.

What Happened To Doreen Virtue – Christianity And New Age Beliefs

The reason Christians and New Agers dislike each other so much is based on misunderstandings about each other. As well as misinterpretation of doctrine that bears no resemblance to the ancient spiritual teachings of our human heritage or universal spiritual laws.

As someone who originally trained in the spiritual arts at a Psychic Christian church, I believe I have a unique perspective on this. My training including a clairvoyant reading of the Bible to access the essence of the teachings, which have been translated and mistranslated through many languages, were copied by hand over and over before the invention of the printing press and tweaked by various self-interested parties for political gain. Some of the essences were lost.

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Not only that much of the original teachings were encoded, symbolic, metaphors, and parables to preserve the information for followers and protect it from foes. It was never meant to be taken literally. What I learned from my time in psychic seminary was that the bible discusses energy healing and spiritual abilities at length. Far from being the work of the devil, these were gifts from God that we can use to communicate as spirit and to receive guidance.

The foundation of all religions is love. The message of all great teachers is Love thy neighbor as thyself. We are all unique aspects of God and were given the freedom to express our unique perspective on Earth. When we allow ourselves to connect through love we can accept each other as unique expressions of divine consciousness and not judge, fear, and seek to control.

What Happened To Doreen VirtueWhat Does Doreen Virtue Say About Jesus And The Bible?

This may horrify some people, but I am going to say it anyway. Jesus was a healer and a psychic. As Doreen Virtue, he is one of my favorite teachers. I consult him often in my work and I ask for his guidance. He never refuses me and is delighted to help. Also, like Doreen Virtue, I am usually careful about whom I tell this to. A fundamental Christian would say I was a blasphemer. A new age follower might cringe at the mention of his name.

He doesn’t look at all like most of the paintings and movie portrayals by the way.

Jesus’s life and many of the books in the New Testament provide a roadmap for life on Earth. Far from being a prediction of our demise, the Book of Revelations tells you all you need to know about operating consciously as Spirit in a human body. Many of the books in the Old Testament are historical. When read clairvoyantly reveal a history quite different from what you learned at school and are replete with giants, genetics, aliens living on Earth, spaceships, and more.

Being psychic and believing in Jesus and the bible are not mutually exclusive. I embrace both and Doreen Virtue shouldn’t have to choose between them.

One other thing Doreen Virtue mentioned about her visitation from Christ was that she knew at that moment that he was THE son of God. I would like to hear more from her about that. Jesus is the son of God and I believe his message was that we are all children of God. In other words, we are all projections of the Source. We are all aspects of God incarnate. Jesus realized he was. He awakened as divine consciousness within a body and mastered being a spiritual presence on Earth. We too can be enlightened if we follow his guidance; or the teachings of other masters.

What Happened To Doreen VirtueThe Doreen Virtue Conversion To Christianity

The story is that she has always been a Christian, but was not always comfortable expressing

angel therapy starts in the heart and the spirit
The Image Of An Angel Floating In The Sky

this in public for fear of alienating part of her fan base. This comes from Doreen Virtue’s Jesus video on the web.

Until one day while attending a Church service, she had a visitation from Jesus. He encouraged her to be true to herself, live a more authentic life, and stop using her angel cards as a form of idol worship.

Doreen Virtue has undergone an image change over the last few years. She has changed her appearance from a glittering angelic siren to mother Mary in blue. It may be that she decided to age gracefully or stop dying her hair for health reasons. But could it be she was moving toward her new public persona all along? One may wonder what Michael Robinson Doreen Virtue’s husband thinks about the whole scenario.

When I look at what happened to Doreen Virtue and the transition what I see is her becoming more grounded. The angelic persona was a fit when she was not grounded and spent more time out of her body communing with angels and other spirits. As she got more in touch with her body, the planet and, the creatures of the earth she got more grounded and more present in her body. So the current Doreen Virtue is more earthy and in a sense more real, more human, less perfect.

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Another change is she is avoiding doing psychic readings, including her famous Doreen Virtue Weekly Reading and Angel Message For Today, and says now she prefers to pray and study the bible. I am concerned that this will cause a further schism in the psychic Christian divergence. For me, both are ways of communicating as Spirit. Praying is being in communication with God. When I read I am communicating with God. I read from trance, a meditative state which allows me to tune out the physical world and tune into spiritual reality. I can ask questions, ask for help, and receive my answers. This is probably what Doreen is doing when she prays. She probably also reads the bible intuitively by asking God for deeper insights into its meaning.

What Happened To Doreen Virtue – Is Doreen Virtue Profiting From Turning To Christianity?

Doreen Virtue had told Hay House that she no longer wished to profit from her intuitive card decks, like her Archangel Oracle Cards a 45-card deck and guidebook, and instructed them to give her royalties to charity and if new decks were printed to remove her name from them as she no longer wished to endorse them. This is a real turnabout for the most prolific creator of card decks. Currently, Hay House lists 36 card decks with her name on them. The number could be higher if there are some already out of print. Her books, some of which are, Angel Therapy, Archangels, And Ascended Masters A Guide, Angel Therapy, are best sellers. One may wonder what will happen to Doreen Virtue’s net worth and will it matter to her.

On hearing what happened to Doreen Virtue all this one cynical blogger put forward the following opinion. “Perhaps Doreen Virtue’s sales have been declining and this is an attempt to create controversy to get noticed again. It might stimulate a rush on her old products before they are no longer available. She becomes a limited commodity.”

Then, of course, the new persona piques curiosity from her existing fan base and attention from a massive new audience – the Christian community. In this projected future reality, a new throng of followers is created and flocks to her new YouTube channel; a captive audience for her new Christian focused products. Whether this happens remains to be seen. I believe she will write more books; it’s is in her soul, but they will be different ones that will attract a new audience.

Is it contrived? Not necessarily.

a look at doreen virtue clairvoyantlyWhat Happened To Doreen VirtueA Healing And Psychic Reading For Doreen Virtue

When I look at Doreen Virtue clairvoyantly right now this is what I see:

A tremendous amount of attention has been piled on top of her. Her main vibration is a healing blue. But she looks grey as she is covered in foreign energy such as expectations and judgment from others. She feels overwhelmed and is tired of it because it blocks her clear communication with God. The situation is bringing up an opportunity for some inner healing. I am seeing some shame, some regret; a desire to be authentic and understood, but a question about whether that is even possible. I see her struggling internally but genuinely turning to God for answers; being humbled by her transformation. She is retreating from the unwanted attention that comes not only from the new age fan base. It’s also from the Christians who judge her past behavior and who want to shovel their doctrine onto her rather than leave her be to develop her answers.

So I administer healing. I help her clear her connection with God and the planet. I run Christ Force energy through her space and ask Jesus to help. Together we clear the foreign energy off. Her vibration increases. The main vibration changes from blue to yellow. She feels relief, release, freedom, and joy. She feels closer to God.

My name is Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips – I am a child of God.

Her name is Doreen Virtue Ph.D. – she is my sister.

What happened to Doreen Virtue? Her name like yours is written on the skein of time and space – Doreen and you too are a divine portion of the cosmic whole.


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Dr Lesley

Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips is the founder of the School of Intuition, where she teaches online psychic development classes. She is the host of the Unlocking your Truth Radio Show and Podcast. She has also written quite a few spiritual books.

Lesley Phillips

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  1. Fantastic review! I didn’t know about Doreen’s change in path. I just read some people’s comments about her. Yikes, there’s some pretty low vibration being created and sent her way! Your review, on the other hand, is very understanding/non-judgemental and well thought out. Thanks for your info on Jesus and the bible too.

      1. I think she is going to the extreme now that is only god is the highest and denies all others and name is as devil. She is brave that she denies all her achievement in the past and no longer using her cards and readings. I hope one day she will be able to recieve and opens her heart and understand the world is infinite and we should not lock ourself into absolute right or wrong kind of perceptions. Still love u Dorine…

  2. That’s interesting that you saw a gray light around her. Someone else was telling me that she got so besieged by people wanting something from her that she got exhausted. I can believe, but I would’ve rather she took a vacation and regrouped than become a born-again Christian!

    1. Yes – she has so many followers – that is a lot of energy to deal with. Then now with a lot of those people being unhappy about her changes & directing their displeasure at her – she’s dealing with a lot.

      1. Doreen was most certainly guided in this way for a reason!! ❤️ She has so many followers that she may be able to turn these new agers back to GOD!! I think this may happen!! With support it will help her gain confidence doing this. Bless you for helping her, I truly believe GOD will use her!! ❤️

        May our God Bless you both!!

      2. For me it's not so much that she became a born again Christian as each to their own. What is horrendous is that she refers to all spiritual practices as demonic. Which in itself is quite a demonic mindset.

    2. Did you see that Doreen Virtue went from praising how wonderful Hay House was no matter what lies or harm came out of there when she was making bank via them . Then they dropped her Dec 2017 after she after a mass simony event with them Dec 2017 was exposed for having judged psychics & mediums as being rejected by God.

      She blamed the new age itself for why her book Archangels & Ascended Master was a problem .. the new age people were taking it wrong in the Aug 2017 Bancarz video.
      That video Bancarz put out telling new age people in the description that it was her denouncing the new age ,

      Feb 2018 Virtue came in a frequently asked questions video & came out saying she had never denounced the new age.. never used those words , another in a in interview said those words & it caused problems .. It was only Bancarz who did that of the few people she had given interviews to after her so called conversion.

      Bancarz promotes the Doreen Virtue Jesus conversion story based on her Real Jesus Jan 2017 story though he has had delivered to him the published Jesus testimony Doreen Virtue published 2016 claiming she had a visitation with Jesus, Mary & 3rd figure as 17 yr old girl in a bedroom & was born again then & Virtue when this started to be shared took down that story but it was captured via the wayback machine , her echo of that story was published by Hay House Heal your life website 2016 under her name , & that same story was presented in the Doreen Virtue nde April 2017 video that she had up for only a short period but others reposted when her Jesus story was found to have changed . In that video she also falsely seems to tell the public that in her divorce from Steven Farmer that he got all the property & money which is not how divorce works in the state of CA.

      Virtue has been exposed as not living in 1,000 sq foot postage stamp property as she put out in a video April 2017 during the time period she was illegally soliticitng donations for her unregistered rescue ranch . That home is an over 20,000 deluxe property with 7 bedrooms & baths . Vegans did a video on this titled Doreen Virtue a Plea for Justice .

      Virtue went on to do a mass simony event with Hay House while she played at being a Christian mystic though the Bible forbids simony . She & Hay House took hundreds of people in Australia via her Angel intuitive scheme early Dec 2017 where all attending were certified as angel intuitive for giving money & showing up . Her buddy Steven Bancarz was challenged by Desiree Krautkramer with Lisa Eddy tagged on the twitter conversation to press for Doreen Virtue & Hay House to return all monies from the event as none can buy a gift of God.. Bancarz replied Virtue did not owe the new age people swindled anything but truth & Jesus.

      Virtue was exposed by her former student Lisa Eddy for having had started the Church of Divine Guidance formally in Hawaii .

      It was seemingly exposed by Lisa Eddy that Doreen Virtue’s artist who painted her custom vision art work of her Jan 2017 Jesus vision may have lifted the body of the image right off a Time Magazine cover & once that info was brought into the public forum Virtue stopped plugging the sale of that image to her fans.

      Lisa Eddy exposed that while Virtue was claiming poverty she owned numerous properties around the US. This was found via a background check of properties owned by Doreen Virtue including a recently purchased almost 1 million dollar mega home in the state of WA. Virtue came out saying she picked to move to WA state for they have no income tax & her father who she supports via money exploited via new age people vetoed other locations. He lives with her .

      Virtue mentioned Aug 2017 Bancarz live stream that she had low vibration entities attached to her at her baptism in her Bancarz video . It was nothing he seemed to massively responded to ..

      April 2018 on new Bancarz live stream she was positioning she was demon possessed psychic slave girl of Hay House & event producers & that in the new age she had been possessed by a python demon. While Virtue by her approximation would be declaring she made almost all her Hay House products while demonically possessed she keeps taking royalities from Hay House .She told Bancarz she is behind in taxes & Michael David Robinson her partner told her it would take approx 1 – 2 yrs to pay that off . She said she might not take royalties after that ..

      She in 2017 had told fans she was going to sell all she had to follow Jesus. On the Bancarz live stream she said she had to support her parents & her kids ( who are adult children over 30) so she can’t live in a tiny apartment thus why she lives in her almost million dollar Mansion ?

      Virtue sold her certification classes to students stating they would be listed on her Angel Therapy page as graduate of the various programs. Then she recently though she was still certifying people as recently as Dec 2017 took down the student referral list with no warning . Students who have noticed are upset but have no where to turn. The Fairyologist course people have started to notice & are seemingly upset. That course was highly sold to her fans Spring /Summer 2017 as buy it & all the money would go to support rescue ranch animals.

  3. Dear Dr. Lesley – I just finished your article on Doreen. Thank you! I’ve enjoyed her cards and books & look forward to continuing to enjoy them. I feel she was true to who she was at the moment she wrote her books & designed her cards. I accept her current view point as it does not change the spark of the divine she carries in her soul. I send her love & light on her new journey.

