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October 4, 2022

Trusting Your Intuition Versus Your Physical Body Responses UYT347

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What Do You Believe About Being Psychic?

Once you begin to expand your psychic abilities and begin trusting your intuition, you must also consider your physical body and the connection between mind, body, and Spirit. The main reason for this examination is that your body is the lens through which you focus your spiritual light, your psychic light. And also, you, who are Spirit in nature, are not the same as your physical body. So even though, when you look into the mirror, all you see is your physical being, there is much more to who you are. Therefore, before you can express your psychic and intuitive natures, you must first connect with that higher being, Spirit, because that is where they emanate from.

Trusting Your Intuition Versus Your Physical Body Responses

What Is Meant By You Are A Spirit?

So let’s examine the relationship between Spirit and the physical body. Well, another word for Spirit that can be more understood is consciousness. You are consciousness, an energy being of light and Spirit. You, in essence, are not your body.

You do, however, have a body. You literally created your body. It’s your vessel. It’s your vehicle for you to shine your light of consciousness, the light of Spirit, through.

Many people spend their whole lives wishing they weren’t in a body and trying not to be in it. The issue is that they genuinely do not understand what their body is. Yes, you are blood, skin, and bone. But there is a reason for this physical representation. Once you grasp the incredible gift of your physical emanation, life will change for you.

The Differences Between Your Body And Your Spirit

The simplest way to understand your body-Spirit relationship is to examine some of the differences between body and Spirit. As previously explained, you are Spirit, consciousness within a body.

As Spirit, you are an eternal being. This means you never die. You just go on and on as an ever-expanding Being, creating, and so on. But your body is finite. Physical bodies do die. Right? You live a lifetime in a body that is a finite quantity. But you have eternal life as Spirit. So the first difference between the two is that one is never ending and the other is finite. There is a beginning and an end to the body.

But as Spirit, you are the Alpha and Omega; you are the beginning in the end. Actually, there is no end, just continuing on.

The Omnipresence Of Spiritwhat is your true nature

Another difference between body and Spirit is it’s saying something similar but a bit different. As Spirit, you are omnipresent. In the body, you are here and now. The body can’t be anywhere else but in the here and now. But as Spirit, you can be here, there, and everywhere and do it all at once.

The Omnipotence Of Spirit

Your Spirit is part of the greater One, God, the Universe. And therefore, you are in the experience of Oneness. In your body, you are in the experience of duality, opposites. As Spirit, you are interconnected with all things. While in your body, you are experiencing being separate. Even though this is only an illusion of being separate from everything, it seems very real.

This is why you can feel so alone in a crowded room. As Spirit, you experience togetherness, a complete interconnectedness. Whereas in a body, you are an individual and experience separation.

The Spirit And Time And Space

Spirit is a multi-dimensional and interdimensional entity. Spirit, you might say, because of its omnipotence and multi-dimensional, you could think of it as galactic. It’s intergalactic. It’s universal. Any of those words that you can think of?

The body, however, is limited by time and space. The body is earthly. It’s on Earth; it’s on this planet. Unless you are one of the ones that get on one of Elon Musk’s tickets to Mars, your body is earth-based. As Spirit, you do have some focus here on Earth. Still, simultaneously you have experiences beyond this planet, galaxy, universe, and even beyond this dimension.

Creating Your Reality As Spirit

As a multi-dimensional being, you, as Spirit, can create in all realities, which could be on other planets or universes. It could be in other lifetimes. You create your reality.

Now, another thing, if you think about being omnipotent, being unlimited by time and space, everything exists simultaneously. Every thought, all possibilities, and all probabilities exist at once. And so there’s no delay when you create. Your desired creations are already there.

That sounds strange, doesn’t it? But when you are in a body, there’s kind of like a delay to you creating because there’s time and space that factor into the process.

You can make choices. And then, as time and space progress, the result of each choice you make or each action you take is reflected back at you. This mirroring is a reflective quality resulting from being in a body embedded in time and space. You do not get it if you are not in a body and unlimited by time and space.

As A Body, You Are Physical In Nature

Another difference between Spirit and body is consciousness. Your body is made up of physical matter, so it is tangible and touchable. Spirit is pure consciousness and is intangible. So you can’t touch Spirit.

