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August 6, 2018

How Do You Rebuild A Broken Relationship? UYTI169

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Are You Suffering In An Unhappy Relationship?

I receive many requests from individuals about how do you rebuild a broken relationship. By the time these folks get to me, they have attempted many different things but mostly on their own to struggle through the obstacles they’re facing. And usually, they are alone in the attempt. That is normally one of the main problems. Of course, they’ve hit too many roadblocks to continue the attempt without some sort of guidance or help. By this time there is just too much pain built up and emotional sorrow and sometimes notable anger and or resentment or all of the above. Once this happens you go around in fear and doubt and find it difficult to think clearly.

They are completely exhausted. Their emotional reserves and inner strength are almost nil. When people go through these trials they often feel bruised and broken. They come to me with hearts that are feeble, looking for the secret recipe to regain their loving connection. They are now searching for sage counsel with an urgent appeal for direction so they can get back to their life. They have so many questions:

  • Asking how to repair a relationship when trust is broken?
  • Is rebuilding love possible?
  • Should I even bother trying to fix a broken relationship?
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • They want to know how to fix a broken relationship after cheating (from both sides).

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There are simple questions that people can ask to surmise the situation. These can be difficult questions to answer truthfully:

  • Do you both desire the same outcome?
  • Is there enough of the flame to rekindle?
  • Are they quitting in their own minds before giving counseling a chance?
  • Are both parties willing to put effort behind trying to reconciliation?

Sometimes there may be one of the parties involved that feels completely slighted and is or plays the victim. Other times the individuals have not been able to communicate and have built up emotional stress and anxiety towards each other and there is no peaceful place to move forward from. with a referee or at least a mediator.

They are involved in an unrealistic and invalid method of arguing and cannot appreciate or even hear the other’s point of view which can often come from pain on either or both sides. The other side of this coin is that some partners enter into a form of truce which is complete silence. They basically shun the other wanting little or no true communication of any sort. a conflict of stillness!

How Do You Rebuild A Broken Relationship?

try rebuilding love in your relationship
Dr. Noushin Talei Nikfarjam author of Making A Commitment For Love

Notwithstanding the most shocking of deceptions, the most painful or emotional and sometimes physical hurtful practices, or the most disheartening of name-calling fights, there still may be hope. At some point in time these two people loved each other (hopefully that is). If it was possible loving someone once is it not again? So how do you repair a damaged relationship when you think a parting of the ways is certain? This is where our guest comes in, Dr. Noushin Talei Nikfarjam.

Dr. Noushin is a Psychoneurology that specializes in relationships and helping people put them back together. She has had much experience with many modalities of healing and helping people with many types of issues over and above relationship reparation. She has studied intently at the side of the Dean of Beurin University learn many different healing techniques that to some may seem unusual. However, they do work!

Noushin, originally from Tehran, Iran met the founder and Dean of Beurin University and began working on her dual Ph.D. in Psychoneurology and Integrative Health and Thriving. Since then she has been teaching and seeing patients helping them with many life and health issues.

Noushin’s latest book, Making A Commitment For Love, speaks to the actions one can use to enhance a union and create more intimacy and love. Couples following this advice and learning to adhere to it, have experienced wonderful results far beyond what they imagined possible.

We Ask Dr. Noushin About Some Of The Areas She Works In:

• The treatment of anxiety, phobias, traumas, and PTSD
• Successfully developing a strategy to reduce the use of stimulants in ADD/ADHD
• Reclaiming the lost love in Relationships
• Creating a Prosperous Life
• The Secret to Creating a More Loving Relationship with your life partner
• Medication may not be the only route to healing
• Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT
If you are in pain and are looking for a solution to rebuilding your relationship you may want to look at something other than conventional counseling.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How do you rebuild a broken relationship?
  • How to repair a relationship when trust is broken?
  • Rebuilding love and regaining trust.

You can reach Dr. Noushin at www.DoctorNoushin.com
or access her book at www.MakingACommitmentForLove.com
Her number in the LA area is 310.600.0289

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth, How Do You Rebuild A Broken Relationship, and listen to some very interesting information on relationships and health in general.

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