  4. WOW … I am just catching up on emails and read your long article on “What happened to Doreen Virtue?” I was curious as I did not know and have a deck of her cards in my car which someone gave to me recently. I have enjoyed her work over the years. You did an amazing job in your article, Bless You!! Yes, it is amazing how much confusion and mixed messages are out there, for sure. I recently facilitated a class at the First United Spiritualist Church … grass roots information and found a letter from my Aunt in NZ written in 1993 in which she reported my Sister had told her I belonged to Science of Mind, a Spiritualist Church and she told me Spiritualism is not Christian … I ask you!!
    I am so glad I have learned enough to understand and embrace wholeness and oneness

  5. Doreens problem is her boyfriend Mikael robinson——they are not married
    what kind of man takes his girlfriends exhusbands name as his own.
    Mikael is an unhappy man that tries to control everything around Doreen,
    the trouble with that is he is an idiot and can not .
    Mikael has destroyed Doreen

    1. I agree with you 100% A man who takes his wife’s name is a total pussy. Especially when it is her ex-husbands. What a wus. I bet he lives off of her too. I bet she pays all of the bills. She is a crook too. I used to be a big new ager but not so much now as I have become disgusted by the money grabbing displayed by the “spiritual” people. I think the best words to describe the new age movement is “dolphins and money.” Many new agers are floating on the ceiling.

      1. Thanks for sharing your perspective Cathy – my goal is to help people learn how to be grounded so they don’t “float to the ceiling” and also to help them use their sixth chakra so they can have their own unique perspective and clarity…

      2. Cathy, I have to assume that your comment came from a completely reactive and conditioned space, because if examined mindfully and with awareness, no human being would say such a thing, and especially a woman. Why in the world do we accept that men have to take our names, and that is normal, yet a man taking a woman’s name is not? Sadly, this is a perfect example of how deep the patriarchal conditioning goes.

        And by the way, not all cultures accept the woman taking the man’s name, so if you can look beyond your own cultural conditioning you will see that there is a whole world out there where both sexes equally decide on what name will be used, as well as cultures that prioritize the woman’s name.

  6. Hi Lesley, sorry but you missed a big portion out about what happened after Doreen went public with denouncing her old teachings in this article so I don’t feel it represents what truly happened. She has gaslighted students and blocked them from student forums for simply asking questions, without refunding them even though many of them asked repeatedly after being excluded from the forums without any explanation whatsoever.

    It’s lovely that you wish her well and send her healing but many of those who were refused refunds after losing their access to student forums for just asking questions about her new path want financial recompensation and accountability. Instead she has gaslighted these people in public by referring to them as being ‘used by lower energy’ – Talk about spiritual abuse!

    People also want accountability for what happened with her rescue ranch which she used to solicit for donations illegally from her following. She has done a lot to try to hide the trail of lies around this. I managed to reinstate one of the articles that went missing you can read it here: http://www.westhawaiitoday.com/2017/06/20/north-hawaii-news/a-peaceful-animal-kingdom-local-couple-rescues-animals-in-need/ Don’t miss out on reading the comments below the article.

    Doreen is now busy perpetuating the lie about how she was too poor to keep the rescue ranch. People who are in the know claim she owns ten properties and still earn millions in royalties annually. Yes, she’s had to take a pay cut since her conversion but that hardly justifies poor mouthing for the pity vote with her following.

    I’m sorry but I think the grey you saw probably goes under the blue, bless her.

    I am one of the people who bought a DV course on the promise that the fee sponsored the rescue animals in their forever home and I have been fighting hard to get to the bottom of this. Thankfully, many who have inside info have come to my aid. I hope you will change your article to reflect the truth after you do a bit more research.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you for this. I had an uneasy feeling about her the minute I set eyes on her in a magazine I used to buy many years ago. ‘Spirit & Destiny’ and now all this has unraveled
      The way She has transferred to religion and is going on & on about demonic power makes you wonder what she’s done? Has she been tampering or meddling with the dark forces of the Cabal?

  7. Well Doreen can preach to the choir saying she is guided by Jesus, when in fact she can’t even obey His command about not remarrying if any previous spouses are alive! Even if she married after being saved, like the biblical story of the woman at the well married five times, she told her to stop sinning.

    One may divorce in cases of abuse, adultery etc. but not remarry. What is DV on, her 5th marriage? And if not married to Michael, they are living in adultery, leading other Christians to feel it ok to do. If she is married to Michael, in Gods eyes it is still
    Adultery! Whether one agrees and believes or not, doesn’t change Jesus’ words!

    She is a fraud as many Christians are… Saying they have visions of God and Jesus, yet live their life opposite to Scriptures. She made millions on her cards etc., and exhausted the system, so now she’s using Jesus to make money and so many blind Christians don’t even see it, but then again, many of them don’t do as Jesus instructed either, and make every excuse under the sun as to why, while trying to justify what they do. Didn’t Jesus say everyone would know His true followers by their fruits… The fruits of instruction & wisdom He gave them? Well, Doreen can say shar loves Jesus all she wants to, but she is not following His instruction!

    1. Judge not, lest you be judged.
      Forgive, 70 x 7.
      Be innocent to what is evil, and wise to what is good.
      Whatever is good, true, pure and lovely, think on these things.
      Love your enemies.
      Love one another.

  8. Doreen’s conversion was very surprising. She had done some earlier work collaborating on the audio version of The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. Gary’s book helped many people understand A Course in Miracles which is the real message that Jesus wanted to convey to the world, not what the current Bible and Christian religions are perpetuating. I thought she understood Jesus’ real message.

  9. This whole Doreen Virtue thing is strange. I’ve never really resonated with Doreen to begin with. Denouncing one’s past is like saying part of my life’s journey has been wrong and I definitely disagree. There’s a fear vibe about this whole thing with that old-time Christian right-wrong/good-bad/heaven/hell way of thinking. Change-growth-evolution-expansion-more are the mantras of the Universe. Trying to keep the world from that, as religion attempts to do, goes against natural laws. But oh well, that is an interesting path she is on and I wish her well.

    1. Sally, ever think that you just have a bias against Christians (being that you named-called and just mocked us).

    2. I don’t agree. Former addicts, adulterers, even criminals have shunned their former lives or “part of their life journey” as wrong. The problem here is that most people criticizing Doreen’s conversion follow her former path. They hold new age or neopagan beliefs and cannot fathom that someone’s spiritual journey would take them on such a surprising path. That is their own limitation. I cannot comment on the claims other commenters have made that Doreen “frauded” people out of money, as I know nothing about that. But to assert that a conversion from new age spirituality to Christianity is inherently backwards, unnatural, or even suspect shows no wisdom, only limitation. One only needs to watch the news and see that there is definite evil in the world: there is a definitive “good” and “evil.” This “love and light” jazz may work when you’re an outsider watching the spectacle of other people’s sufferings, but when it affects your own home or person, “love and light” sounds like the empty tripe that it is. I suggest reading the book “The Light that was the Dark: From New Age to Amazing Grace” by Warren B. Smith. With a little research, you will discover that Doreen’s journey is not that unusual. What is unusual is her fame as a new ager.

      1. Thanks for your comment Elise – I haven’t read that book, but I do agree that it is very common for people to shift their path part way through life. There is light and dark in our world and free will to choose the path you take. For me, Love and Light is not empty tripe though. I think it depends on the person saying it and their intention and presence in the moment of saying it. It can be a blessing to wish someone well. It is also a philosophy of choosing to channel your energy and intentions for good and be part of the force that shifts the balance away from the dark.

      2. Lisa Frideborg Eddy
        THANK YOU. You put into words what I could not.
        I’d like to add that she denounced card reading and psychic abilities and non-Christian spirituality as against God and idolatry. So how on earth can we believe that she is just on a “more grounded path”, and she is reading her bible to intuit/channel in a similar way as she did with her cards, when she is calling such communication (or channeling or whatever you choose to call it) blasphemy and against God? Even that she “sees and talks to Jesus” is against the Christian religion! To be a psychic at all is a sin, so no way is she just using her bible instead of her cards and just more grounded. She is now a staunch born-again Christian who is still profiting handsomely from her “evil life before”, and yet denouncing it, and those of us who buy/bought those things she is still making money from.
        I could have dealt with her just changing paths, and wished her well, even though it shattered me inside to see somebody I saw like a mentor for 10 years who taught me so much, turn around and say it was all wrong and I’m now going to hell if I don’t repent and change too; But I can NOT deal with her gaslighting her fraud victims, and lying about the sanctuary and animals people gave a lot of money for (even though she is still a VERY wealthy woman!), saying she didn’t have the money to run the rescue, and on top of that, not refunding people the money they deserved back. That is not a spiritually grounded person who has “found the true light” or whatever she is saying now..

  10. Hi Dr. Lesley,

    I’m just curious about your training how are the teachings different from mainstream Christian teachings? It sounds like the activities generally associated with being a psychic and the teachings from the bible are not compatible for example in Deuteronomy 18:10-13 For example, never sacrifice your son or daughter as a burnt offering. And do not let your people practice fortune-telling, or use sorcery, or interpret omens, or engage in witchcraft, or cast spells, or function as mediums or psychics, or call forth the spirits of the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord. It is because the other nations have done these detestable things that the Lord your God will drive them out ahead of you. But you must be blameless before the Lord your God.
    Granted if you have been engaged or practiced these things there is always forgiveness through Jesus Christ but I dont think that condones the practices listed above. I dont mean this as an attack on your beliefs im really just wondering about your foundational teachings as a psychic christian. On your comment about us being children of God and how all of us are essentially projections of source. We as humans are the image bearers of God, as his image bearers we should reflect his attributes its because of sin that we fail to do this sin separates us from God. Jesus did not come to earth and awaken or become enlightened. He being the creator of all things emptied himself and came to earth as man and lived a sinless life to reconcile us all to God. He is not an ascended master or teacher of spiritual ideologies he is literally Lord of everything. He loves us and has paid a great price for people who may or may not ever recognize him as Lord. I think your beliefs on the authenticity of the bible are not founded we can not pick and choose what is true and what is not based on what we are comfortable with. Lastly, it may just be a typo in your article but the book of the bible “Revelation” is just that Revelation not Revelations. Im sure you will not allow this question/comment posted because my views differ highly than what your general readers views may be but i write it out of a want to understand and out of care and concern. Thanks!

    1. I can’t speak for the author’s upbringing and beliefs, but I would say that there is a long, long historical precedent for “Christian mysticism” (and also, which is more likely what the author is describing, of “Christian Hermeticism”). St Augustine was a Christian mystic, as were Thomas Aquinas and Padre Pio.

      In addition, some people believe that the Bible is a Materia Magica, giving the names of herbs and their uses (hyssop, frankincense) as well as the lyrics to entire “incantations” (David the psalmist’s songs, in particular). From Braucherei to Benedicaria, there is a very long tradition of explicitly-Christian folk magic. These customs absolutely fueled xenophobia and anti-Catholic sentiment among American Protestants, of course—even now, in the present day.

      The Bible clearly forbids speaking with the dead, yes (although I would note that “clairvoyance,” the gift of “long sight,” is something else). It warns us time and time again that soothsaying is not a replacement for wisdom, and to beware of charlatans and false prophets. On that: One of the gifts from the Holy Ghost is that of “spiritual discernment.” But the Bible also offers us an explicit test, no “fruit of the Spirit” necessary:

      “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God.” 1 John 4:1

      Christianity was, at a time, intrinsically magical—Daniel is a dream interpreter, Moses and Aaron battle Pharoah’s sorcerers, and prophets and miracle-workers abound—but with a theological undercurrent of “it’s not witchcraft if _I’m_ doing it!” It’s actually kind of funny.

      So yes, there are certainly those who believe that Christ is King, whose traditional, cultural, and Bible-based beliefs and practices have a “magickal bent.” Those people feel that their work is empowered by the Christian God. Are they mistaken? You may feel uncomfortable with their practice but, again, there is a long historical precedent for it.

    2. I’ve always said it, that to be a Christian WITCH, or PSYCHIC, you really do have to “jail-break” your Bible!!! That is, you have to use “white-out” correction fluid and very carefully ( using a really good online Bible “cross-reference” tool ) blot out a whole plethora of passages where such activities are EXPRESSLY forbidden!!!
      But GOD’s Word says that whosever edits His Holy Word edits his or her self right out of the kingdom of GOD!!!
      If you make copies of your “magic-friendly” word of god ( no more capital “G!” ) and SELL them to others who want a copy of that basically “unitarian” bible of yours, … CONGRATULATIONS!!! You will have probably succeeded in blaspheming the HOLY SPIRIT!!! My advice?
      DON’T !!!!

  11. Hey everyone! Just for a moment ask yourself – maybe it’s true, she had a real encounter with Jesus and her conversion is truly a product of realizing Jesus truly is One with the Father- I had a similar experience a few years ago and know deep in my heart that Jesus is not just a man or a teacher but the Son of God who died and rose again !

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar..,.

    God bless you!

  12. Doreen has always been christian, this is obvious. She states “Paradise Lost is a novel, not biblical”, which is a clear implication that ‘the Bible’ (or all 1500+ versions) is ‘the word of God’; even though written and rewritten by humans over 1500 times, is a Christian notion.

    1. You know, I have researched the books at the Bible that were deemed “heretical” by the Nicene council under Emperor Constantine. I was wondering if maybe those apocryphal books were more “easy going” when it came to the magic arts, spiritual ideas and psychic stuff. I discovered that those books should NEVER have been removed from God’s Holy Word, because most of them ( a good 90 percent!! ) were in PERFECT keeping with both the Old and New Testaments!!! They condemned witchcraft, sorcery and psychic phenomena even MORE explicitly!!! The Nicene council was so diligent that it went way OVERBOARD and shot down a good 30 percent of God’s word!!! Yes, it got rid of the stuff that was obviously added in by highly questionable parties. But even with THOSE dubious parts of the Bible left in, you still cannot possibly ignore the fact that there are numerous ADDITIONAL passages of scripture that flat out “RIP” on all alternative spiritual practices and abilities!!! A psychic does not need certification, he or she needs an EXORCIST!!! Sorry.,

  13. Doreen’s path is her own and not for people people to judge by picking parts of it they don’t like …
    Regardless the gift of psychic angel and Jesus connections remains and will continue despite how many teachers of it alter they’re life course.
    Doreen has served you all well who were students of her gift and now she made a life change to teach other students so be thankful .
    Continue to learn what it is you seek whether it’s angel connections or other and find it from whoever teaches it for however long you wish to learn it and let no one persecute you for it .


