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December 12, 2019

What Is True Love Like? UYT225

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What Is The Meaning Of Love?what is love to you

What is true love like for you in your life? What does love mean for you may be an even deeper question? The subject of true love has been discussed ever since man has been on this lovely planet. When it comes to true unconditional love some skeptics do not believe it exists or is even possible. Where on the other hand those so-called hopeless romantics feel that everyone, including you, has a soulmate out there somewhere and deserves to love and find love.

What Is True Love Like?

Yet one of the interesting and significant issues that researchers have found is that the belief of your soulmate being the source of true love can create the tendency to have relationships falter during difficult circumstances.

Let’s start by defining what true love is:

What is Love?

True love…that seemingly obscure, ever-lasting passion that keeps two people united throughout their lives, through all the turmoil, trials, and tribulations.

Others, perhaps less poetic, say that true love is the outcome of many years of solid work. It results from the purpose and drive of two people to continuously endeavor to find solutions to keep their love alive. To make it grow and last the test of time and even grow after years of being at each other’s side. However, can it still be real love even if you have to work for it?

What is love is a very interesting question. If nothing else, most will agree that true love is the superior manner of love which is something most have experienced at some time or another within their existence.

The Foundation of True Love

Most of you, when asked, would think that love is this thing, this emotion, that you find somewhere, somehow for someone. Love is a verb. Many people have come to me stating that they do not love their spouse or partner any longer. And this could be very true for them at that specific time in their life. They didn’t fall out of love what happened is that they just “stopped loving” them. You create your reality.

There is an adage about friendship that is a wonderful example of loving and being loved. “If you want to have a really good friend in your life then first you should be a really good friend.” To translate that into love perspectives “If you want to be loved in your life then first you must practice love.”

What Is True Love In A Relationship?is true unconditional love possible to find

This can mean everything from expressing and show love to others as well as loving yourself. The only true love that you can truly feel is that of yourself for yourself, not ego love, or for another person. You may be empathic and feel that someone loves you however you are not actually “feeling their love”. You may feel good about the fact that you are loved by another but this does not mean that you can feel this emotion from them.

What happens is that you will experience their love through their deeds and actions. The true sensation of feeling loved only occurs when you reciprocate. when you love another is when you truly feel real love. Now going back to my clients who have lost their feeling of being loved is because they have stopped expressing their love. Regardless of the types of love, you can speak to they hold to this same principle.

It can be quite frustrating or empowering to understand that the responsibility for the level of being loved in any relationship falls on your shoulder. It is completely up to you. You can opt to exercise those behaviors or habits that will not be constructive to your relationships or those that are. Expressing compassion, respect, affection, kindness, and real love are some of the relationship-building practices that make you and your partner happy.

What Is True Love Between A Man And A Woman?

The signs of true love from a man and the signs of true love from a woman do differ. Each has its own intrinsic characteristics yet they do cross over energetically and emotionally at times. When you truly love someone some behaviors and practices can help in building your intimacy and the positive experience of your partnership.

  • Truth And Honesty…The quickest way to end any relationship is to get caught in lies. When you feel that anyone is being deceptive with you trust begins to diminish and when this happens so does the real love you feel for that individual.
  • Agree To Disagree…You are an individual and so is your partner. This being said you will run into situations where you will not see eye to eye on everything. This can cause you to lose your patience and control of your anger. This will result in love being replaced with animosity. Too much of this will close the door to your real love. Being open and losing your defensive nature with your partner will make life so much more amenable. When you feel that you can tell your partner everything and anything without repercussions real love can and will flow freely,
  • Respect And Setting Boundaries… Again no matter how close you feel to a person you are both still individuals. Your goals and priorities may differ in certain cases. This where respect comes into play. You don’t have to understand why these goals and boundaries are important to a person all you need to do is accept that they have them.

They are unique individuals as are you and this means that they will not necessarily want the same things you want all the time and visa versa. This may be difficult for you to accept. Yet if they were the same as you wouldn’t life be boring? New ideas or activities can be exciting if you chose to look at them in that way. Be grateful as well as respectful of your partner’s differences not resentful.types of love and how to keep them alive

  • Affection…We need hugs a day for maintenance. We need hugs a day for growth.” According to Mercola.com: “A 20-second hug, along with 10 minutes of hand-holding, also reduces the harmful physical effects of stress, including its impact on your blood pressure and heart.” The magic number is 8 hugs a day. Your emotions are important. When you deny your feeling or those of others it will be harmful to your relationship. Showing affection and sexuality can become mundane and even boring. Keep your love alive by fanning the flame of sincere affection.
  • Communication… Stephen Covey says it best in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” “Seek first to understand”. There are always three sides to any story. Yours, theirs, and the truth. Clarity on your part is key to achieve this as well as making certain that you understand your partner’s point of view. Feeling seen and understood is key to a happy life for us all.

What is the true meaning of love? It is opening your heart to another, expecting nothing in return, and accepting all that does show up without diminishing how you feel about yourself. In the old movie “A Love Story” the character’s opinion and description of love were given in a key phrase… “real love means never having to say sorry.” So what is love to you?

Join us on this episode of Unlocking Your Truth What Is True Love Like and learn to cross the barrier of after lief communications.

On this podcast you will learn:

    • How to stay in love.
    • Characteristics of true love.
    • What is true love between a man and a woman?

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