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October 2, 2011

Understanding The Duality Of Man – Let Your Light Shine Part 2

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You Are All Part Of The Collective Unconscious, The Universe, God

If you take a good look at our world, your society, your family even at yourself in the mirror you will have to notice the duality of man. What is the duality of man? One of the best duality examples is in Robert Louis Stevenson’s in his book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. His characters express the extreme ranges of the human essence, good and evil.

You and I are not dissimilar in that we have both of these traits in us however the good generally outweighs the bad. Yet we are shocked when we hear in the news about people that have not been able to control their Mr. Hyde and committed terrible crimes. This duality has much to do with who you are. You are spiritually unique beings in physical bodies having a totally human experience. In most cases, your true nature does show up in life regardless of whether you are aware of its source or not.

As we are spiritual beings, unique individuals, we have our own special light shining in darkness and notes to play in the symphony of souls of the Universe. Yet we are all warmed under the same sun, and we all come from the same ultimate source of light, In fact, we are made from light, and reflected within us is the entirety of creation.

Is Modern Man In Search Of A Soul?

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience living on a planet, in this reality that is divided between lightmodern man in search of a soul and dark. It is a planet of dualities and opposites so as spirit beings we must learn to cope. Guess what? It’s that way on purpose. We have free will to choose between these opposites. An interesting fact about light shining in the darkness, it illuminates. Darkness cannot be “shone “into the light to make it disappear. There is no such thing as a “Flash Dark” (as opposed to a flashlight).

What Is The Duality Of Man?

All Of Creation, The Universe, Is Reflected In You And Everything Else

“The universe and the light of the stars come through me”. Rumi

“Although its light is wide and great, the Moon is reflected in a puddle one inch wide. The whole Moon and the entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass.” Dogen

Maybe the most famous quotation about the concept of duality, from all the characters who let their light shine, is from the author of the book of Genesis:

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, and it was good. And God divided the light from the darkness.”

All creation, The Universe, myths across the globe says something similar. So how is it that you are a Spiritual being and yet can suffer from these dualities that regularly test you? It is simple, you are human and all human beings have this inner guide, inner critic, inner child, inner hero, and a coward. This is called the ego.

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The Duality Of Man And The Ego

“If you wish for light, be ready to receive light, but nourish your ego and be deprived of light.” Hindu saying

The duality of life includes all you do. The experiences you create through the choices you make are how you learn and grow. You are constantly learning and creating ways to let your light shine especially after a spiritual awakening of any sort of depth.

It is normal to feel between a metaphorical rock and a hard place after a spiritual opening. This is because you have torn through a veil of illusion and are having problems facing what is on the other side, truth. Basically, you can feel lost between the illusion of your mortality and that of your true spiritual nature which is eternal. Regardless of how strong your faith in your spiritual or religious belief maybe you will always seesaw between your newfound understandings and your old “man” ideology. Is god, eternity, life after death all real, or they’re just nothingness after you die.

Regardless of who you are, rich or poor, religious or atheist, regardless of where you live on this beautiful globe we all feel the depth of that question. This has to do with the ego which has everything to do with self-preservation.

What Is Duality In Spirituality?

Once your spiritual eyes have been opened you can see and know this false representation of certain egoic aspects of who you. This is all based on your belief systems which are products of external programming by other human beings in some form or another and you will nevertheless reverting to these at times. Again you are only human and this is the way human beings function.

You think that you have arrived, you are spiritually enlightened. Then you are snapped viciously back into the reality of your humanity and your physical journey called life. This can be challenging but when you can hold on to an awareness of this fact then it becomes easier to overcome these dualities of life and Spirit.

Examples Of Duality In Everyday Life

The egoic nature of man uses emotions of guilt and blame to swing you back into your physical naturunderstanding duality in terms of the egoe. Your spiritual side fills you with love. Regardless of what sort of spiritual practice and beliefs you may be experiencing your ego may tend to fill you with questions about whether or not you are on the right path. The ego, your mind creates this world of doubt and frustration. The ego has only one perch to view you from, human nature, and the view itself is a very one-sided self-image.

The ego has been with man forever. It is a form of self-protection. It will never give up trying to keep you safe regardless of the turmoil it creates within you. The emotional struggle, the self-doubt. This is a battle you will constantly fight because, well, you are human and your ego will be with you until you change from back to a Spirit being. Spirituality is the death of the ego and it will try to persist. It will not ‘go quietly into the night’.

Once you understand the ego’s hold on you and you can and that you, your human nature, know little or nothing of who you truly are can expect to reach a state of spiritual peace. Give up and give in to your spirituality. Then you can experience the release of the ego’s grip. Surrender not resistance is the way for the spiritual warrior.

It will be then that you can feel total freedom. The release of fear and the acceptance of love. The illusion will fall away. Spirituality is all about giving up control. But giving up control can be difficult. The more you try to force holding on to your spirituality the slipperier it gets. This is the law of duality.

Trials And Tribulations Increase Light

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you” Rumi

Right now we are living in a time like no other and understanding duality in its true nature is part of this era. The vibration on our planet is increasing rapidly. As it does it becomes increasingly important that each of us chooses to stand in the light and to shine our light.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Understanding The Duality Of Man – Let Your Inner Light Shine, and go out there and explore your light.

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