  14. Rick Warren in a “Purpose Driven Life” said something to the effect that Christianity is a way of life, not a religion and that has resonated with me ever since. Thank you Dr Lesley for your explanations about the developments in Dr Doreen Virtue’s life and the co-existence of Christianity and New Age concepts as well-your explanation resonated with me as well.

    1. I just don’t like the idea that, to be a Christian witch, spiritist or psychic, I have to use “white-out” correction fluid and “jail-break” my own Bible by blotting out all the NUMEROUS passages that basically call me a filthy DOG for practicing such things!!!

  15. I’ve never trusted her. She’s always looked like a nutcase, a child of abuse and a whack job.Intuitively, that’s a no from me. I’ve never read any of her books don’t know who she is and where is “the infamous video”??? I only know her from entering psychic bookstores and hers being on display and then her ads in the local psychic bookstore trade free papers. Never saw her on Oprah.

    1. “Jail-breaking” the Bible so it no longer condemns forbidden abilities and magic??? Unless I miss my mark, L. Ron Hubbard did that, and wrote in that “WE” are ALL the way, the truth and the life, and that we are “corrected ( not judged ) by the UNIVERSE, and that we reincarnate, and that EVERYONE is God, etc. and that we have to submit spiritually and financially to the Scientologist church and submit to THEIR ascended masters ( the Thetans? ) etc.
      just look at Scientology’s wonderful “hack jobs!” .. like Tom Cruise. Anybody that knows him will tell you,.. he is one very f——d up individual!!! L. Ron Hubbard had the same type of psychotic “god complex” as Reverend Jim Jones!!!
      Then you have the unitarian churches, which are largely “eclectic”, and include all religions and spiritual practices, so long as they are “friendly” with the New Age way!!! It was the unitarian church that blotted out all the parts of the Bible that refer to Jesus Christ as the only bridge to God. THEY were probably the first people to get rid of all the Bible’s “negatives.” Once you expunge the authentic identity of Jesus Christ as God and the only BRIDGE to God, and you get rid of all the parts of the Bible that shoot down any and all occult abilities and practices, you are left with “UNITARIANISM!!!” The Scientologist church is just “Unitarianism” on steroids with added “teeth!!!”

  16. I’ve had two full death encounters and have met Jesus in both encounters. First, at age 25 when I was in the Light and again at age 44, when I went through dying and travelled back into the Light and then to our Lord’s heaven, which exists as a separate pocket in the Light from this pocket of space we call the Universe.

    The whole thing I learned is located inside of God’s being of pure Light and made form the same substance of His (its) being. This knowledge is also located in the Bible if you know how to see the Bible from the perspective of the Light. I recently created a one hour video on youtube which might help you understand this simple absolute truth, if you wish to learn more. Here is the URL:


    When you know what I know, you will read the Bible in a whole grand different way versus how the living read the book. Also, both the Bible, the Quran and the books of the Jews are all tied together by the Pentateuch, the first five books Moses wrote which serve as introductory documents for all three major faiths, including the Mormon faith, making a fourth major faith with the same foundation in spite of the differing prophets which affect the beliefs of each faith.

    With that in mind, the following quote from this article is interesting to me, because most don’t understand the Bible who are among the living anyway which I learned in death. A lot poured into me when I was in the Light versus my talk with Jesus who came out of the Light to help me with the experience.

    “This may horrify some people, but I am going to say it anyway. Jesus was a healer and a psychic.”

    When you read the information in the Bible where it makes it clear that God was guiding the “begats” that lead to the making of His body, when He came to the Earth, understand that He was directing the pathway of His DNA in all those begats for 14 x 3 generations. The reason is his brain was not like the rest of us, but was programmed, so it could interact with the power of God’s being all around us, making up the creation, a creation made from the pure white Light of what God really is and also suspended inside the being we call God. This gave our Lord what we would call telekinetic ability to interact with the Light or Holy Spirit of God regarding the miracles He did on the Earth. The Bible makes it clear there are two ways, for instance, by which you can get healed: One through Jesus, if He so chooses, or you can do it yourself, if you can connect with the Light which is your source. This is reflected in the way Jesus often spoke in the Bible when someone was healed. Often He would say “Your faith has made you well”. All too true. In those cases, He did nothing to heal the person of their illness. The one who was sick or crippled simply tapped into their source and received the power that way so they could be well again. This explains why the Light told Thomas Mellan Benedict; “All of you have always had the power to heal yourselves. You have had it from the beginning”. This is supported by the Bible when you know how to read the book correctly. I had to die to see the book in the right way these days. All the more I don’t really associate with any of the religions on the planet because of what happened to me in the Light. All the religions are deficient of the real truth to what it all is and the absolute simplicity of what it all is. I’m glad to see Doreen Virtue is not too proud to admit she is still learning. This is why the living need to be careful when listening to the metaphysical teachers these days. I like Doreen Virtue’s Angel 101 book because there is a certain validity to that book in my experience with it, but that is a subject for another time. (chuckling)

    Jesus even told Glenda Green in her book LOVE WITHOUT END, that if he had married, He would have had gods for children….all with super powers. If he had married anyone, it would have been Mary Magdalene he told Glenda Green, because Mary greatly appreciated Jesus’s way of looking at things. During my years going through Catholic grade schools, this thought had been brought up in one of my religious studies classes as to who He would have married, if He had married and what the kids would be like if they had, had any. It was supposed back in those days some 45 years ago that His kids would all have super powers. The evidence is in the Bible when you understand the 14 x 3 begats leading to the creation of the human body He would use while He was on the Earth. A lot poured into me from the Light at age 25, but I preferred not to talk about all of this as a scholar, artisan and scientist most of my life. I’m now age 61 having been through a lot in one lifetime.

    When you look at the powers Jesus displayed, from levitation of His body on water, helping the healing of the sick and dying with His ability to connect to the Light as a man, to instantaneous duplication of mass and matter with the loaves and fishes, Jesus was not just what we would call a psychic and healer, but a wizard by Harry Potter type standards. Still the use of those type of words with the Christian Church is considered sacrilege to their way of thinking. The problem with this whole thing is in the use of syntax when describing the one main truth of it all you will learn when you die. Each person’s wording is what is creating the confusion with those who are seeking answers to the whole mess.

    In death, I learned there is only one simple reality to what the whole thing is about. It’s so simple a child could understand it. However, the world tends to garbage up each other’s thinking with syntax problems when describing all of this simple stuff. This is what is at the heart of the differing faiths arguing with each other too, even when you go past the simple message of the gospel in scholastic conversation of Jesus. Having been in the midst of it all in death, I have no problem understanding what it is all about at my current age. But the living tend to get trapped in the fight over words in this world I’ve learned and the result is a lot of unnecessary fighting and hate through the syntaxing of wording in all the arguments.

    You also have to see that the Bible is not complete by any means. John 21:25 makes that clear when looking at the book as a collective work. John makes it clear the Earth could not hold all the books capturing all the Jesus did, let alone what he said. So in truth, 66 documents does not cut it. This was known in scholastic circles when I was attending Loyola University back in the 1970’s. All the more we use to call the Bible “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”, while knowing the book was not holy or complete, but full of holes which are easy to prove if you are travelling scholarly circles. The book is constructed more like swiss cheese when you can see the deficiencies, but that does not mean the deficiencies discredit the substance that is there in the pages that make up the current day book. I’m not saying these things to side with the devil, who I learned in the Light is quite real, but to help bring peace to those who are fighting each other over the contents of the book as a collective work.

    We are now living in a more enlightened time because of mass media and the internet. As such, the sharing of insightful questions is more readily available to the masses and these are questions that need answers to them if the Church is to even understand all the NDE testimonies occurring all over the net from those of us who have been dead and have much to share with world that is literally stuck in a spiritual rut these days.

    1. Hey hey hey. I sure hope you’re RIGHT about that, because if God’s word is right and is to be taken “literally”, you’ve been deceived by the ANTICHRIST!!!

  17. Interesting article.
    I met her in the 90’s at the first Denver New Age Convention open to the trade.
    Her aura was different, very bright. As I saw her in person over several years, her aura changed as well as her energy and I decided not to buy any of her products.
    Too bad.

    1. I also met her at INATS around 2006 & had the same experience.. her energy field was amazingly high & bright at the time

    2. Either she discovered the truth and realized she made a terrible mistake, or the Dark-side conquered her, and put her in the spiritual “play-pen.”

  18. Nice article on Doreen Virtue. I was at a lecture of her’s at Awakenings Bookstore in the 1990s in Laguna Hills, Ca. I liked her energy and I have bought a number of her books and several of her angel decks.
    As for her conversion to conservative Christianity, her choice. She probably needed a rest. And, her books referred a lot about Highly Sensitive People, which she was one. Only so much energy we can Take. I will not judge her. I wish her well. And, I too, am looking at some previous religious roots, I have as well.

    Thank you, Dr. Lesley. Nice to know you are living in Vancouver, Canada. My cousins live there. And my parents roots are for Canada. I like Canadians.

    Also appreciated response from Kevin Montague. Wondering whether he is familiar with Eben Alexander’s nde experience? Very interesting. Thank you Mr. Montague for sharing about your bee’s.
    Noreen S.

  19. Hi Lesley,
    Thank you for your article on Doreen Virtue which was interesting. I have read some of the comments and sorry for those who may have lost some money on her account.
    I came across her conversion to Christianity just the other day (sorry I’m in the late phrase). You see, I am always seeing 3 consecutive numbers and I am sure others may have to. So I googled what does 333 mean and clicked her link since I am familiar with her after reading her books and bought her Angels Oracle cards in the past. But this is what Ms Virtue mentions about angel numbers
    “states that “Spirit guide” are not protective helpful angels. When they actually exist, they are disguised demons attempting to use us into sin or destruction. Interacting with demonic guides is expressly forbidden in the Bible”. As for her cards or tarot cards etc., she says that they aren’t always safe, because demons often use them as doorways to pull us away from God.
    Ms. Virtue also says that the Bible says the the devil masquerades as of light. The fallen angels are demons who oppress people and try to control them away from God’s will. We must be very discerning about angels.
    So here is my questions, I have been following Melanie Beckler at Ask-Angels.com for about a year or so. She provides many messages that she channels with the angels. After hearing every session, I feel recharged, blessed with love and so much peace. While the angels are speaking on releasing fear, past hurt etc, I actually see the white light around me and feel at peace. So it if isn’t the angels making feel this way, what is it? The devil??
    Also, there are times that I sense and know when a person is going to call me or know what they are going to say before they say, among other things. Does that make my a evil person, a witch like some may say haha. I do think that we all have some kind of psychic abilities and we can all be attuned to using them.

    Leslie, in your article you mentioned that God doesn’t look like most of the paintings and movies. I strongly agree with you. The reason I agree is because I have a 11 year old grandson who claims to see Jesus in his dreams and states that Jesus has short hair. My grandson shared so many stories of his dreams and some are so mind-blowing because he talks about things that occurred before he was born. He always but always says that he is in a dream being here with us because he feels at peace and so much love with Jesus in his dreams. I know it sounds so bizarre but wanted to share this with you. When he was younger he would always see the white light around him which would scare him because he didn’t know what it was. As he gotten older he has learned that it is here to help him in some way and not hurt him.
    What does all this white light mean; does it also make him evil?
    Would appreciate reading comments but please not bashing comments for we are here to help each other and the other opposite.
    Thank you Lesley, I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Dear Jaqueline

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns.

      1. Card Decks – they are tools. How do you want to use the tool? For light or dark purposes? They can be doorways to connect with spirit. Whether you attract dark or light is up to you. Whether you choose to anchor light or dark is up to you’ not the card deck. You are powerful beyond belief not weak and vulnerable. You get to choose God and Light. The idea you are a weak vulnerable human is an illusion.

      2. Angels and Demons – if your intention is to anchor light, operate from love and communicate with the highest beings of light and if you heal yourself and clear what isn’t in alignment with the light then you will attract benevolent helpers and will not be an attraction point for darkness. If you operate from fear and get into resistance you may attract lower energies until you learn how to manage your vibration.

      3. Jesus – my Jesus has short hair too! He is available to everyone and we can each have our own relationship with him and perception of what he looks like! Are there beings that would fool you and pose as benevolent beings – sure there are, but you don’t need to be fooled by them or vulnerable to them. The more you meditate and know yourself as spirit, the more you will learn how powerful you are and the more discerning you will become. The more you believe in yourself and love yourself and others the less vulnerable you will be.

      4. Consecutive numbers – these are awakening codes. They help you stop, take notice, move into the present moment and give you validation about your spiritual path.

      5. White Light. Christ Force energy is gold; supreme being energy is clear light because it contains all frequencies of light. So it depends – is he seeing clear light and calling it white? Or is he actually seeing white? Is his energy stuck or is it flowing? There isn’t 1 meaning for any color it depends. The stuck energy of fear can appear white to my clairvoyant vision; as can the white of purity and peace.

      I hope that helps

      Love Lesley

  20. Thank you, this was a really beautiful and well written article. The challenge in being a public figure is that everyone wants you to be their mascot, and I think Doreen has definitely experienced that. I don’t think any of us should be under the constant pressure of having to represent a spirituality “Brand”. Because we are all individual and all on our own journey.