As Spirit, you are a high-frequency light. Your body has a much lower, denser electromagnetic energy on this plane. So there’s a difference in frequency between them.

Your Spirit And Your Intuitionlearn to trust you rintuition

As Spirit, you are all-knowing and all-seeing because you have no limitations. But in a body, you have limited perception. Therefore, you cannot experience seeing and knowing all at a physical level when you are in your body.

So as Spirit, pure consciousness, you have an expanded perspective compared to the limited perspective you have when operating through a body.

It is Spirit that experiences intuition and psychic abilities. Your body has its intellect, emotion, and animal drives.

It’s interesting because you find that when you try to do things in life, even spiritually, you try to force it physically. You try to push. In many cases, this happens when you first try to awaken your psychic abilities. You try to force them physically. It doesn’t work.

Intuition Blueprint

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Using PSychic Powers As Spirit Is Effortless

This is because Spirit doesn’t use effort. The body uses effort. That’s another one of the differences between your physical body and Spirit. Another way of trying to conceive of this is if you think about a model railroad.

Some hobbyists have an extensive model railroad in their attic. Well, in the body, it would be like you are imagining that you are riding on the train. You are seeing the immediate environment. Right? So here and now. Oh, look, there’s a tree. There’s a house, a lake, and a mountain, and you move through time and space as you ride along.

Spirit is more like a balloon floating above the landscape. And looking down and seeing everything, every part of the whole landscape. You see the attic itself (the world), the outside through a window (the universe), the beginning, middle, and end of your journey, and any side rails, junctions, or depots.

You can see many things:

  • where you are now
  • where you are going
  • where the track is broken
  • where the track narrows
  • where the landscape is eroding
  • the danger of falling down the mountain
  • an approaching tunnel
  • where there’s a steep incline
  • where there’s a significant decline

As Spirit, you see the entire landscape at the same time. Whereas in your body, you are not privy to everything.

And what that means is that as a physical being, you can surprise yourself. You are constantly revealing new things to yourself that wouldn’t be a surprise if you didn’t have a body because it would all be known to you. You are learning new things all the time, new things about yourself, new things about the world. And you are making choices like which train track, this one or that one.

Spirit sees all the train tracks and both sets of creations. Therefore, Spirit can have the experience of knowing both aspects of that fork in the road. Whereas, in the body, you have to choose one direction because you can’t do everything everywhere all at once. You can only do the here and now.

And so you choose a particular track, but you won’t know the result ahead of time. Eventually, you see the reflection of that choice of going down that particular avenue. It shows up in your reality. Damn, you chose the wrong track. The track is blocked. There’s been a landslide. Spirit can see so much more and has a different perspective than you do as a human in this physical reality.

Why Do You Choose To Be In A Body? intuition training with dr lesley phillips

So if being in a body is so limiting and as Spirit, you have such a fantastic expansive view, why do you choose to incarnate? Why do you go into these things called bodies? Perspective.

Your body gives you a different perspective. It’s more focused and intense. It’s magnified, but you see less. It is somewhat like focusing light through a magnifying glass. As Spirit, you can see it all, but you do not have an intensive experience. But focusing your light, your energy through a body, it’s more concentrated and focused.

For example, think about how the sun might not necessarily start a fire on dry ground. But if you take a magnifying glass and focus the sunlight through it, it intensifies that energy. So you have a more intense experience. But you are seeing less because everything’s magnified. It’s all in your face, isn’t it?

This is another example because this is essential to trusting your intuition and your human body. Imagine trying to read a newspaper with a magnifying glass. Without the magnifying glass, you might see the newspaper, but it may be a little fuzzy, and you can’t see clearly. You know it’s a newspaper, and there are all these different stories.

Now, when you take a magnifying glass, you are really focused. But you are only concentrated on just one part of the newspaper, and you can see that blown up, magnified, intensified. But you can’t see the rest of the newspaper. So there’s a more specific, more focused experience through a body and a less specific, less focused experience outside the body as Spirit. So yes, you get to see the whole newspaper, but you don’t perhaps get to see the sharp relief that you get when you are in a body.

You Create Differently In Body And Spiritlearn the law of attraction steps to create your reality

Being in a body and the difference between body and Spirit is quite intense. Each has its different way of creating. And because of that intensity and difference, enormous growth can happen. So in a way, you can think of yourself on your journey, a kind of hero’s epoch of self-discovery.

