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November 27, 2016

Activate Your First Chakra For Life Balance- UYT039

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Why Is Your First Chakra So Important?

We are going to discuss why and how you activate your first chakra and why it so important for life balance. However, first, let’s consider the root chakra itself as one of the seven main energy learn how to ground yourself to the earthchakras. The root chakra location is located at the base of your spinal column. It is responsible for the energy that deals with your feelings of security and safety in this world of physicality as well as the main way of how to ground yourself spiritually.

The quality of this journey we call life is related directly to how adequately you are grounding yourself and one of if not the best ways to ground yourself is through your first chakra using a grounding meditation. It also relies on not having an underactive root chakra, a sacral chakra imbalance, or a blocked sacral chakra which will not all your vital energy to flow freely in both directions, negative into the earth and positive back up into you. It is the main connection, a conduit if you would, for grounding yourself to our planet, mother earth.

Not unlike a pretty bush or flower, your physical body requires a root, support for the remainder of your seven chakras so that they can function wholly and securely. The status of all the main chakras defines the state of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Anything that blocks your first chakra can disable or stint the flow of positive energy which may alter some or all of these elements of your being.

Spiritual Grounding And Protection

It is very similar to when you try to stand on one foot and then go to your tiptoes. You find that is pretty shaky, to say the least. Now if you hang onto something solid like a wall or so you will be able to stand more firmly. In learning how to ground yourself to the earth spiritually you emulate this. You are preferably holding on to something solid for support allowing the negative emotions to move down an energy cord into the earth. This is not unlike what electricity does with its unwanted energy.

The Root Chakra Symbol:root chakra symbol

Activate Your First Chakra And Witness Its Effect

Learning how to activate your first chakra or the root chakra or Muladhara, as it is also called, is the key to having a balanced happy life. This is impossible to do if you have a root chakra imbalance. Have you ever felt adrift in your journey through this life?

Here are some symptoms of a root chakra blocked or underactive in some way:

  • Pain in the lower back, feet, legs, and the rest of your body parts that stem from the base of your spine including arthritic pains.
  • Lack of self-confidence or increased lethargy.
  • Rectal area issues like growths.
  • You may exhibit addictive tendencies.
  • Issues with your circulation.
  • Urinary and bladder issues.
  • You experience confusion, distraction and get disconnected from the world
  • You may be assaulted with negative emotions like fear, insecurity, depression, anxiety
    Kidney ailments.

These are just a few of the negative effects you may experience when you have an issue with your root chakra. Because the sacral chakra is the foundation for the other chakras your spirituality, psychic or intuitive abilities, your ability to voice your thoughts and feelings, an inability or overzealousness to love or accept love, an unruly sex drive can be can all be an example of issues that can be present as a result of a sacral chakra imbalance or blockage as well.

Sometimes as human beings we get a little lost, afraid, lonely, or feel any other negative emotion at any particular time. When this happens it is difficult to focus on anything particular. It is as if you are just a falling leaf of a tree being blown around by the wind. You are looking for solid ground to purchase on. This is because you have no solid footing or as it is called in the spiritual world grounding. This is where the first chakra comes in. You need to learn how to keep your root chakra balanced and unblocked so the energy can flow freely.

Your 7 chakras, seven chakras, are conduits for all spiritual information. The first chakra channels your information on how to operate and heal your physical body and other information on how to survive in physical reality. It helps you navigate the yin and yang of duality and balance between extremes. It is a conduit to mother earth and allows you to ground, just like an electric current, your negative energy and pull in good energy. It is essential to learn how to how to balance root chakra if you are going to delve into the psychic realm and open your intuition to its fullest.

Here are some questions I am often asked about the first chakra:

  • How do you open your root chakra?
  • What are the colors of the chakras?
  • How to activate your first chakra?
  • What is root chakra healing?
  • Where is the root chakra located?
  • What are some root chakra problems?
  • How do you know if root chakra is open?

There is a simple way to have root chakra opening experiences, especially during any particularpractice a grounding meditation for a great life psychic or spiritual awakening process. A sacral chakra meditation or grounding meditation as it is more commonly called is an easy and effective way to enable your grounding. I have a free grounding and root chakra healing meditation below:

Free Guided Meditation;

Get Your Free Grounding Meditation

We go over some of these questions and how to open root chakras and some root chakra healing techniques as well as a root chakra meditation in today’s episode, Activate Your First Chakra For Life Balance, of Unlocking Your Truth.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • About the first chakra and its information
  • Differences between physical and spiritual realities
  • How the first chakra interfaces with your physical body

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Activate Your First Chakra For Life Balance, and learn how to unblock your root chakra and more.

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