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March 7, 2021

How Your Human Senses Differ From Your Psychic Senses UYT277

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How Many Senses Does A Human Have?

Basically, as human beings, we have five senses, touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight. You knew that, though. BUT did you know that there are special senses other than these 5 human senses! There are also as many as 22 psychic senses. So what is the difference between physical human senses and your psychic senses? It might seem like a strange question. But I think that sometimes when you are first developing your psychic abilities, you do have expectations that your psychic abilities will be just like your physical senses. That is not quite how it is.

How Your Human Senses Differ From Your Psychic Senses

Are You Aware Of Your Higher Self?

Let’s first talk about the body versus spirit because you have a body and your body exists in the physical world. Your body is right here right now in physical reality. So it has physical reality to contend with. It has to navigate the dimensions of time and space. So the body, the physical body, is kitted out with sensory apparatus that helps it do that. These are the physical human senses that help you navigate the physical world. They help you communicate through your body with other bodies and interact with the physical environment. Actually, your brain is the main tool is constructed to do so, to help you navigate physical reality.

In reality, you are not your body. You are Spirit. This is not the first time you have heard that. The favorite adage regarding this is, “you are not a physical being having a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.” You are a high vibrational, eternal, limitless, multi-dimensional being of light. This is your higher self. You have created your body as a vehicle, a vessel to project your consciousness into this experience of physical reality. However, as Spirit, you still exist outside of time and space. So outside of that restricted aspect of the physical reality, your psychic senses help you navigate the non-physical world.

Why Learn How To Tap Into Psychic Abilities?

These psychic gifts are how you communicate as Spirit. In turn, it wouldn’t make sense for you, as Spirit in that multi-dimensional level, to be communicating through your physical abilities. Let’s look at some of the differences between body and spirit. Many have already been mentioned.

  • Spirit has a high vibration, whereas the body is dense physical matter.
  • Spirit exists outside of time and space. The body exists within time and space.
  • The body is finite. Spirit is infinite and eternal.

Now you are Spirit, your inner body, and part of your journey as a human being is learning how to be present consciously, become awake and aware within the human physical body, and prepare to awaken your spiritual essence. So the question is, how do you do that? How do you connect that very high vibration spiritual aspect of you with that the dense physical matter of your human body? The answer to that question is much simpler than you may imagine.

How To Unlock Your Psychic Powers

You use spiritual grounding techniques. This type of grounding is not all that different than how electricity reacts. You ground by creating a grounding cord from your first chakra, at the base of your spine, all the way to the center of the earth. This provides you with a way to anchor your light and your high vibration energy into the physical system in a safe way. Why does this make it safe?release negative energy meditation

It gives you a way to arc off all that high vibration energy, both overly strong negative and positive energies. It helps you come into a more conscious state within the physical body. Most humans are not in a fully conscious state within the physical body. Most of you are operating from the body consciousness levels of the emotions, the intellect, the sex drive and are lost in these body levels. But if you can ground, you can be present within your body. As Spirit, you can become consciously awake and aware. Then you can start to take charge of your physical reality.

Once you have accomplished this, you can then start to access your psychic abilities from the waking state. This is done by seating your consciousness within the physical system. Hopefully, we have explained enough of the basic differences between body and Spirit and each aspect’s sensory levels. Hence, you understand how and where the psychic abilities show up.

Once more, we are looking at the difference between psychic senses and spiritual senses. Some of you may have, and some may still, expect their psychic abilities to be exactly like their physical human senses. You might expect your psychic gifts, let’s say in the case of Clairvoyance, to look exactly like looking out through your physical eyes. Of course, it does not. This is because your physical eyes are your physical eyes, and they are built to pick up information within a certain frequency band that pertains to physical reality.

A Free Psychic Reading

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Meanwhile, your Clairvoyance is a visual psychic sense, and it is the ability to see as Spirit, to see various configurations of energy. Seeing these forms of energy is not the same as using your physical sight. So let me see if I can find a good way to explain this to you. If you Google ‘how do I get to see an aura,’ you’ll get all sorts of things coming up that tell you to stare at things until you start to see lights appearing around the edges. Yet using your Clairvoyance is like seeing with your eyes shut. You can have it available to you with your eyes open. Still, in a way, the best way for you to start experiencing that particular psychic sense is actually to close down exposure to all of the physical signals.

