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powerful symbols and their meanings
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What Are Ancient And Modern Spiritual Symbols And How Do They Affect Our Life?

We are all familiar with many ancient and powerful symbols and their meanings. These come from all kinds of areas such as different cultures and religions. You probably know many of them and don’t realize where they come from originally. We readily recognize some of them like the fish or the cross being symbols of Christianity and their common symbols and meaningsmeanings well known. The skull and crossbones is a definitely well know symbol of poison. Some of these signs and symbols are protection against demons and the well-known red octagon on the corner of the streets in our cities ( stop signs of course).

When you get right down to it even each letter of our language and word has some sort of meaning and when you put them together they mean something altogether different. There are ancient symbols of protection, sun symbols, ancient symbols of power and strength, protection against demons. What do the sun and moon symbolize?

Why Are These Powerful Symbols And Their Meanings So Important?

At first, you feel that you do not know any ancient powerful symbols and their meanings but you will b surprised. Not unlike the written language, symbols convey meanings that permit individuals and groups to correspond. Even though the use of words and symbols may look very much the same at first many ancient symbols also have much more meaning and depth. They have an intense significance that rests in the center of our psyche. Carl Jung was known to have stated that certain symbols are ancient images affect our feelings and even our actions as individuals or groups. He went as far as to suggest that they are descended from our collective or universal consciousness. According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious is an acquired psyche or repository of experiences that are universal to all constituents of a particular species.

Another significant concept of ancient and modern symbols is that they mean more than just one specific thing. They can represent many ideas within any individual. a good example of this is the plus sign (+). It can represent a cross mean religious cross; it can also represent the four directions on a compass.

Here Are Some Examples Of Types Of Symbols

  • Symbols of strength
  • Healing symbols
  • Ancient symbols
  • Spiritual symbols
  • Symbols of wisdom
  • Ancient symbols of power
  • Magical protection symbols
  • Ancient symbols of protection

Sign And Symbols Meaning

Here are some examples of these common powerful symbols and their meanings you may recognize:

all-seeing eye symbolAll-Seeing Eye… This is represented on the USA dollar bill and it is purported to a representation of spiritual vision, knowledge, as well as linked to the occult. The Eye In Top Of A Pyramid Or Triangle… This is well known as related to the Order of the Masons and carries the meaning of the all-seeing eye of God.

CaduceusCaduceus (aka The Staff of Hermes)… In the Vedic tradition, this symbol is related to the Chakras the system of energy centers that runs through the human body.

Celtic CrossCeltic Cross: This an ancient symbol for the blend of the antiquated Celtic beliefs and Catholicism traditions.

symbol of peaceDove: The dove mostly will represent peace as well as the Spirit, the person of the Catholic Trinity.

HexagramHexagram (see triangles) or SIX-POINTED STAR: When surrounded by a circle, it represents the “divine mind” (a counterfeit of God’s wisdom) to numerous occult groups through the centuries. Many still use it in occult rituals. But to Jewish people — without the surrounding circle — it is their Star of David.


om symbolOM… This is very prominent in our modern metaphysical society. It is the Sanskrit symbol for the holy Hindu sound om used as a mantra in many meditation practices.

peace symbolPeace Symbol … This symbol has been named after the persecutor of early Christians, Nero’s cross. It is also one of the ancient Norse Runes, the Death Rune. In the 1960s it was reactivated by the hippy movement as a universal symbol of a new age of peace.

Swastika symbolSwastika… This is one of those symbols that calls forth very negative and painful memories of the great world wars fought against the Nazis. However, it began its existence in relation to the occult way back in ancient Egypt.

yin yang symbolThe Tao AKA Yin Yang: An ancient Chinese symbol used originally to represent a widespread tenet of universal harmony. It also represents the duality between male and female, light and dark.

Words Can Heal Or Harm

You may be aware of Masaru Emoto and his study of the healing power of water. One of the studies he did was the effect or positive words and symbols written on the outside of a jug of water created beautiful crystals in the water. The opposite was true when he put negative words and images on the jug. Since our human bodies are hugely made up of water what do you think negative tattoos printed on your body would make?

Whether we are talking about magical protection symbols from the time of the Druid Priests or those to ward off negative energy they are the language of intuition and sometimes even the divine. They convey more information than words. Everything in your life is a symbol showing you your reflection. Think about the wedding or engagement rings.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Ancient emblems that convey spiritual information
  • Symbols that are present in all cultures and religions
  • The mystical wisdom of trees

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Ancient And Modern Spiritual Symbols, when exploring the symbolism of trees, roots, branches, flowers, fruit, nuts, seeds, and even words to illustrate how we can learn from symbols in our lives

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