How To Ground Yourself And Be Protected?

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What Is Spiritual Grounding And Protection?

Do you know how to ground yourself spiritually and be protected? Do you understand how important spiritual grounding and protection are to you? Grounding is your connection to the physical world and it acts as a form of spiritual shielding against negative energy both outside of your self and within yourself.

How To Ground Yourself To The Earth

Everything is made up of energy. We all know that. This means that your body and everyone else’s bodies areguard yourself against harsh spiritual awakening process energy that appears in the physical form. Let me ask you when you throw a pebble into a pond what happens? It makes ripples. Correct. These ripples are formed in a circular pattern of sorts. Depending on how large and heavy the pebble is it will create ripples at shorter or longer frequencies and of greater or less magnitude.

When you throw a bunch of gravel into a pond the same thing happens with each of the stones. However, to the outer rim of the ripples is one solid unit and not necessarily a perfect circle as what you would notice with the single stone.

Energy Interference Patterns

All the different frequencies add up and subtract to give you this specific pattern. When energies of different frequencies combine like in the gravel example the outside ripple defines the frequency of the whole group of stones. This is called an interference pattern.

Your physical image, the one you and everyone else sees is called an Interference Pattern created by a whole bunch of different energies within you. So let’s look at electricity, another energy source.

Have you ever noticed when the fridge, microwave, kettle, or any other electrical device that draws a lot of energy start working there may be a split second where the lights in the room will dim slightly? This fluctuation is normal. Since energy is not what you would call solid or stable, it fluctuates.

Everything Is Energy

The same is true for all energy. That’s right. The energy that makes up the human form plays by the same rules. how to ground yourself to the earth for safetyNow here is the interesting part. Everything in the Universe and beyond is made up of energy. So if everything is energy then everything including your body, thoughts, and emotions are energy-based. Yes, emotions and thoughts as well.

When you are feeling absolutely gleeful or completely dejected your outward interference pattern changes. People can feel that you are in that specific state. This especially true for empaths.

I have another question for you. have you ever seen a lightning flash? This is the energy going from one place to another. So by this, we understand that energy can travel. This means that thoughts and emotions have a similar capability. Maybe not the same but close.

Why Grounding Yourself Is Critical

Using the example of feeling elated and people sensing it, what they are sensing is the emotional energy associated with this specific feeling. So, in essence, this emotional energy has traveled from its source to the receiver.

You can send this wonderful positive energy out into the world and it does travel far and wide. The same holds for everyone. We are all emitters and receivers of all kinds of energy, good and bad. Psychic attack is one of the negative energies that can affect an individual.

So what do you do in the case of negative emotions causing negative energy in your system? In the case of lightning what we do is Ground our houses and buildings so that they do not get hit and are destroyed or at least severely damaged. That is why we don’t go out in a lightning storm. You also don’t want to be caught in a negative energy storm from another individual so you must learn about grounding yourself. Learn how to ground yourself spiritually by learning how to ground yourself to the earth.

Grounding Techniques

One of the best ways to ground yourself is by practicing a spiritual grounding meditation. This is great for protection from psychic attack as well as when you are experiencing a spiritual awakening process like in the case of activating your Kundalini. You can find a guided grounding meditation script that will help you with this process at the link below.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

How To Ground Yourself Spiritually

This grounding meditation is powerful. It teaches you to ground from your first chakra, also known as the rootpractice a grounding meditation for protection chakra. You will focus your attention on an area near the base of your spine, the location of this energy center, and visualize a flow of energy that goes from there to the center of the earth. As it is pure energy it will flow effortlessly through all layers of physical matter. You can also use your grounding to cleanse the first chakra by allowing foreign energy and outmoded concepts to be released in turn centering yourself.

This flow of energy can look like anything you wish. You can choose a visualization that works well for you. I use a laser beam, but I teach my students to be creative and have fun when making their grounding cords during their short grounding meditations. Some other suggestions you might like to try are a rope, a well, a tree, a giant root, or a waterfall. I even have one student who imagines they are sieving soil in their garden when they grounding as that helps him with the concept that he is releasing energy that no longer works and keeping what does work. Your first chakra connects you to the world!

How To Ground Yourself And The First Chakra

The first chakra is the closest to the ground of all the major chakras and it has the lowest vibratory rate. This is because it acts as a connection, grounding you, to the physical world. Spirit has a high vibration and physical reality a much lower vibration for the two realities to meet and interact, a bridge must be formed. This bridge is your root chakra.

This energy center is where you bring your spiritual creativity into physical manifestation. If you don’t activate your first chakra, grounding yourself, then much of your information lies dormant. Worse if you don’t clear your first chakra of foreign energy then your true information may become buried beneath concepts you have taken on from others. Either way, you will have difficulty creating the life that you want.

This is why grounding is so important. It helps you, the high vibration spiritual being, come more fully into your physical body and take more conscious control of your life. Grounding is an energy connection that you can create between your first chakra and the center of the earth. It is an energetic anchor that holds your focus on the physical plane. It stops you drifting off and daydreaming and keeps you in the here and now.

If for any reason you are feeling ungrounded the easiest thing to do is practice the technique I related earlier. By learning how to ground yourself by listening to and practicing the short grounding meditation you can feel secure in the fact that you can be stable in so many ways.

Free Guided Meditation

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How To Ground Yourself And Be Protected, for an in-depth look at what spiritual grounding is and why it should be an intricate part of your life.

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