    My personal truth is that I have experienced Jesus in a very personal way, and I have also had psychic experiences my entire life. The pressure from both sides to denounce the other is frustrating and creates stress for those who want to live in spiritual truth/integrity. To deny your experience is the worst form of soul betrayal, whether it pertains to experiences with Jesus or psychic experiences.

    This is why I pray for God’s will to be done, the will of the source of all creation, because it cuts through all the “noise”, and liberates me from fear of “doing it wrong” from a spirituality perspective.

    Once again, thank you for a very thoughtful article.

    1. Very well said! The two are not mutually exclusive at all.
      My psychic abilities are highly developed and I communicate with Jesus all the time!

      1. Exactly! These things can coexist; the division is only an illusion that is perpetuated by the power structure of 3D programming. Like the Journey song, “I’m just a 5D girl, livin’ in a 3D world….” lolol. I hope you are well and having a lovely weekend <3

  21. Of course someone’s spiritual journey is their sacred personal business. A lot of bible based Christians are using this situation like their team won the league, which is off putting in its arrogance and pride. But to me the most important questions a) what is going on with her rescue shelter, from which she used to film weekly card readings and on which she lived and with many many presumably rescue animals? Is she still living there? Are the animals also there? Wh did that part of her work suddenly go black ops? And b) why is there such obfuscation around the money made from pre conversion card decks etc. many are still available and while statements have been made about the acquittal of those royalties. They are vague and unconvincing. Ditto with her accreditation for courses. If you denounce something publicly for which you’ve previously accredited paying clients, they have a moral right to a refund for a now useless certification.


  22. I believe there is a dark and light side to all religions, including the new-age. As a psychic, I admit that as much as spirituality has helped people, there are times I’ve witnessed how it has made people sick or even caused them to break with reality. Too much playing with energy, vibrations, and kundalini without really knowing what they are doing. And too much focus on abundance, money, and labels (indigo, star child etc) and an attitude of force and entitlement with the law of attraction.

    When people start using Law of Attraction like one would use a spell to try to manipulate an ex to return or to avoid change, then it becomes an issue. Its like no one knows how to recognize boundaries anymore or when its time to move on from something and law of attraction is used to try to force. Psychic abilities are all geared toward self-gain with “oneness” being a nice footnote.. And I wish all these issues were just an occasional occurrence but its something I’ve talked about with other psychics and even other psychics will state most of their clients are unstable or delusional. Yet, the instability is encouraged or said nothing about for whatever reason, fear of censure or monetary reasons.

    A friend of mine who has had financial difficulties for two years (going broke and now 50,000 in debt he can’t repay) at least once a month he draws the abundance card or has a dream and tells me it means he will win the lottery. He’s psychic, he needs to trust his intuition, he tells me. I had another friend fall for the dinar dollar scam and even after learning it was a scam he kept spending money on it because the abundance card was telling him to. I’ve know people who use angel cards or see 11:11 and think the guy who played them, used them, is a sex addict, etc is their twin flame. I’ve never seen so much infidelity justified in the name of psychic readings or twin flames. I feel most of my job as a psychic is trying to get people to get back to having some way to test their reality, have a sense of values, or to let go of excessive self-entitlement. Its like the dark side of the new age is making people delusional, get-rich-quicky, excessively self-involved, and narcissistic. Just feels like people are so lost and the more they search for themselves in the new age and get sucked into all the ego-draws of fulfillment, the more lost they become. Shhhhh no one say anything though because it might not be positive.

    I think the solution is to just use more discretion when working with the psychic or spiritual realms and to keep grounded. Keep focusing on the advice of the masters without joining anything that seems like a cult. Jesus walked the desert to find the truth and early pre-constantine Christians followed this example, sometimes joining together in monasteries. There needs to be more quiet. Too many ideas, too much entitlement, too much of too much, so that there needs to be a falling back, away from so much extremism into something more balanced and quiet.

    1. Many people are also into psychic stuff because they DO want power. But there’s a difference between those who do it for wealth, fame and fortune, and those who do it because they are sick and tired of feeling powerless and afraid all the time. We’re living in uncertain times. America’s leadership consists of ignorant court jesters and jackasses!!! Prophetically, WARS are looming in the Middle East, and if the Bible is any indication, we ain’t seen NOTHIN yet!!! Financially, america ( which has lost it’s capital “A” ) is about to suffer a financial crash ( a planned one by the global elite!!!” ) that will make the Great Depression look like an Easter picnic, in comparison!!! Many people ( myself included ) are resorting to “magick” because, at this point, we don’t know what else to DO!!! … besides “prep!!!”

  23. Gosh, this is not the first time I have heard of this negation of previous convictions by a “guru”. It is strange, perhaps it would have been wiser for DV to fade gently into the background instead of hurting so many people who seemed to be ardent followers. Nearly all gurus are human and have feet of clay. I follow my own path so in many ways am a true spiritual worker and work behind the scenes never wanting the world stage because of this reason. It seems shady to me, very much confusing, yet not surprising. Kindness is the one true religion. I never subscribed to the Angel stuff fully although am aware it comforted many. We all have the ability to access the Divine ourselves. We don’t really need intermediaries. Change of direction is not unusual in itself especially for middle aged women who have been world servers yet it is not so much why but how a thing is done which makes the difference. It is the meek not the weak who will inherit the earth. If there is unfairness and skullduggery DV will reap as she sows. The higher power will take care of the situation. The Soul
    pulls the plug if the physical body is not conforming to its plan. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dwelt of in our philosophy. Hope she’s not upset too many people and is not too upset herself at finding out that she was not what she thought she was. Love and life, love and learn, live and learn.

  24. Doreen embraced the New Age cult only to become a victim of cultism involving herself with consequences affecting her ego-self. Hers is/was a genuine gift (from God) yet which failed to save her from experiencing six marriages and New Age cults.
    Doreen has showed many how to directly connect with the angelic world but which, for her, ended there. She appears not to have understood angels as servants of the Creator, but rather as self-sufficing for human needs. HER angels have finally guided her to God, the reason and source of her existence. Maybe she has mistakenly discarded some of her valid previous beliefs while retaining some erroneous ones in her born-again religious enthusiasm.
    Prayer and meditation can achieve the same results, but require discipline, patience and faith. Cards give can give immediate, dynamic, graphic and verifiable results!
    (Gayle, Perth, WA)

  25. Thank you Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips. This article is beautiful. I referenced it on my own FB Metaphysics page because I feel very much in alignment with you and your awareness. I am very happy I found you. Thank you again.

  26. I am so shocked (in a good way) by the content you provided in this article. This is an amazing work and brings so much light into my heart. I love Doreen Virtue deeply, I only wish to see her happy like she was before all this changes happened. I am glad to understand that there is a deep healing going on inside of her. May God bless her and bless you for sharing so much light.

    Thank you

  27. Deep breaths everyone less judgment. I attended numerous angel workshops in Australia with Doreen and they were fun. I never agreed with all her views and at times had self caution and choose different methods. I am an adult I choose what I wanted from her knowledge and used my own intuition. Theory and education move and change regularly it’s my belief Doreen she very entitled to her changed views.
    We should always question ourselves with our spiritual thoughts and enlightenments and always continue to grow. It was always about god ( angels are gods messengers) . Ask the divine yourself can I continue asking angels yourself ? if you get the answer yes, then that’s it ask the angels. If they want you to go in a different direction you will get that advice. We are all on different journeys and vibrational levels.
    What I do believe is they want us to work with less ego and more service.
    I will ask the divine and all of the beautiful angels to support and comfort the people that are confused or disappointed in her. Please don’t be angry she was just a woman that tried to improve the planet. Be grateful and always remember don’t follow meditate and find your truth no someone else’s.

  28. I have always adored Doreen for her beautiful books and decks she has written through Divine guidance and inspiration with good intention and heart. I feel she was following her path then and continues even now. I think it is safe to say how is easy it can be for any of us to get overwhelmed in our paths and journeys. There may be times where drastic measures are needed in our experiences to create a clearer understanding of the whole and that of ourselves. Therefore, I would never judge her or any soul for the choices they make, as it is their personal journey to explore and learn. Just because we may not always agree or understand the undertakings of others… it is perfectly ok. We are not meant to, for we are living our paths, not others.

    Thus, I bless Doreen wholly with much love and light for all she has shared with us. Beloved Dr Lesley, thank you for your beautiful take on this whole experience with the article you have written. I agree with much of what is written. We are all of one Divine Source. Jesus shared with us the way of healers and mediumship as we all have the same abilities which are given by God/Source/Higher Power. It is true, we are not to use the resources of books, cards, crystals, etc. as being the way and reasons for us (For it then resembles using the magic 8 ball to solve all our problems and solutions, only to create more confusion and perhaps chaos). Rather we can allow these resources to act as a tool to help connect us Divinely to God/Father Creator/Angels of guidance, and our authentic self (much like the bible does for people of Christian Faith) for the greater purpose of self and the whole.

    1. The only worrying thing is that, to be a Bible carrying Christian witch and psychic, one has to use at least 8 bottles or correction fluid ( “white-out” ) and carefully “blot out” all the passages in the Bible that flat out “RIP” on such practices and abilities!!! The Catholic Bible, too. The biblical books eliminated by Emperor Constantine contained even MORE passages shooting psychic abilities and alternative spiritual practices down!!!
      I’m sorry, but that’s awful hard to “overlook!!!”

      1. There are passages in the bible that support the idea of energy healing and psychic abilities. Red please be kind to others in this chat. Everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs…

        1. I’m sorry. The Bible says we shouldn’t judge. God’s supposed “word” really does rip on too many things, I guess. I don’t mean to be judgemental. I just hate to see people make bad mistakes. Sometimes, I don’t know what to believe anymore..
          Sorry if I’ve been insensitive.

  29. Im just curious if you all think that her old works that she has condemned are still valuable and if the information she had gotten for those are correct. Im very interested in some of her books, especially those on earth angels, but the fact that she no longer believes in them makes me nervous about their validity and I’m curious about the opinions of others on that topic?

    1. Hi Jasmine, the person whose opinion matters most to you is yours. If you are drawn to her books, then trust that your inner wisdom is guiding you to relevant information for you, for where you are on your personal journey. When Doreen Virtue wrote her books, she believed in them at the time and that expression of self her authentic focus. Now she may have moved to a different focus, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t relevant for you right here, right now. Everyone is different. What resonates with you and is correct with you could be the opposite to someone else. There is no one correct answer that works for everyone. We are unique individuals with unique journies. I did not agree with everything she wrote, even before her transformation, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t valuable information for the people who resonated with it. I hope that helps. The books and cards are not right or wrong. They are not evil or good. The cards are tools. The books offer a perspective, which may or may not be relevant to you. I hope that helps – Dr. Lesley

  30. I went to a Radleigh Valentine workshop in the Denver area this past weekend. When I searched his name online on YouTube, I was surprised to find out about Doreen Virtue renouncing her new age mentality, Hay House, etc. Then I found this website. I wish her well.

  31. It’s not my job to judge anyone else’s choice of path. I send many blessings to Doreen on her path, as she is at liberty to choose. May we all find a path that our soul resonates with deeply.

  32. I know you mean well, but I would be more careful about performing healing on others unless permission in given. Although the immediate effects look good we cannot see the long term effects if the healing and exchange of energy is not asked for.

    1. Hello, I agree permission must always be received before performing healing work. It’s also important to never use your own personal energy; instead, use neutral energy from Source. Because all healing is self-healing, a healer is acting as a catalyst. The energy is given to the healee for them to use as they choose. If you are reading this, you might wonder how a healer can get permission without physically asking? The answer is by communicating as spirit.

  33. There is many issues wrong in this article. It stems from the presupposition that according to you the Bible has no credibitlity, the Bible is fallible and not the Authoritative Divine word of God, according to your theory it been corrupted and the true Bible hasn’t been preserved, as if God would let man tamper with his word, so you give Authority to your INTUITON of what the Bible is supposed to say and what God really means, as a result there are many issues that are wrong with your interpretation of the Bible because you choose to elevate yourself to the Divine Authority of Truth by clairvoyance, when God has revealed himself, his true essence, his Divine authority to us in ever word of the bible. The word of God is incorruptible , the Bible says his word is refined 7 times over, the word is as pure as it get. If you really want to be nderstand her, then stop elevating yourself to God, the devil comes as an angel or force of light, try to come into a relationship with the truth God by accepting the truth he reveals to us in every word of God in the Bible then you will understand what she went through

  34. I went to Doreen’s courses when she did public psychic readings they were crap and she’d just ignore people who disagreed with her readings and keep talking or move onto someone new. She was very much fake. If you look into her background it’s all smoke and mirrors you can’t find the college she went to, you can’t substantiate much of any of it. she calls herself a therapist but the places she refers to as giving her qualification no have no record of her. I met her twice and she’s very much a narcissist whose focused on money. It’s not surprising that she’s turning on her own fans these days it’s harder to be a public figure and lie you get caught out fast. She’s not a terrible person but she’s largely been fostering a personna for money. I did her course twice till I realised it was actually the reiki that I was enjoying not the actual course and I moved on. It’s sad to hear she raised money for animals and then closed the ranch. I’m not surprised she stopped doing psychic readings they weren’t her forte. I doubt it’s her present partners idea to change she appeared quite capable of choosing her own direction. I get the impression that this is more about moving herself away from her new age fans and creating a new persona doubt it will make her any happier. She didn’t seem that happy when I met her.

