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October 2, 2016

Am I Clairvoyant, Or A Psychic Medium? UYT029

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Am I A Psychic Or Hearing Things?

One common question I receive is am I clairvoyant or am I a medium? Mediumship refers to the practice of communicating with spirits who are deceased. A spiritual medium can talk to loved ones who have passed using a variety of methods. Sometimes they receive clairvoyant images, hear voices, or just feel the presence within. How to use psychic abilities totally depends on the individual. Many people are enraptured by the ability of a spirit medium they want to become a medium and talk to the dead as well.
Am I Clairvoyant, Or A Psychic Medium?

What Is Clairvoyance And How Does It Work?

The questions then arise; what type of psychic am I? How do I know if I am a medium? Am I a psychic medium? These are the questions I am asked by people more and more often. Individuals want to develop psychic abilities because they have had or want to have communication from beyond the grave.

Let’s take a look at whether you show any of the symptoms of being Clairvoyant. First of Clairvoyance comes from the French and means “clear seeing” and it is highly probable that have had some form of experience with it in your life. Yet, likely, you have not recognized it as using one of your psychic abilities.

There are no bells and whistles that go off telling you that what you are experiencing is one of the many psychic senses. It can be very subtle. You may even have thought that you were imagining seeing what you thought you saw. Three are different types of psychic abilities tests available to tell whether you have any or all of the 4 “Clair senses” such as Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, or Claircognizance

There are types of psychic abilities tests you can take to verify if have any or all of these abilities. There are also some tell-tale signs or symptoms of all spiritual gifts that will display as you begin awakening your psychic powers.

Am I Clairvoyant, Or A Psychic Medium?, what is clairvoyance and how does it work

Signs that You’re a Clairvoyant Psychic:

  • Let’s take a look at some of them.
  • As a Clairvoyant you may display all of the following:
  • You may see orbs of floating color.
  • You have waking visions.
  • You are a very visual person that can easily envision people, places, or things that out of sight.
  • You are your own GPS signal because you have a really good sense of direction.
  • You occasionally visualize videos like a vision in your mind.
  • You can see flashes of numbers, symbols, or images appear out of nowhere.
  • You spend a lot of time daydreaming.
  • You may enjoy decorating and also like an eclectic variation in your choice for home furnishings.
  • Beauty enthralls you.
  • One of the main signs that may be Clairvoyant is if people tell you that have a very vivid imagination.
  • As a child, you may have had imaginary friends.

What Is A Clairvoyant Medium?

One of the clairvoyant abilities that can come with this specific psychic gift is that of being able to see “dead awakening your psychic powerspeople”, spirits. This is called mediumship, spiritual clairvoyant, or psychic mediumship. When you first tap into this aspect of your psychic abilities it can be quite a shock. It can be hair-raising especially as many individuals are becoming a medium later in life and have never had an inkling that they had any of these gifts until they had some, what I would call psychic medium symptoms like Spirits trying to communicate from the other side. They are not always subtle about it.

You may even think that you are going mad. Basically, you have tuned into spiritual talk radio and you didn’t even touch a dial so to speak. You can receive signs from spirit guides and angels or dead loved ones easily and often as well. People who have these types of unexpected happenings in their lives often come to see me for psychic vision interpretation. They are looking for clarity around what has happened to them. These are also called psychic medium readings.

In one of the very special readings I give called a Psychic Abilities Blueprint I review a list of psychic powers and abilities numbering over 20. I then rate you on how strong they are present in your life. From there you can choose to work with me on developing them, or not.

Regardless of how this Clairvoyant energy shows up in your life don’t fear it. It truly is a gift.

In this podcast, Am I Clairvoyant, Or A Psychic Medium you will learn:
  • Ways to receive communication from Spirit
  • Examples of mediumship experiences
  • The true definition of being a trance medium

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Am I Clairvoyant, Or A Psychic Medium as we examine hearing spirits communicating from beyond the grave. We ask is there life after death? If so what are the signs that the deceased are communicating with you and how to tell if you have medium abilities? So listen and answer the question am I a psychic medium or just a little bonkers?

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