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May 13, 2017

How To Use Tarot Cards – UYT076

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Intuition Cards Can Help Release Your Psychic Nature

Should you use Tarot cards yes or no, and if it is a yes, what is the best way to learn how to use tarot cards? Many people ask questions when they first look into the psychic realm or want to receive a reading. All tarot cards were not born the same. This holds whether you are having a paid reading or tarot reading free online, including a free tarot love reading that seems to be popular.

What Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are actually created as a deck of playing cards around the mid-15th century in learn about tarot cards meaningsEurope. They were created to play games just as we do with a regular deck of modern cards, and some of these games are still being played in our time.
Then in the late 18th century, their usage changed. They moved over into the realm of the metaphysical for use in psychic readings. At this point, specialty decks were created specifically for these occasions.

Not unlike a regular deck of cards, they are made up of four suits. Within each suit, you will find 14 cards. There are also 10 regularly numbered cards from one, the Ace, to ten. There are also twenty-one additional cards. These cards are what can be considered trump cards. There is also a single card that is called the Fool. The Fool card was used as a major trump card. In actuality, tarot cards are not uncommonly used in Europe as playing cards and do not necessarily have the occult symbology attached to them.

Outside of these specific areas, the Tarot deck’s prime purpose, and generally their only purpose, is for use in psychic readings.

How To Use Tarot Cards And Tarot Card’s Meanings

The many tarot card deck types are very different, and they all can be used equally. Tarot card meanings and spreads also differ from deck to deck. If you consider them, you will want to know how to pick a trusted tarot deck. First, I would suggest that you look into other types of card decks as well. It is not just the tarot that can be used to give readings. You can actually use just a plain deck of playing cards in conjunction with your psychic abilities.

Why Use A Card Deck?

Many initiates to the realm of intuition studies require help to get started. One of the many popular aids that are turned to is a card deck. Some of the better-known decks are Tarot Cards and a variety of Angel Cards. The idea of using a card deck is excellent; however, the choice is quite up to you.

The cards I prefer to use are my own creation, Portico Intuition Cards. The images and narratives on each’s face were given to me by my spirit guides and drawn by me personally. The meanings of each of the representations were also channeled through my guides. I like these cards not just because I created them but because they allow me to use my intuitive abilities instead of just rhyming off a card meaning.

Regardless of which brand of cards you end up using, remember that they are just a tool meant to help you open your intuitive channels. Join and us and learn more about the use of cards in your journey.

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • Why cards are used in intuitive practices.
  • Ways to use cards.
  • How to choose your personal card deck.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Use Tarot Cards, and learn all about how psychic readers use tools to help you.

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