During this journey, you are searching for meaning and seeking to express yourself. All the aspects of Spirit are still with you because they are part of you. But things may be revealed to you along the path, slowly, if at all. So again, it’s a journey of revelation and self-discovery.

If you were creating this life purely as Spirit, knowing all, with all your psychic abilities, you wouldn’t get the surprises. You would know all the results before you made the choices before you even took one step on the path. But, the physical adventure allows you a different way to experience things. And you are kind of doing it semi-blindfolded and, in a manner, semi-handcuffed.

This is because, at birth, a veil has been placed forgotten on your remembrance of being Spirit, and you have completely forgotten who you are. You can’t bring all that you are here. You can only bring a part of who you are, an infinite being, into a finite vessel. You can’t. And so you are experiencing this life as a physical being. But, and this is the “big but,” there are aspects of a more extraordinary being, the multi-dimensional eternal being still present. Yet within the human language is hard to express these things. However, you are that being and are an aspect of that being.

Take A Psychic Ability Quiz

Your Free Psychic Ability Quiz

Trusting Your Intuition And Psychic Abilities Within Your Physical Body learn about your psychic powers list

You are this magnified, intensified version of yourself with the power to create worlds being focused through a physical body, but it is hidden. And this means you can create in the same way you can create outside the body.

However, your body can try to fool you into believing this is impossible. It has lots of ways of sensing things. And those are to help it navigate the physical environment that it’s in. It is a bit ironic. You come into this world as a mighty Spirit, a part of God. It gets wrapped within you, and then you spend the rest of your life trying to find it.

It’s you, Spirit, that bright spark of divine light, that is the one who has these wonderful psychic abilities and spiritual senses that help you navigate through multi-dimensional space through non-physical reality.

Your body can’t do that. It wasn’t built for that. It was built as a vessel as a vehicle to transport you in the physical experience. And it does a great job of doing that. But it isn’t the one with the psychic abilities and the intuition. However, there are ways to tap into these beautiful gifts. People often ask me, “how do I get psychic abilities .”Well, the answer is simple. You can’t get them. You cannot get something you already have. So the question should be, “how do I awaken my psychic abilities.” The answer is simple.

Free Guided Meditation

Follow Free Guided Meditation For Access To Energy Grounding

You can awaken your psychic powers through specific meditations that help you access your higher self. Also, you can learn from a spiritual mentor such as myself, who will guide you through the process. An excellent way to begin your journey is to take a Psychic Abilities Quiz, a test to see which of the main psychic abilities you do have. Follow the link below for a real eye-opening experience that may introduce you to those unique parts of your true being, Spirit. Enjoy the journey.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, Trusting Your Intuition Versus Your Physical Body Responses, as we explore the differences between your human experience and that of Spirit.

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Here are some of the questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of Trusting Your Intuition Versus Your Physical Body Responses:

  • Karen – What did I choose to use my abilities for in this lifetime? These gifts are not fully developed, and there are some blocks, but I would like to know which field of work to go into. Thanks
  • SG – To take one of your chakra courses, would I have already had to take the Unlock Your Intuition course?
  • Katie – That is a great analogy! I’ve never thought of it that way. I remember you comparing body and Spirit to the Mars Rover, but this helps understand the body’s function as it relates to Spirit. Does this mean that Spirit does not create without a body?
  • Erika – Hello! If we have a planned purpose, yet forks in the road show up, do we go back to our path, or can we get too far off? How would one know?
  • Brian – When we go from one life to the next, since we move on from the body and the body returns to the earth, it becomes a different form of energy. Does it come with us into another life since it’s not destroyed but changes form? I ask because I’m aware people carry marks from incidents in their past lives into this one. An example would be someone hit in the leg with an arrow in a past life. Then a mark appears in the same place on their body in this life.
  • Erika – I don’t know if Spirit is guiding me to be a writer or something else or if my own physical self is just getting in the way of understanding. Thank you!
  • Amanda – I’m honestly shocked this isn’t packed all the time. I just thought maybe the ones who are here are the ones that are special or need Dr. Lesley to take her time with us.
  • Cole – That balancing you spoke of, dark/light, seems to be an interesting parallel to karma.

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