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January 10, 2017

Get Focused With A Spiritual Grounding Meditation – UYT044

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What Are The Effects Of Not Being Grounded?

What is spiritual grounding and why should you follow this ancient practice using a grounding meditation? Grounding is a very powerful way to eliminate much of the negative energy from the negative issues you a short guided meditation script can help you on your wayexperience in your life. Learning one of the various earth grounding techniques will allow you to connect spiritually to mother earth and will help you develop and expand in a more wholesome manner. Lack of being ground can cause a slew of various issues in your life such as fear, anxiety, unrest, and the sensation of being unsettled. When you start your spiritual practice and your intuitive gifts become more apparent as they unfold grounding becomes very important.

Spiritual Grounding will make a huge difference in your circumstances including some of the following:

  • It really helps with achieving optimum health It gives you strength.
  • You can attain greater spiritual levels.
  • Energy to releases with more ease.
  • Your emotions become more constant and consistent.
  • It helps with defining your life purpose and carrying it out.

As you begin to meditate or enter into any spiritual practice, you should regularly ready yourself and guard yourself against negative influences and energy. Grounding connects you to earth energy and also allows your energy to leave your body and enter the earth.

What Is Spiritual Grounding And Why Is It So Important?

You are a high vibration spiritual consciousness. These high vibrations can overload your personal circuits to use an electrical term to simplify it. Feeling ungrounded can and does cause distress in anyone’s life. When you experience ungrounded symptoms from this type of overload you need a place for them to go. The best place is back to mother earth.

It’s completely typical for individuals, especially energy workers, to feel and absorb outside energies from people and even spirits even to experience a psychic attack. This emotionally ungrounded state can really affect them with negativity. Some of the symptoms of not being grounded are unwanted pain anxiety, emotional turmoil, fear, self-limiting beliefs, and more. Not to worry however because Spiritual grounding (also known as earthing) will assist in clearing these annoying and unwelcome states. Grounding can change your life, especially for intuitives. Spiritual grounding and protection are important for all intuitives but the most affected are ungrounded empaths who feel everything, to begin with. They definitely require the ability to get grounded spiritually.

Ground yourself mentally and spiritually to the Earth will balance out the energy and get you back in touch with your physical body. Grounding helps you become aware of this vibration and take charge of your life. Your body is a vehicle made of matter that you use to experience the physical reality around you. Much of our lives are filled with negative energy in many forms. Grounding helps you heal these energies and release them.

Knowing how to ground yourself spiritually is important for not only energy workers but for everyone. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by practicing grounding and protection meditation.

Spiritual Grounding And Protection

Meditation is much more than just a way to relax your mind and body. It also a way in which to connect to your spiritual nature. While you are in a meditative state your consciousness is focused within and not on the physical world. When all outside stimulus is removed your mind can then become clear and centered.

As meditation is used to connect with your Spirit you will find your emotional disposition is altered. You begin to experience calm, peaceful, and happy states of being. The mind never sleeps. It always is in motion going here going there and everywhere in between. It is the major block you will experience spiritual fulfillment. However, with a consistent and regular meditative practice, you will be able to achieve a modified state of consciousness.

What is Grounding Meditation?

Everything is energy. Your body, your mind even your thoughts are energy. Positive thoughts differ from negative thoughts. This is relatively obvious. So only stands to reason the negative and energy and positive energies that thoughts unit are also different.

Negative energy is limiting and can induce negative emotions and even ill-health. The opposite is true for positive energy. So the best way to induce happy emotions is to get rid of negative energies. This where grounding meditations come into play.

How To Ground Yourself Spirituallybest ways to ground yourself spiritually is meditation

Some call this a chakra meditation. This meditation consists of creating a flow from your first chakra, the root chakra, to the earth. You can simply visualize a stream, a rope, a waterfall to the center of the earth. These can be any color or texture. Then just allow the negative energies of your body to flow down this chord and sink into the center of this lovely planet.

The easiest way to learn how to meditate in this manner is to follow along with a guided meditation. You can find a free 10 minute guided meditation here for you to practice until you can do it on your own. You can even create your own short guided meditation script once get the flavor of it. This does not take long to learn but you will be happy you did.

There are many benefits of this practice of which a reduction in stress and anxiety are just a couple. Grounding meditation is a rejuvenation of your body, mind, and spirit.

In this podcast, Get Focused With A Spiritual Grounding Meditation, you will learn:

  • Learn about the best ways to ground yourself.
  • A spiritual grounding definition.
  • Practical uses of this ancient spiritual tool of grounding.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Get Focused With A Spiritual Grounding Meditation, to learn about the needs to connect to mother earth using a quick grounding meditation. It is simple and effective.

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