    1. Hi Jessica – I haven’t written about this anywhere else. I would recommend developing your own clairvoyance. Then if that is an interest of yours, you can read, translate the symbolism and understand it directly for yourself. I have some great courses for clairvoyant development. Contact me again if you are interested in them.

  35. While I personally use various avenues of receiving spiritual guidance, I am cautious as I want to tune into the purist energy that I am capable of achieving. I personally resent Christians who claim that the old ways of divination are evil. However, my biggest concern with situations like DV’s situation is when she or others like her claim to have “knowledge,” benefit monetarily from that “knowledge,” then claim their “knowledge” has changed and then create a new fan base with their newfound “knowledge.” I am all supportive of people changing their belief system and changing their personal path. Personal experiences lead to beliefs, which can change. True knowledge does not change. I read a lot of things, and I take what fits with my own personal experiences and beliefs as well as hope to be open to new beliefs, but not when anyone claims to have knowledge. Who’s to say that someone’s new “vision of Christ” was not a false vision (darkness appearing as light) or however Christians put it. I think my biggest problem is with “psychics, “gurus,” or Christian “prophets” who claim to have knowledge, financially benefit from it, then change their minds, and then profit on their knew “knowledge.” I have a hard time getting through any book cover to cover (including the Bible) because in my reading I am continually feeling, “No, that is not how it is.” Plus, I have met people who can write really well and promote themselves but do not live the way they profess. This pertains to people with all spiritual inclinations. I can accept they have “beliefs.” I cannot accept they have “knowledge” that changes when life gets tough.

  36. Well shared. You have so many comments already, many seeking outside themselves instead of tuning in again to their higher intuition. I see similar as “you” on this topic. Managing free will is about experience and experimentation. Sometimes experienceing something old as new again is a means to breakthrough certain veils. I listened to some of Doreen’s new shares, she is still inspired a bit by higher consciousness. It is, however, coming through a different filter now. These are important experiences for her at this time. We all need to find and look at the selves and spirits filtering our vision; this is an individual journey back into oneness. Thank you for parking balanced energy on this topic!

  37. Wow. I am somewhat astonished to read all this about Doreen Virtue. Living in the UK I had no idea until a chance comment I read in a Spiritual magazine here in the UK of her complete turnaround and from what I’ve read here it appears that Doreen Virtue has duped an awful lot of people over many years. Not to mention taken their money. I have a couple of packs of her angel and archangel oracle cards and truly believed in her guidance notes but now I feel completely taken for a ride. I have seen lots of adverts for Conferences etc run by Hay House for the likes of Doreen Virtue in different capital cities around the world – all tremendously expensive to attend – and I have always felt that these people who are participants of Hay House conferences where just on a money making exercise. Some of these conferences were more than £500 to attend! If they have the means or ‘knowledge’ to ‘help’ people overcome the hard stuff of life why do they charge such a lot of money to pass that knowledge on? They write copious books all at least £10 each to buy but at the end of each book you realise that they have said exactly the same thing as the previous book they wrote. Well… my questions have been answered… the only purpose is to make money and help them, not make the world a better place for you. Doreen has successfully proven that she was a complete fraud all along. I shall no longer have a use for any of the marterial I have bought in her name nor will I believe a word she has to say and will no longer follow her.

  38. We each choose our paths, and choose which lessons to learn from them. So whatever Doreen wishes to do is not my business. But I was surprised to hear that it is unusual for spirituality – in the form of healing, psychometry, tarot and similar readings and messages etc – and Jesus to be mixed. For me, he is my best mate, but I don’t rate the bible much at all. I regard the bible as written by man, not God, and I don’t accept it as a guideline for Christianity. Jesus is that guideline. My ‘new age’ spirituality and mediumship go hand in hand with Jesus, and God, and angels, and it feels right to me. Dr. Lesley, I really enjoyed your write up and explanation.

    1. Thank you Sue – I agree there is no conflict between having a relationship with the spiritual master Jesus and any belief system including “New Age” spirituality. He didn’t create religion, humans did that. He delivered information to help all of us evolve, and the best relationship any of us can have with him (or any other mater teacher, and God/Source energy) is a direct one that isn’t filtered through anyone else’s doctrine or belief. Developing your psychic abilities (which are divine communication, because they are the way we communicate as spirit) helps us have that direct relationship.

      1. I’m sorry, but it seems we have two different Jesuses. One is master Jesus, who humbly takes his place as the grand esoteric “round table.”
        Then you have the Jewish messiah, who is called Jesus the Christ!!!
        The former says he’s just a teacher, maybe even Maitreya the WORLD teacher, but still just a humble teacher.
        The latter says “ I “ am the Lord your God. “ I “ am the only bridge to God. “ I “ died for your sins on the cross and even experienced the fires of hell so you wouldn’t have to perish!!!
        The former says we create our OWN hell ( which is probably true, either way )!!!
        The latter says that the former ( along with all the other so-called “masters” ) is really a “demon” and that the whole New Age paradigm is a grand deception!!!
        So which IS it?!!?
        I’ve been a follower of the New Age, but there have always been things that have bothered me.
        The biggest thing is that one has to “jail-break” the Bible ( using white “correction fluid” ) in order to be a Christian and follow that path!!! So I’m not really surprised that Doreen Virtue has taken this turn.
        It’s as if the real Jesus Christ has forced the council of ascended masters to let him have a spot at their table. But he doesn’t even GET a name placard!!! They rudely “shoulder-him-out” and refer to him as that … “other” jesus!!!” Every time Jesus shows up to take his rightful place at the round-table, he finds his chair missing!!! Sometimes, they put a “planter” in front of his face, hoping none of the “visitors” will notice him sitting there!!! He isn’t even ALLOWED in the cafeteria!!! He ( Jesus of Nazareth ) has to bring his OWN lunch!!! At the end of the day, while all the other masters get to go out the grand front entrance, “mr. Nazareth” is probably forced to exit through the rear door that leads to the ethereal back alley!!! Jesus turns and says… “There’s Nothing Like The Feeling That You’re Really WANTED.”

        1. Everyone who wishes can have their own direct personal relationship with Jesus (and any other ascended master). They are available to communicate with and assist anyone who asks. It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes. What matters is what you believe. Your beliefs forge a framework from which your reality emerges. They all taught to give and receive love.

  39. I´m not so worried about Doreen. I´m worried about those 300 animals who lived in her animal farm. And to whom she collected money. Where are those innocent creatures now and what happened to them? How did she used those moneys? We human, we can take care of ourselves but animals depen on us. So Dr Lesley I´m waiting your next article where you will tell what happened to those animals. I´m not so interested ofDoreen anymore. Annamari Nurminen, Finland

  40. This was a beautiful, informed, kind and wise analysis. I hope it will be shared widely. It’s the most balanced and helpful review I have seen on this personal decision of Doreen’s.

    Thank you. Thank you so much. I didn’t know about Doreen or her work but her conversion which I came across recently has inspired me to go back to bible study and Jesus as the core.

    I am incredibly grateful for this enlightenment.

  41. Well written, compassionate article. I’ve seen some of her videos since becoming a Christian and she does seem calmer, I feel like she is happier now. As you said, more grounded. I followed her for a while back years ago but after a while it seemed to me that she was trying too hard, so I stopped following her. I think she had good intentions but the business of being Doreen Virtue perhaps got in the way. At any rate, I wish her well and I hope she has found peace.

  42. Have you read the book: Jesus, an Autobiography by Tina Louise Spaulding? It states she communicated with Jesus about how he studied how to heal. He never saif he was the son of God but as you said, “God like”. It talks about the times before his ministry, where he went, who he loved and met etc. I would like to know your thoughts on this if you read it? If you didn’t, try reading it……the book definitely captures attention to the teachings about Jesus today!

    1. Again! You have TWO Jesuses, not one.
      One says he is the one and ONLY way to God. The one and ONLY path to salvation, the one and ONLY master, etc..
      Then you have this OTHER Jesus who seems to say the exact “opposite!!!”
      This is scary. Trust the wrong one, and the consequences could be ETERNAL!!!

  43. Well I am sorry to say But I got into looking at Tarot cards on youtube and actually only own one deck of tarot cards and they are from Doreen and I am not even sure How I came into contact with these cards which are signed! I thought that was pretty cool . Anyway to be very Honest with you I think she stopped using these cards cause like all tarot they are Evil. Since the time I started watching tarot readings on you tube and getting into The Law Of attraction or Universe what ever you want to call it the New age stuff I started feeling a way. My new way is going to be GOD only! So I am happy to read that she no longer uses these cards and I will be getting rid of this deck I have in my house as well. Good for her and GOD bless her and I hope and pray God Opens some more eyes up to seeing this is a good thing!

  44. Dr. Lesley, I am Elaine Shoemaker and lead by my inner intuition I ended upon your response to What happen to Doreen Virture Ph.D?. Reading your words were so uplifting and inspiring as I related so to your very words as to her awareness of the winds of change in her on celestial awakening and how best as a public figure to reach for her need in healing balanced with her followers needs. Plus, the adjustment and trusting of our own inner power and guidance and that of the Master example to us all. I want to avail myself of your service and presently making changes in my life so that I can pay the cost necessary to fund the physical needs earned by each of us by our own choices in our journeys that ‘touch’. May The Blessings Be Always M.E. [ MY full name: Martha Elaine Shoemaker or Elaine Crouch Shoemaker on Facebook]

  45. Hi Lesley, I am just getting on board with ‘new age’ spirituality, I grew up in church with parents as leaders and when I hit 20 I threw the baby out with the bathwater. I practiced nothing until I hit 30 and started looking again. I came across what we term new age and it opened my heart a little and I realised how much I missed having a spiritual journey. I find myself praying to God along with Source and reading parts of the bible again, but I also combine it with other mediums like using intuition/dreams, smudging, angel cards etc. I saw a video of Doreen on Gaia and thought her message was beautiful, then I went to her site and was a little shocked to read her recent change of heart, it felt very heavy, so did the response from her previous community. Anyway, a few sites later I ended up here reading your article. You’re the first person I have come across (since restarting this journey) that is combining, and respecting both practices and asking the world to allow everyone their own path. I don’t have words for how special your attitude and approach is and how it has made me feel tonight as I read this. I wanted you to know. Thank you. x

  46. Great article. I checked Doreen’s one page and the leading article says that she realized that there is a hell and people go there unless they are saved by Jesus.

    Having been through the atheist, Christian and now my own perspective (always the best one) I think one’s outlook is often determined by fear. Anyone warning people of hell is often operating from a fear based outlook, which isn’t a judgement – it’s just a very limited place to be.

    As for understanding why people having NDE’s do see hell, it’s because we create our own reality when we cross over and fear of the dying process could leak over into what we manifest at that time. I recommend watching the Archangel Lucifer interview on the Shiny Show in YT to understand more.

    All I can suggest is that people read read read read read and listen to reputable channels on YouTube to get a broad perspective to draw conclusions from – which should always be their own and based in love.

    God didn’t create us with free will just to damn us to hell if we didn’t do his will. Those are human emotions, not of spirit.

    There are also beautiful Jesus interviews with the real Jesus who explains how many times the Bible has been altered as a means of power and control, which also uses fear.

    It’s all part of Doreen’s journey but I am sure she will be happy when she goes home and realizes that there is nothing to fear. Personally the Christian doctrine left me feeling that if those I loved weren’t coming with me to heaven, I would rather go to hell.

    Thankfully, hell is the fear and negative based realty we can experience here.

