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are the effects of media on society bad

How To Deal With Constant Bad News

So what do you see the effects of media on society is? Are they negative or positive? How doesdo you get bad news anxiety and stress reactions bad news affect us and do you want to be protected from it? An American Psychological Association survey has determined that here in North America watching or listening to the news has a downside.

A good majority of people asked, over 50%, have stated that they feel that news is so negative that it causes anxiety and stress even to the point of losing sleep. Notwithstanding these figures still, 10% check in every hour to find out what is happening in the world of news. And people, 20%, also tune in to their social media feeds regularly which also contain the current news updates and features regardless of whether they desire to see them or not. They are still inadvertently exposed. What is the impact of social media on society when it comes to giving us bad news?

What Are The Negative Effects Of News In Your Life?

Most people feel that it is a social obligation of sorts to keep up to date of what’s happening for some unknown reason. It is not a far stretch to realize that monitoring news can cause much anxiety and increased stress levels. However, the manner in which people can access information along with the unabashed form the news takes may not be very beneficial towards our health both physical and mental.

One of the pertinent factures is how the news is being reported today. With the onset of smartphones and other modern recording devices news is capture as is in real-time and not censored prior to it being placed on the airwaves or internet. This can often lead to very stunning scenes that can and does shock individuals. The visual or auditory detail of such reports can stun and disturb even the most stable of us which can lead to a plethora of negative emotional issues, like intense fear and worry, and even undesirable behaviors in certain cases.

How Does Bad News Affect Us Spiritually And Mentally?fear is one way of responding to bad news examples

How does bad news affect us spiritually and mentally? How does the world creep into your spiritual life? Does it affect your sleep or relaxation? Are you beginning to focus more on the negativity pulling you away from your true nature, spirit? There are many negative effects of the news that can radically shift your spiritual perspective of the world and the people in it.

The psychological effects of television news are depressing many people today. The effects of mass media on society have really become twofold in nature. It can enhance our knowledge of current affairs but also send us into a tailspin as well if we let it. Sometimes the news gives me anxiety and I need to refocus my internal energy on re-balancing. Grounding is so very important. I don’t watch the news any more than just to get the basics to keep current. I am getting to the point that I agree that too much news is bad for you.

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Recent Listener Requests – The Negative Effects Of Media On Society Spiritually

What actually stimulated this article and show is that recently I have had some listener’s requests about the world’s state of affairs lately. These are related to the shift in weather patterns causing the major disasters as well as those manmade disasters.

“I’m writing first to let you know I really enjoy your show. I listen to it via your podcast and always appreciate the food for thought! I’m wondering if you would consider doing a show about trauma, recovery and living beyond trauma. It seems like it is a topic that might touch a lot of your listeners. Many thanks for all that you do! Best regards”. Meredith Denver, CO

“Have you covered anything about the current states of affairs between NK & USA & the world? For some time, I haven’t been able to really see or plan my future. Long before this conflict and now all I see is emptiness and no electricity.” Lori

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How To Deal With Constant Bad News

Everyone can cope with a little bad news occasionally. But what do feel is bad and what is extremely over the line. These are a few of the recent world events / top news stories we will discuss.

My opinion of the top 5 bad news examples in the news this week that are:

  • Sexual Harassment – Harvey Weinsteinwhat is the role of media in today's society
  • Las Vegas Shootings – Stephen Paddock
  • Natural Disasters
    • Hurricane’s
    • Earthquakes
  • Global Unrest & Political Disturbances (Trump, Catalonia)

Are You Ready To See The World As It Truly Is?

How are you responding to bad news examples like these? I think we can agree that some of the news effects on society are enough to put most people over the edge if they focus on them too much. The negative effects of mass media are very evident. Just ask someone how they feel about the stories they hear when they get bad news of this caliber. It can really remove you from your spiritual journey if they become fears and prejudices. Some people may even go as far as thinking that we have been deserted by the prime source of our faiths. They think God is dead. Is the role of media in today’s society to test our spiritual stamina?

In this podcast, you will learn:

  • How can you cope with the world disturbances?
  • Why are we experiencing such disturbances?
  • What is a spiritual perspective on all of these issues in the news?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, What Are The Negative Effects Of Media On Society, and what is a spiritual perspective on all of these issues is what we discuss and how to cope with all the changes in the world and we discuss living in the present.

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