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May 27, 2017

Has Finding Your Spiritual Path been Challenging? UYT078

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How Do I Know If I Am On The Right Spiritual Path?

What is my spiritual path? It is another word for Spiritual Journey. Is there only one Right Spiritual Path? If not how do you know if you are on the right path? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions or something spiritual path another word for spiritual journeysimilar? I have, as well as almost every person that has lived. I have asked myself on more than one occasion. When you first consider how to embark on a spiritual journey, that elusive road to enlightenment, it can actually seem daunting in a manner.

If you make a mistake what then? Are you doomed for all eternity? This all depends on what you believe and how strong those beliefs seem to be. The first major roadblock people come across is whether finding spirituality without religion is possible. Basically, is there a difference between a spiritual person and a religious person?

What Is A Spiritual Path?

What is spirituality in religion? Spiritual beliefs are multitudinous as well as being completely personal. I would say that doctrines can help you if you are the type of person that needs those types of guidelines. There is nothing wrong with religion especially when you start your spiritual awakening. Discovering your spirituality is exactly that, you find your own spiritual way, your enlightenment. Many people use the term “spiritual but not religious.” Of course, none of the paths and journeys you will find yourself on will be wrong.

They are right for you at that specific time in your life. Let’s face it many people change paths several times. Sometimes this is because of growth. Sometimes it is because of pressure from peers and family. Sometimes it is even from our own sense of guilt. Regardless of the reason or the path you are right.

When you do find your way along the path you may find that you have a new sensation run through your being. This may be a feeling of sheer rapture.
a reason for being, purpose as it may be called, is one of those things that drives all people. Life purpose is especially powerful to bring gratification to your heart. However, at the top of the heap is the feelings of joy and bliss you may receive when you find your true spiritual path.

Spirituality And The Beliefs That Formulate Them

If you examine your beliefs around religion and spirituality you may find that these were not your choice. They were beliefs that we pass along to you by friends, families, and many other different acquaintances you may have had in your brief existence. There are sayings in many churches that go something like this “flirt to convert”. That may just say it all.

As you grow not only your intellectual know expands but that of your spiritual I.Q. as well. The beliefs around your spiritual beliefs established within you do not fit any longer. So off on the journey, you will go.

As you are presented with the many types of spirituality and religious doctrines how will you know with certainty that you have found your personal resonance?

Let’s look at a few of the ways you may recognize if you have arrived at the end of your search, for now, that is.

Recognition Of Truth… At some point in your life, you have come to a place where you have recognized the fact that where you were spiritually was just not right for you. One of the ways you will recognize that you have actually arrived at a belief destination will be once again is how you feel. Like a good suit, the fit will feel just right. You will feel comfortable just like coming home does. , in essence, it is coming home spiritually.

A Sense Of Self-Empowerment… You may find that when you have selected to walk the right path for you in this lifetime that things just feel good. You lose much of the negativity in your life brought forth by stress, Anxiety and frustration may slip away altogether. You are basically transcending from

The Puzzle Is Complete... Just like the pieces to a jigsaw puzzle fit together to create the whole picture so will what you hear, see, and feel about your new spiritual path. Each piece will fit “just right”. Not only will the information resonate the timing will as well.

Fellow Travellers… You may find that all of a sudden the people that surround and are accompanying you along the sale path are wonderful. You feel close to them. You feel relaxed and at home with your tribe. Their views are important because they coincide with yours and vice versa.

The Meaning Of Life… You may feel that have the true meaning of life when your spiritual path is the right fit. You no longer search for other ways to find some form of fulfillment. Your need for certain physical rewards is diminished. In essence, your physical senses are replaced with spiritual senses. You can face those life challenges without hesitation because you have come to the understanding and the place that you have the inner strength to cope.

Searching And Finding Your Spiritual Path

My opinion is that if you are on any Spiritual path whatsoever you are searching for the answers. You are on your are you on your true spiritual pathpersonal journey. I also feel that just asking, whether there are such things as spiritual paths, qualifies you as a searcher. In essence, this question is more about the search for truth than spirit or spirituality. Please remember that feeling spiritually alone may also be a part of the search along many of the different spiritual paths. The truth is within each of us and yet so evasive at times. It can wear many disguises until we learn how to decipher it. It is an individual truth as well as a united affiliation, an oneness we all share. This is regardless of religion or geography! This truth, the spiritual awakening, we seek may be very elusive yet very apparent or vice versa. Search and you shall find! (Maybe)

Remember always that deciding spirituality does not come from the mind but from within. Your innermost being is Spirit in nature and real in essence. You can connect to this center by using your intuitive gifts which we all have. Another term used for these abilities is Spiritual gifts. When you depend on them you cannot go wrong in any way. You just need to learn how to listen and trust.

In this podcast Has Finding Your Spiritual Path been Challenging you will learn:

  • If you qualify as a searcher.
  • What the search for the path is all about.
  • Most importantly, why we search.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Has Finding Your Spiritual Path been Challenging, and be privy to some really interesting information about individual spiritual journeys.

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  1. I’m glad you talked about how we could find our spiritual path and enjoy the results. Recently, my wife and I started to get interested in spiritualism. Were not experts, but we want to learn more about finding our path, so well be sure to read your piece carefully. Thanks for the advice on how finding our way to spiritualism helps our well-being.

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