    There is nothing to fear but fear itself 🙂

  47. The new age movement has veered off into cult of personality …. Which is and has been the trend of humans since the dawn if history, eg, to look outside themselves even to guides and angels much less equally fallible human beings. The greats like Christ and buddha taught that each of us is indivisible from divine source, and it’s in our own soil of self to let go of all that stands in the way of pure lovingkndness towards all of life, period. That said. My heart goes out to the millions who get taken and robbed by all sorts of gurus because they gave their authority and common sense away… Rather than being aware of the world’s inauthentic adherence to matter and Status When the entire Point of enlightened awareness is the seeing to the Reality that the Inlay Wealth which is durable is conscious awareness and that consciousness Trumps matter — matter Being Nothing but Belief plus Form-Perception. …. As for Ms virtue’s public statements, as a person trained in the legal letters, and having heard her mention she got in trouble with tax authorities, every word she speaks can simply be a desire to establish an identity which matches professed innocence on possible criminal tax evasion charges. I know if I were her lawyer, I would have told her to do exactly what she decided to, which was to present a squeaky clean image and play the part of crying ‘I sinned’ christian. It is clear that she is up to her eyeballs in potential fraud charges for charging fees which include licensure rights, only to withdraw from those rights. If she wants to be christian, then she may wish to consider honoring her obligations. I see no exemption in the Good Book for the taking of what is not freely given, and people paying tuition and fees not getting the contracted upon value have in fact suffered a taking which doreen at law is not entitled to have done. So… It seems like her outward display of humility is another form of narcissism… The covert kind of which Christ warned…. That some sheep walk in wolf clothes. That is not to condemn her…it’s to note that some personalities cannot help but belie dark corners and if they do, perhaps remaining silent and reflective is where their greatest spiritual contribution to society can arise. Certainy, it is not to join the long list of charlatans that con the innocent, many choose other than spiritual disguise to do their work. Maybe less funds to spiritualism is how to end the rape of public trust so sadly the norm in today’s world. Sitting in meditation facing a brick wall is free of charge, and where we all can go to get to us core honesty, free of the imagined illusory notions and circles in which hope, fear, need and greed yet drive the unconscious recesses of human existential status, and which are the real topics that no one ever seems to want to face right in the center of their own unconscious. Perhaps some are less in touch with the duty to confront their shadow before making millions and not ignoring taxes. Seems like that character trait requires more than tears and some videos because spirit does not overlook morality in its truth or greatest expression. And that is what believing mind loves to overlook…. Like attracts like. But light does not walk in or around tarot decks. It doesn’t walk or talk at all. And it doesn’t see anything to do in particular or teach either. It simply is the silence that conveys infinite peace. Nothing needs to change other than the ego and the entire mindset that is married to material form as real and substantial. Forget knowing anything! Live each breath as if it is a lifetime and you will be more wealthy than all you could have imagined. That’s all any needs to know, my two cents. Sorry, but, give no money to new age causes as donations. The Red Cross saves lives and has evidence of doing so, and isn’t that a spiritual goodness? Any two bit smooth talker can create a deck of cards and suddenly gets hero worship? Let go and trust. Live in witnessing of all that arises inside to contradict what arises or arose a second earlier… That keeps a person nice and aware of their realer issues. And once you go aware, you don’t ever go back to being a sheep for any talking head again. Never mind cards! Life doesn’t need tarot cards to be fulfilled and happy. Lose the things which are unhappy within and then you find happiness. It takes about three minutes to accomplish and three minutes later, it is back, but keep working it. It’s free and it leads to very important realizations about what it is to be alive and human. Then when human is all nice and aligned without cognitive dissonance and major blind spots, spirit is what is lived, alive and talking, and not just a topic of discussion or some form of entertainment. No offense to any intended, just brutally honest about the level of self- delusion that CAN and DOES quack like a spiritualism duck and is really not different than internal hypocrisy. Love does not neglect to dignify and honor … And if any had been handled the way cons handle things when their fraud tents collapse, it is incontrovertible evidence that she was only ever a fraud to begin with. You can be a class act and still change and grow without leaving your contractual obligations to fall flat and cry to the IRS about poverty after earning millions of dollars. People simply love to rescue the ones who abuse their trust…. It is a known side effect of being prior victims of abused trust, and that’s the saddest part. Never trust other than what comports with hard core common sense and you can’t get defrauded. Never leave home without meditating on the silence which shows how hope and fear play out to bring us painful outer lessons because the personal mind is not the mind of God, and yet still operates exactly as it does, I. It’s u healed suffering, until we face our dark corners which only we can do. And when we do, we become our own best and most helpful teachers. That is where we find the back door to our higher awareness. Not by running out or away from the hidden shadows. But directly into them, to find out why we need to give up so much of our own conscious power in order to feel better. Namaste, and every blessing to all whose trust and faith were abused. Maybe this message helps? Been there myself. That’s how I can write this way about it. Many people will say and do anything for power, wealth, assets or recognition. The ones who look the most sincere are the ones you are well advised to skip over. And not all tarot card creators become celebrities and create workshops that sound roundly in BS!!! My friend was a certified DV person and she tried to do a realm reading and in two seconds, I asked her a straightforward question that she was totally unable to answer, because all the material she could reference also made no sense. So it was just a lovely snow job for folks who don’t have the slightest critical mind. Be critical!!! Critical mind is how you penetrate snow job and get to the truth underlying existence, never mind some realm nonsense! Hahahah I didn’t have the heart to tell my friend she was being robbed, and lo…. 12 mos later, the DV circus tent folded up. And she will rob the Christians also… They’re perfect fuel for narcissistic wolves who know exactly how to bilk for a buck. It’s par for the course. Get savvy! Meditation mats are cheap and never let a person down!!! Hehehe

  48. I have always liked Doreen ‘s writer’s voice and I do like her angel cards.I first became acquainted with her when my ex husband got custody of my kids. She had written a book: My Kids Don’t Live Here Anymore. She gave me hope and a big hug at a conference that I went to. Her angel card readings have helped me through many a sleepless night, as have her guided meditations. I just look at her as going through spiritual growth. I wouldn’t want a refund for any of the things that I have bought from her. We are following a similar pathway. I AM currently working on Bible Study, myself.

  49. Hi thank you for this. I’m struggling only with her website, that states why you should, not practice these listed choices.
    I wrote this to her. But she blocked me. I’m not hating her or her beliefs. I’m only asking her to be careful, what she chooses to say about other people’s beliefs & should respect everyone’s beliefs.

    ❤️ Dear Doreen I come With only love ,Peace ,Light & Concern,
    You once helped & opened peoples, minds to the so called “New Age” way , with these cards. Now, you say ,Jesus is the only way & your website has practices ,you must avoid and why. People trusted in your words once & still make money of it & influence a whole generation.Because you are only trying to spread the Word of Jesus, they will believe you again. So, why not just do that & not insult , ancient practices, from different parts of the world with different faiths & beliefs & gods. We all live here together on Planet Earth & come from different parts of the World. We must all spread love & Respect for each other, not insult or steer people’s faiths, just because of one’s views or vision’s .You are influential to some, so why not , speak only words of the Bible, like many others do, without creating disheartening messages on your web page, about different faiths & practices. Mental Health is something ,we all should mindfully consider, not everyone in this world, has a platform like yours, but you do & in my humble opinion can be a disservice & distraction to our service in this world & to each other. Spread love & Harmony and Jesus’s word, without pointing fingers at different practices & faiths & what once what you believed. No, I’m not the work of the devil or evil or any form of darkness. I’m a loving Human, that see’s only good in what you’re trying to do, No I don’t use these cards nor do I believe in pointing fingers to Other believers of different faiths, please continue to consider your words, on your website . Be the right influence. ♥️ Amen

    1. Thank you for posting your letter to Doreen, I agree with you, I believe that if we put love out, we get love back and this world can use a lit of love

  50. I have also done one of Doreen’s courses and received my certificate of completion. I guess I can now scrap it. It was on a cruise so I got to see her every day for 12 days and by the end of the cruise, unfortunately I did not have much respect left for her. She would not let anyone get near her without someone else being between them. With every photo session, she was surrounded by her “minders” so that no one would hug her in a photo. It was very disappointing to see. One of the crew on the ship lost his job because she put in a complaint about him. The crew were trying their best to please everyone and most were relying on their job to send money to their families. She behaved just like a movie star the whole trip. She even publicly wiped the microphone every time someone passed it on to her. By the end of the cruise, many were disillusioned and disappointed by her manner. I stopped following her after the cruise and just found out about her transformation through a friend. I’m very disappointed but not surprised by all that I’ve read.

  51. Unfortunately so many Christians get a bible and then read a line that was translated and then changed from the original to fit the needs of the publisher, like King James who had an agenda. I translated that line she quoted from the original Hebrew. It refers to necromancers, those who deal with dead for dark magic, those who read the future using animal entrails, etc. No where does it mention the tarot or astrology NEGATIVELY. Tarot is an astrological tool, like the Qubalah.

    “The voice of the angels shall speak unto thee and by their signs ye shall know them”

    Those signs are astrological and actually predate the bible, read the Torah which is actually the old testament.
    Perhaps she should have done the research to discover the actual origins of angels and how this changed by the Catholic church in the middle ages to suit their agenda. Sad when the truth is easy to find.

  52. I just stumbled upon this article and I am was not surprised. While I was brought up Christian, I also have had experiences of direct messages at a Spiritualist church, in a shaman circle and a number of holy sites in Japan, China, and in a few Spiritualist churches. I’ve had the Christ walk into a Reiki sessions I was giving. But, I do not take the Bible literally. I agree with you that the cards are a tool, a catalyst to receive messages from Spirit.
    Blessings, Erik

  53. Thank you for such an insightful article. I have never been a big fan of Virtue’s, although some people have given me her meditation CDs and books over the years, but I was very surprised when I went to a workshop in Lily Dale, New York and found out she was now a born again Christian. I read some of her articles and such and find a lot of rigidity and darkness in them. It’s sad. I am a firm believer in Jesus and see Spiritualism and the like as an enlightened manifestation of his love and life. I don’t see how believing in Jesus negates other beliefs or practices. I’m also perplexed at the taking of the Bible literally. I find there is no way to have a conversation with those who hold firm to that belief. I wish her and those who feel she wronged them, especially economically, well on their journeys. I would hope we embrace all on the journey and respect their beliefs.

  54. I don’t know why so many people freaked out. My background is odd too. My mom and dad raised me to believe in God and Jesus and that God made no mistakes you were made the way you were and God loved you no matter what. Still, as “Pagan” I believe in God and Jesus and love them both greatly but, I still see the balance in the world as male and female so yes the Goddess is here too. I have always been a natural healer. Still, am too. I ask the angels for help all the time. I don’t like Tarot cards but I love Oracle cards especially hers and really use the books. The Archangel Raphael is my favorite. I don’t see any evil in this. I use mine for more clarity. I have read the Bible, there are many… mistakes in it I think it was written by a man after all. but it is still a good book. I am happy she loves her new life and people should be happy for her and not angry.

  55. Thank you for your insight and well written article on Doreen. I feel the same way as you do – love and light to her and yourself. Whilst I miss her angel teachings I know they’re still valid and the reminder of not to worship angels rings true. I view them as messengers between the realms and know that is ok for myself. I’m keeping my cards, books and audio from her past teachings.
    Thank you for sharing.

  56. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life!! You cannot practice divination/sorcery and go to heaven!! Thank the Lord Doreen found Christ and is saved!!! Seek Him while He may be found!

  57. Let’s think about this…Doreen had a charmed life in the New Age. Wealth, fame, a home in Hawaii, lucrative book deals, radio show, etc. She seemed content in her New Age beliefs. Why would she walk away from that? Why become a Christian? It would have been so much easier for her to stay put, even if she was energetically drained. Unless, she finally understood, John 14:6 “I am the truth, the way and the life and nobody comes to the Father except through me.” When one has this supernatural realization, their whole world gets dismantled and there is no going back to their old way of life. If you’re in the New Age, I’m saying this in the most loving, nonjudgmental tone, please read the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, ( I recommend the New Living Translation bible) there you will find who Jesus really is. Also, pastor Tim Keller is a great resource if you have questions about the Christian faith. Once again, I’m not judging anyone on here, and I’m not discrediting your experience, but the one thing I would ask you, where do you think your “supernatural/psychic” powers are coming from/source? Remember, the devil disguises himself as an angel of light and deception looks beautiful. I always thought the “devil” was negative thinking or reactive behavior taking away from me becoming my higher self. How sadly I was mistaken. The devil is very much real. I can relate so much to Doreen’s story as I too was in the New Age. From the bottom of my heart, I hope if you are in the New Age, Law of Attraction, just be open to the possibility perhaps you are being deceived. xoxoxoxo

  58. I found this article after I googled DV because I heard she had changed a lot. I appreciate the even-keeled, kind perspective of Dr. Lesley. It makes perfect sense to me that DV would go through changes and growth that are far-reaching and leave her being in some way a different person. I have certainly experienced that. If she is connecting with Spirit and healing, then she is doing what she needs to do. Good for her!

    I was raised Christian but rejected all organized religion. Over the years I have become a shamanic practitioner and now go to a UU church. I find no conflict between the two. I have had Jesus come to me several times, including telling me how sacred the space in my church is. He is one of my guides. I do see him as blond, but simply for the ease of it, I think.

    Having also spent a number of years giving psychic readings in various modalities including tarot cards, I came to the conclusion that they were all ways of focusing in to receive what needed to come through, that it didn’t really matter which modality was used.

    Thank you for this article.

  59. I ask God to Bless her journey. It’s an ever changing world and may she be guided by our Lord Jesus with all the love and enlightenment only He can provide.

  60. A mothers reply to her Daughter . (who, many years ago , (over twenty years ) was looking for an inspiring book to give to her …guessing 16 year old youngest daugher of five childran at that time.
    Daughter in need of helpful encouragement. Did buy her Daureen Virtue ‘s Book that had 365 Angelic Messages to Soothe, Heal and Open Your heart.
    It most certainly did.
    daughterSweetheartThank you ! For sharing.
    Amazing how she may have felt in being totally honest about what could happen. I have heard of one should take care…upon any callings of any spirits. ..in cases of whereby one could delve into so called demons…etc. scary stuff. So perhaps what she’s saying could apply to fallen Angel’s? As they say that, the Devil is a fallen angel.
    Pray rake care.
    Do try to keep yourself pure in heart .That is one of your good qualities sweetheart. ..
    Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see our God.
    So that” Doreen Virtue ” has spoken honestly and has tried to help us all. In being careful.
    She had some caring ways that still helped with positive affirmations. ..in building up one in need. I thank her for all her loving care and honesty
    Prayerefully we are all to follow our conscious. .to be our Guides.
    Love you dearly.
    Ma ma.

    Ps Thank you…
    DoreenVirtue dear

  61. Thank you Dr. Lesley for the thoughtful article.

    I thank Doreen for starting me on the angel path. I met one of her ATP (Angel therapy practitioners) during a dark time in my life who introduced me to Doreen’s work in the early 2000’s. I’ve read her books and have the oracle cards. I found that her work during that time was more authentic instead of later works which were recycled from earlier publications. The work that was co-produced I.e. with another author I felt was predominately from the other author.

    My feeling is that there was a universal correction meaning her influence was strong in many who followed her and Doreen may have been operating out of ego/materialism and lost the authentic connection with the divine.

    Remember we are all students of life and lessons are meant to be learned – Doreen is a student as well. Feels like she is a pendulum – was someone who could influence people now is someone who is being influenced. I do believe she misses the limelight of her new age life which is why she is writing about and on a crusade against new age practices. I feel she is being used to capture her former audience to organized churches.

    We are in a time of shadows being revealed and no one is an exception.