Importance Of 5 Senses

Your physical senses are critical. They help you get through this physical reality. Your physical eyes tend to dominate your reality because you are a physical being. So why do you have psychic sense? Do they augment your human senses? When you close your eyes and allow yourself to see images and colors, that is when you begin to tune into your psychic ability to see as Spirit truly. Your Clairvoyance is the ability to see as Spirit and to tune into energy constructs that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

The same thing holds for other psychic abilities such as Clairaudience. It is nothow to help your psychic kids with developing psychic abilities the same as your physical hearing because it is not like you hear an actual voice like you would hear my voice if I were speaking to you. It is a form of verbal auditory intuition—an example of that might be if you could remember a sound you’ve heard. Think of a rooster crowing. You do not hear it with your physical ears. It is more of sound memory. Your Clairaudience is a bit like that. It is a sound that you are hearing, although the sound is not occurring in physical reality.

What Is The Sixth Sense Of Human Beings?

These special psychic gifts have been given a special term relating them to your human experience. They are called the sixth sense as a generality. You all experience your psychic abilities through your individual chakra systems in your own unique way. A swell, you all have your unique pattern of psychic abilities. That unique pattern of psychic abilities, and I will use the term Psychic Ability Blueprint, is specific to you. It relates directly to who you are and why you are here in this lifetime. In turn, one really great way of understanding your life’s mission is to be able to tap into your chakra system and your unique profile of psychic abilities.

Channeling your different abilities and information from your higher being and your greater being, depending upon what your mission is, is very powerful. As you begin to explore the pattern of psychic abilities, then you can start to build the story of your unique life mission.

Your lives are different from the infinite realm of your higher being. To be here, you have oriented away from your Spirit nature and spiritual gifts. You have become accustomed to a physical vessel and focused on the physical senses associated with it. Here in this physical vessel, in this physical world, and it has slowly guided you away from your higher being. This, in turn, will make you question whether or not psychic abilities are real and how you can explain to them because you have only your physical reality words and experiences to do so. It is like trying to explain the color of a rose to a color-blind individual or the unique taste of a strawberry to someone who has never tasted one. Yet you can clearly see that the two are very different, both of these having their own importance in your existence for the here and now and your eternal reality.

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Your Human Senses Differ From Your Psychic Senses, as we discuss the existence and the differences between the psychic senses and the human senses.

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Questions and comments from listeners during the broadcast of How Your Human Senses Differ From Your Psychic Senses:

  • Since Spirit is such a huge part of us, I would say more spirit than body, then why is it so hard to connect with our spirit, but not our body?
  • Are our psychic abilities consistent through lifetimes? If someone were highly telekinetic in one life, are they prone to have that same ability in all other lifetimes?
  • Is “seeing” as a clairvoyant different from what one would “see” while astral projecting?
  • I ground daily, sometimes multiple times a day, but I haven’t put much attention to my chakras. Do I need to put more time and energy into my chakras?
  • Are our body ailments related to an ailing spirit? Why are some sicker than others? Is the spirit suffering too?
  • “Would it be in my best interest to move to be closer to my son? It would push me way out of my comfort zone” what can I do to help me overcome my anxiety?
  • Found a group of strange people who posted pictures of light shapes. They claim that they are orbs and similar. Also, they claim that they channel with entities from other planets. Can this be real?
  • Does our journey in this lifetime end with everyone eventually awakening these psychic abilities and becoming one with Spirit? If so, why is it so inaccessible to those who cannot pay for the knowledge and tools to help them do this?
  • I have recently had the song from frozen going through my mind – let it go – but easily replaced with “let it flow.”
  • I would love a psychic reading about any part of my metaphysical journey.
  • I’d really like to connect with my guides, but I’m not entirely sure what that looks like. In what ways will they appear to me?
  • Does a person’s path of victim or abuser have to do with how evolved their spirit is? How many incarnations have they experienced?
  • I’m someone who feels things around me and in others really easily. I’ve been like this since forever but am just now trying to get in touch with it. Lately, though, I’ve been feeling things really intensely about a certain situation regarding my ex-husband. Still, everything ends up turning out to be the opposite (or at least concerning his actions). What is happening? Am I losing my gift? Can anyone help me understand?
  • Question: I took two energy bracelets to a testing machine. One of them gave me a feeling of unrest in my chest that also shown on the computer print screen. The next day I tried the same bracelet on the same wrist, and I got the same unpleasant feeling. The manufacturer sells them as sleep aids. A kid who is having a rare disorder wore that bracelet before I took it for a test. How can I know if the bracelet is affecting only me? Or does the same to the kid or if I sensed the stored emotions?
  • I had a dream last night about my ancestors. I had a dream in my dream that I was trying to show my dad where they were buried. I woke up and called my dad, and he said it was true. (All this was in my dream) Today, when I woke up, I called and asked him about my great grandparent’s parents, and he assured me that the names I had seen on the graves were correct. I got so excited and told him I dreamed about the graves. He assured me that where I dreamed they were at is the spot they are buried. What could this mean? Are they trying to connect with me?

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