    I do wish her the very best in her new path and hope that she is aligned with those of integrity and love.

  62. I can’t help my self. hihi. So bare with me okay. Be course we have so many divine helpers around us at any time that constantly inspire us so we can walk our souls path. I am sure that it is in her path to change ships for a while. If she was going in the wrong directions, she would be stop.Everything has it’s time and when she has learned enough, she will return to the divine vibration universe. Sorry, in my universe, any bible does not have divine vibration.No need to be offended or angry.It is just my feeling.

    Even if Michael had an influence on her, you as a person and spirit, can only be directed in to new ways if you need love.If you are not really feeling good about your self. So it can be that.

    When that is said.I do not feel that we have the right to read other peoples energies if a person hasn’t given the permission to do so. To me It is very boundary crossing big time.I would not like my self if people tap on to me .I have the right to my own privacy.So does Doreen or anyone else.Even the souls that has past on.

    Something is going on.I feel like looking at her picture often, sending her love and compassion.

    May you all be blessed when you need it the most. Angels orbs coming your way.

    1. Angelina I am holding hands with you here. There is so much more going on than has been revealed. I to get a strong feeling to send her loving light filled energy as well. I will stop here but your interpretation is quite accurate!

  63. I love Doreen’s card decks. I was a friend and healer (among many) who worked on Louise Hay in San Diego and I can humbly say Louise was a friend who personally invited me to her birthday parties (75, 80, 85). I know there was a barrage of literature about healing and you got to pick and choose. As an intuitive healer I find Doreen’s cards amazing. I also use other decks written by other authors.
    My message is: take what serves you and toss what doesn’t. Do not become a dependent disciple. Stay in touch with your backbone. Good luck to Doreen and all the best on her new chapter.

  64. Dear Lesley,

    Disclaimer: I am a Christian who believes that the Bible is 100% the inspired Word of God, faithfully preserved through the ages, and that any figurative meaning does not discount the literal – though sometimes on the natural and sometimes on the spiritual plane of existence if not both.

    What struck me was your call for “healing energy” to Doreen Virtue, which appears not to have been solicited nor consented by her, the recipient. My understanding of ethics among energy healing practitioners, particularly Reiki (of which there is a purportedly Christian version as well as New Age), is that non-solicited, non-consensual healing would be considered unethical. Of course, this is not a concern for a Christian like me, but I think it would raise a red flag in the community in which you operate – at least, according to well-established principles of that community that I have read.

    Yes, my concerns go well beyond that, but I am sticking to just this one for now because it could be interpreted correctly by one with your beliefs.

    Gracefully yours,
    Peter Murphy

    1. I always ask permission before I offer healing – I did so in this case by asking her as spirit! All the work I do involves spiritual communication and the free will of the person I am working with. I believe healing is ultimately self-healing in that the healer provides energy and the recipient uses that energy in their internal healing process. If they do not wish to change they will ultimately reset their energy to how it was before they received the energy

    1. Dear “Jim,” There are many variations of TRUTH on Planet Earth. No truth is false. Take a step back from your own belief in “super-knowledge” about your Truth and that of others. We are all spirits in a physical body. No one can judge another person’s journey — and no one should judge another person’s Truth (such as calling it BS). Your own Bible states, “Judge not lest ye be so judged.”

  65. I was drawn here, and appreciate your take on her and what happened. She kept popping into my head, and I didn’t know a lot about her, but I know she was a big deal in the new age community, and there was controversy over her “switching to Christianity”. It’s very helpful to know that she was already Christian.
    I’ve been wondering about the bible and religion and have a very Christian family. When it comes to that I can be very skeptical, but I feel like I still have pain to release surrounding all of that, among other things. One step at a time.
    Thankyou again for sharing this.

  66. I have been communicating with Angels all of my life and while Doreen has accessed MANY truths about Angels this was not shared directly from the Angekic Realm. Over the years Doreen has accessed and studied very sacred knowledge and began to communicate it before fully connecting to and understanding it from an organic, unfiltered and direct perspective. Many people have influenced the thoughts and ideas of Doreen and while
    I find nothing wrong with the conversion to Christianity in a search for meaning and truth I can say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the information provided about Angels is limited and limiting. Very soon the truth about Angels will be revealed and light will be brought to many areas of darkness and confusion. Angels are real and there are thousands of legions of Angels. While I LOVE
    The ArchAngel Decks the images provided couldn’t be further from
    The image of the ArchAngels. Very rarely
    do Angels manifest themselves to the
    General 5 senses. In order to truly see Angels one must align with their vibrational frequency which is PURE LOVE and LIGHT. The truly pure heart and mind will always be welcomed into the minds of the Angels. There is only 1 method: love and light for all things on earth in addition to all energies which have shaped the world. This cannot be faked it’s an actual energetic frequency that the Angels are attracted to and they will work very hard to assist the soul with consistent elevation. There are many things people refuse to admit about Doreen and the most confounding but true is she did not speak or work directly with Angels. I have worked with them for years and I have a thorough understanding of this particular realm which I work in daily. Do not allow
    Your reality to be Hand fed to you by ransom people on the internet. Not even me. Seek truth for yourself with a pure unselfish heart and loving motive and you shall truly find it!

  67. Dr Lesley,

    I just want to say ‘Thank-you’. I feel disheartened by Dorean Virtues denouncement of her past work. I looked up to her for guidance through her books. And now feel and wonder was I wrong to believe in her words. I found my path through her teachings so I will always be grateful to her for that. And I hope her all the best in her new life… even though I feel she will regret it later. Like you… I have learnt there is only one true universal law that all religions teach and follow… and that is the laws of Love and Respect for each other. ‘Love’ is the key. When you come from a place of divine Love… what you do in the world should never hurt anyone… but help nurture peoples growth and development. There are no wrong paths in life… everyone walks their own path… we will all reach the same destination one day… whether we take a complicated route or an easy route… we have the freedom to choose our path… and Dorean has chosen what feels right for her for now. No religion or belief is right or wrong (except one – complete ‘evil’ is definitely wrong). There are many Gods and Goddesses. What we choose to believe in is our own path in this life. Everyone has a different journey to take… but we will all reach the same place one day. So… Dr Lesley, Thank-you for teaching others about Love. That is the true teaching of this Universe. And no matter whatever path a person is on… Love will always be the end destination. For anyone reading this who feels hurt by Dorean Virtues denouncement… feel the healing in the message I have written above… as it is meant for you. I give you my Love so that you may heal… and know that you are not wrong to believe what you believe. We are all connected by ‘Love’. Love & Much Light to Everyone. Chris

  68. LOL…Here’s another fine mess (Laurel and Hardy) So–In the early 2000’s I went to a few workshops. Many things I liked, there were nice genuine people for the most part. I have been a psychic since birth, I was mostly interested in how Doreen worked in a large group. I also have a masters in Clinical Psychology. I was always aware of some slightly off and paranoid behavior on her part. I felt many people believed every word she said. Never a good idea. The final experience was terrible. Her husband at the time, a man who had a therapy background but was largely unknown, came in and started taking over a lot of the activities. He ran a lot of it like a group process. He had a massive ego. A lot of people began getting ill. I left early. I always felt that Doreen was making a fortune and loved this aspect the most. And the attention. She does not have a good history in relationships. Just about every one was with a controlling man. This newer switch…who knows. I believe she has mental health issues. I am sure many of her followers are let down…but it might be best to follow your own guidance and feelings. There are a lot of teachers out there who will lead ones astray.

  69. I was astonished, as I thought “everyone” was raised in the nearest Christian church (or Methodist, or Baptist, or Nazarene, etc. etc.) as I was. I have experienced several occasions of Jesus intervening in my life … from when I was at the Methodist camp in the mountains near my home and “gave” my life to God. When I visited a local non-denominational church several months later and was baptized by immersion, I came out of the water crying and cried for three days straight — except for the time that I was at my job at work. But upon arriving home again, the tears began again. This is where I was metaphysically speaking when I met my husband, who has now passed. So we were Christian evangelicals, who attended no church, but spoke with God/Jesus almost daily… And then when he passed, I went through the Dark Night of the Soul… as my Soul was devastated by the loss of kinship with my husband’s soul, as when he passed, he became his Soul. This is a difficult time for those who experience this. I was depressed and very tired from having cared for my husband for the past three years as he was dying. Those who have experienced this say it is about a 10-year experience, and that was true of me, and now, I am a nothing… It’s like I’m beyond the church(es) and am searching for the spiritual practice that best suits me. I have a great deal of recall of past lives and things like that. So I always thought Doreen had been a Christian as a child and growing up. See, that was the blank space in her life. And yet, she searched the world for spiritual information, traveling to foreign countries and sacred sites. I’m sure she will change again at some future date and also be able to “choose” what spirituality best suits her. I wish her well…

    1. My heart felt tremendous compassion for you when I read your story. I am praying that the healing has started in your life since you made your post over a year ago. Our world has changed enormously since January 2020 but you experienced an additional loss with your husband’s passing. I am praying for you and believing that God has given you special blessings of comfort, love, understanding and peace.

  70. I finally watched a YouTube video of Doreen Virtues that is her reborn Christian self. I’m an all for each person finding their own path, the one only they can walk. That being said, I find it curios, being raised in Tennessee, where my Mother was born and raised, that she had a Christian Scientist upbringing. Truly curious given the year she was born in. Christian Science, a faith whose founding fathers was a 5th rate, maybe 4th rate at the very best, Science Fiction writer to begin with. L. Ron Hubbard was an abysmal author on every level. In order to “level up” in Christian Science, you must pay for that privilege.
    She knew she was clairvoyant as a child, and as an adult pursued her life as part of the New Age Group. She was in that phase of her life for many years. With all of the books she had written, the Angel and Fairie Oracle Decks, the numerous seminars, personal readings and classes that were all about her beliefs, it yielded her a very wealthy life and lifestyle. Those who really followed her work have every right to be upset and angry. The time, energy and money they have spent screams that she was taking advantage of the situation because it was the “cool thing” right now. How does anyone in good conscience preach a certain type of spirituality for years and just do a 180° turn in the middle of 10 lane traffic and denounce everything she taught? In my opinion, doing so, she lost any credibility she ever had in any form of spiritual or religious teaching. She holds no education of any kind in theology. Under different circumstances, I would say it doesn’t matter, but in Doreen Virtues case, it absolutely does matter. Her talking about how expensive it was for her to become a Reiki Master and how the Reiki symbols don’t come from God, so the energy work isn’t pure and people should definitely never have Reiki performed on them, was inappropriate. We are not to fault or demean the beliefs of others. Since she made money being a Reiki Master herself, she might want to put the hypocrisy away. She also talked about symbols not being used by Jesus. That may be true – BUT – I’ve often wondered why the oldest from of Christianity, Catholicism, adopted a Pagan symbol to represent The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The Triquetra, Triskele, or whatever term you prefer predates Catholicism by a good many years. It is a symbol of the Triple Goddess – The Maiden, Mother and Crone. It is also a symbol of protection and a good harvest. Christianity uses its fair share of symbols and symbology. She should already know that. I myself was born an Empath and have developed all of the “Clair”abilities over my 54 years of life.
    Maybe Doreen Virtue truly has turned the corner in her life. Only she knows what’s true and what is not.
    From what I felt and saw in her eyes and her face in that video, she hasn’t changed as a person in the slightest, she’s just donned the Cloak of Christianity after discarding her Cloak Of Spirituality and Angelic Healing. A brand new audience that will follow her. Of course Christians are glad she come to other side. Religion is treated like a competition in this country. Not only is that ridiculous, it’s disgraceful. My Spirituality comes from many different beliefs. I do believe in God, but I do not believe in Man Made Organized Religion. That will never change. The things human beings do in the name of their personal beliefs of their Organized Religion is inexcusable. Too much sefl righteousness is a very dangerous thing in anyone’s hands.
    This is all my personal opinion. Thank you for letting me share it Dr. Lesley

    1. You are confusing Christian Science with Scientology. These are two totally different religions.

      Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

      Christian Science was founded in the 1800s by Mary Baker Eddy.

  71. Thank you for this compassionate, non-judgemental reflection Lesley. I think it’s important in this time. To me, it seems as if her repression of her own Christian spiritual beliefs is now backfiring and almost swinging in the other direction. Along with a misunderstanding of the equal importance of the shadow side of life to the light side, she is projecting darkness on to her past. That sounds like such a horrible thing to be going through, and I pray she find some healing in this life time.

    I am curious, as someone who was just turned onto Robert Reeves work, how he has dealt with all this? As he was someone who worked closely with her for a long time. He seems to still be spreading the same messages without her. As I still feel uncertain about using her teachings, I am not sure how to feel about his.

  72. Well I just read her book about the joy of Jesus. The church she is part of is not to be accused as the Anglican and Episcopal Church is open minded and tolerant. This book is boring. In fact so boring that I believe her that she saw Jesus but she was just trapped in the Bible. It is sad she didn’t try to contact Jesus directly. And to write a book about her conversation with Jesus. When you are lucky enough to see Jesus why not try to listen to him directly. She is talking all the time about the old testament. Like you will honor your father and mother. But what about if your father is rapping you. The bible might have meant mother Earth and god. Or the source and the creator.
    She doesn’t bring anything novative.
    She doesn’t try to bring a new approach.

  73. To be honest, people are allowed to do what makes them happy with themselves (they’re independent). If this upset people, then is it because these people are not happy with themselves ( they’re follows). In the end this is Doreen’s life and she should follow her heart, not do what everyone else want her to do. If you’re thoroughly spiritual you would be happy for Doreen. Being spiritual mean you wants good and love for all living spirits in this world. Doreen may you be blessed and continue to be true to yourself.

  74. I was unsettled to catch a glimpse of Doreen Virtues Facebook page recently. I don’t do fb much and had forgotten that I had liked her page many moons ago.
    I wasn’t sure what it was that unsettled me about it until the shock cleared this morning.
    She has changed her path, that’s completely her business and she has her personal revelations to follow.
    What unsettled me was the lack of Christianity displayed. It showed complete intolerance and a lack of empathy towards anyone who wasn’t singing from the same hymn sheet. A real bible thumping exhibition, this sort of intolerance fuels hatred and violence. I scrolled way back to try to find the beginnings of her journey and expected to find a much gentler transition then was found. It seems completely extreme again unchristian is the only expression I can use.
    If you have wronged someone or made a mistake in life that affected other people then the Christian way is to admit your wrongful ways and ask for forgiveness.
    A post like that pinned to the top of her page asking forgiveness from all the people who followed her ways, paid for courses or products and an explanation of the new way would have been a lot more professional. As a long-term user of social media you would have thought her to be more savvy. I honestly thought her page had been hacked!!
    I have a couple of her books and a deck of cards and will do an energy clearing on them before I use them again as there is some hate projected towards them.
    I wish her peace in her life.

  75. I can see you mean well but I think if Doreen Virtue read your article she would strongly disagree with your assessment.

  76. I know someone who knows her from waaay back and my friend told me Doreen is and has always been a fraud. My guess is, pretending to be someone your not and profiting off of it, finally got to her. I’m glad she’s living in truth now, but to make such wild claims against spirituality and what she herself taught for so long, makes me think she’s losing her mind or having a serious case of regret and fear of what will happen when she crosses over, after living a life of lies.

  77. So my big question here is if Doreen has stopped using and no longer believe angels want us contacting them with cards, as was stated in the article. then will she refund those she said the opposite about earlier. Granted we all make mistakes but if people took her “educated and angel connected word” that especially her cards were designed for this. seems to me she should pay everyone back for her misunderstanding of the angels instructions.

  78. Thanks for writing this article. I think many of us who were big fans of Doreen and her work felt that her conversion was a surprise, but we were not necessarily upset. (Excluding those who had a money issue.) When she began denouncing her own work, and then condemning anyone who differed from her viewpoints (which she continues to do now,) I think many people (including myself) felt angry, hurt, and a strange sense of grief, like this person is gone. I personally feel her work done before the conversion was authentic. She truly shined as a powerful woman who changed many people’s lives for the better. Maybe the work she is doing now is authentic to her, but there does not seem to be any power or passion behind it, in my opinion at least. The word lackluster comes to mind. I sense a darkness that is hard to explain. It’s not necessarily bad, but it is a fragmented, misplaced energy. I don’t know if anyone else has sensed this. I believe when people are truly passionate about what they’re doing, and do it full of compassion and love, whether they’re a priest or a Metaphysical speaker, their energy shines bright and people just want to be in that light energy. Unfortunately, that seems to be missing on her current path. Either way, I continue to use some of her earlier books, especially her Angel Therapy products (love the audiobook meditation ) because they resonate with me. And if this is her new path, what she believes fulfills her at this time, then this is part of her learning journey. I do not support people condemning others in the way she now does (probably from growing up Roman Catholic and now not associating with one religion), but I have no reason to take it personally. Her beliefs do not affect mine. So, I simply wish her well.

  79. I took some of her courses and used one of her decks, but I always felt like she was trying too hard to be a new age type of person.

    The way she talked, the settings she used to read cards, and even the way she dressed didn’t sit right with her – to me anyway. It just felt fake.

    So while I was initially surprised to find out she’s done a 180, it’s not surprising to me now. She either doesn’t know what she wants, or she really has believed completely in the religion she is following now and was resisting that for a long time.

    I watched a video of her talking to someone about how new age people view religion, and she does seem a little more real (and judgemental and close-minded) in that video… but it seems to suit her better.

  80. Hi Dr Phillips, and others, how do you know your vision of Doreen Virtue wasn’t a lie from Satan to keep you in your deep deception?

    And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
    Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
    2 Corinthians 11:14-15

    Do you really want to know the truth, or do you want to just feel good about yourself?

    Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

    Heavenly Father, would you turn the hearts of these readers and commenters to knowing You and Your truth. You are the God who desires all men to know the truth and to be saved. Let us worship You for the rest of our days, with our whole hearts and minds and souls and all our might. Let us renounce lies from Satan and worship You, our true one and only living God and Creator of us all. In Jesus name, amen!


  81. I am a devout Jesus follower. I found your article quite interesting and would l8ke more information on your School of Intuition.

  82. BPI, Asclepion, Church of the Rose

    As psychic christian minister I still like to play with the card decks and study or read other metaphysicans. Spirit however often tells me "you already know all of this"
    A huge swirling pillar of fire once appeared to me and I have read the bible as both sequences of numbers and as text written in a fiery script not used on earth today.
    I have consciously crossed over and been awake in temples and learning centers in other dimensions and the other side. Etc.,Etc, etc and I still hold ordinary jobs and enjoy nature and things as mundane as a good cup of coffee or a beautiful flower

    1. I want to note that Doreen is a recovering alcoholic (her words), and her brother became born again many years ago and has been working on her.

      I was taking care of my dying husband and discovered her conversion. I decided to follow her one year Bible series and read the entire thing (however I had to go it alone toward the end because she took it down.)

      It was very comforting structure during a lonely time and I ticked something off my bucket list. However please know that she became more extreme over time, leaning more and more on (primarily male) cessationists.

      Stepping back, it looks like she does everything in the extreme – Whether it’s being an author, an animal rescuer, a diva, a wine drinker, or a Christian. There is certainty and security there, but is it balanced?

      I believe I was right there with her during that trying time, but I was nesting and pulling a blanket over my head so to speak.

      The most important thing Jesus said I’d”Love one another.” We wouldn’t do a lot of things if we looked at things this way. Of course, we do fall short and that’s where grace comes in. But the focus needs to be on love. We probably need more than a few lifetimes to get that right

  83. I believe that Doreen Virtue always had the best interests of people at heart.
    Her advice was always to provide solace and healing, how could that be understood as bad intent?
    Doreen Virtue hasn’t changed. She is still the same caring person offering assistance to those who don’t know which way to turn.
    Who are the prophets?
    Are they messengers from God or from the Devil?
    But in the words of the Bible we are told not to listen to anyone who has this ability.
    Who decides whether it’s from god or from evil?
    We are told not to listen to any predictors of the future as they are from evil sources.
    Therefore there are double standards presented in the Bible.
    If it says that we are not to listen to anyone, we can’t be selective and say that this person is a prophet, The law says listen to no one.
    Perhaps ALL prophecies should be removed from the Bible as it hasn’t been determined from whence they came.
    Was it hearsay that God has endorsed the prophet? Did God tell us directly? Could it have been the devil?
    In other words WHICH AUTHORITY decided what is the truth and who is to be listened to?
    Have we been misled throughout the centuries?
    In the Bible apparently god commanded the Israelites to kill each man, woman child and animal when entering Jericho.
    David was punished on another occasion for not obeying a similar command.
    Who gave these commands? God? Devil? Man?
    My apologies if I have caused offence.
    It pained me as a child to hear of the Flood and about Jericho and Sodom and Gomorrah
    I never understood why the God who loves us had no compassion for anyone.
    I have never understood as to why God destroys all mankind without any compassion.

  84. This might be worth an update. Not that she isn’t still your sister, this is always true. Doreen’s current account decries everything from Rock music to Harry Potter to Yoga as devil worship. I wish I were exaggerating. Anyway, thank you for being a beacon of the same love she has abandoned, it’s powerful and helpful!

  85. This article although well articulated has many errors in the collection of data and understanding of scripture. Doreen Virtue has clearly stated that she is no longer a worker of ANYTHING new age or the occult. Period. There was no “blurring” of the lines in this decision and she was clear about that.

    She now gives other new age workers, many her former clients and fans advice to LEAVE it all alone. She preaches the gospel and says it leads to hell. It’s now 2022. I was one of those who gawked at this decision, feeling betrayed and confused. Now after taking my own separate journey, some 6 years later and having been searching for the truth and My truth for over 20 years in esoterics, I have concluded she did the right thing.

    Doreen preaches the gospel and the dangers of what she was doing ALL of it. Not just cards and ascended masters decks.

    Lastly, as a previous master astrologer and tarot reader (much more) and a student of scriptures let me gently clarify something for you. #1 Jesus was not a psychic. He is the Son of Elohiem and knows all. #2 yes he is a healer in his fathers name. #2 if you read scriptures from Paleo Hebrew to Greek, to English you’ll discover many gems. One being that the fallen angels gave humans knowledge we were not supposed to possess. In fact much of what they taught is why the earth is so corrupted. Think Lil Nas X and this new patent that the US has applied for in 2020 to mark you with a QR code called “Lucifcerise” (something like this) to track C-19 vaxx. These are two small examples, can’t make it up. How about the reversal of RvW or the huge trans movement.
    King Solomon went against El’s commands and took on the gods of his many foreign wives building alters and idols for them, he was a blessed and powerful King, he loved and adored his father David, “Jesus” comes from this bloodline, he was destroyed because of his wickedness. If you’re not familiar with all of the witchcraft King Solomon was into do a google search it’s everything that is being promoted everywhere today.

    I am not here to preach but only to share. I am not religious. I am not here to cause confusion but to tell the truth. The so called reading at the end of this post was not real. Demons spoke to you not “Jesus.” If you want proof be brave and get the book of Enoch. There are many other places in scripture that speak on the deception of demons and how they came to be. Every time you channel you are speaking to a demon. At least 99%. Holy ones will present distinctly different.

    I find comfort in “coming home.” I am apart of the natural (physical) root, nice to see souls grating in on the spiritual branch.


  86. I'm afraid it's you Lesley, who are in error and your post is biased, please let me explain… 1) True Christians delight in anyone, not celebrities, who come to Christ. God is NOT a respecter of persons and true Christians do not care about status. You've been deceived by the eyes (and heart) you are looking through. 2) You were NOT trained as a 'Psychic Christian'. The two words do not, and will never, go together. Again, you've been deceived. Until you are born again, you will never know how true Doreen's conversion is an/or why she did what she did. I pray you repent, give up the psychic arts and seek God, you know He's real. As an ex-psychic myself, I can attest to the truth of Doreen's change, she's humbled herself, she knows she was heading for hell and she's doing a fabulous job of pulling people out of the (so-called) 'New Age'. Please repent, call on the Lord, humble yourself and make ready for the ugly that's coming to this world…

  87. Excellent review Dr. Lesley! I don't know much about Doreen Virtue; however, reading your article led me to understand psychic Christianity better. I like the transition from card to Christianity. Jesus is really above and beyond everything, at the end of the day, those who follow and believe in Him will remain victorious.

  88. The reason Christians and New Agers don't get along is because most, not all, Christians or religious people are wacko extremists. What is New Age anyways. Based upon what Doreen Virtue currently says it sounds like it is anyone that is spiritual and not religious. What happened to Wayne Dyer and his spiritual, non religious teachings? I have a pic of Doreen Virtue With Wayne Dyer. Is Dr Wayne Dyer evil? Did he get cast out according to Doreen? BTW, religious people tend to be the most judgemental group of people I have ever encountered. There are some exceptions to this as some inddividuals are not but as a whole they are pretty judegmental.
    I think Doreen Virtue got burn out giving here energy and information that she finally decided when the Chrisitian Religious people embraced her and took her in it was her way of being able to relax. She no longer had to give, give, give. She started to get, get, get. She also kind of made me and many others question whether the whole thing of spirtuality, angels, faries, god and religion was all bs. Listen to any of her youtube content and it sounds so wacko I have never heard such wacky information. Is she mentally/emotionally ill? Anyone know?

  89. Wow I love this so much! I too feel the very same that about tarot. I have always said they are just a way to communicate with God. I have never been afraid to stand up and say I believe in the Bible and in tarot. I think so much of the Bible is misunderstood and been led wrong for so long now people have no idea what they are even reading anymore and are too afraid to ask questions. I was taught to not ask questions it was questioning God. I hope a revolutionary comes along and changes the way tarot community and Christian communities interact and see one another. Who knows maybe it will be myself or you or a group of people like us. Never stop believing in the power to change things in big ways. I was so happy to read this.

  90. what is an angel?….arent they higher beings that serve god?…in retrospect Doreen is still practising her faith to the higher spiritual realm just in a different way.
    The same as the world has changed the way we do many things….we email letters instead of writing and posting them, we travel on planes in the sky and in cars, instead of ships in the ocean and horse and cart, we communicate via social media and facetime on a phone instead of personally face to face….our intentions and destinations have remained the same but how we choose to do it is now different…the same as we all have faith in some kind of higher spiritual being or power but we all practice our beliefs and faith differently….wake up everyone and realise we are all part of one species on earth called human beings or human kind!!! so lets start practicing exactly that…BEING KIND to HUMANS!!!….if your not harming another, if you are doing it with love, kindness and caringness for yourself and others, who are we to judge or tell anyone how someone should believe or practice any faith they have….Doreen keep doing whatever brings a smile to your face and light and love into your heart!!!!!….its your life, your happines, your faith, your freedom, your journey and your choice!!!!…lots of love from this earth angel xo

  91. Dr Phillips,

    It looks like you wrote this the same year Doreen left “New Age” thinking. I’d be interested in your thoughts and what you see now- if you look at her YouTube channel, and what she “preaches” now- she is anything but “Christ-like”. I pray for her.

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