May 10

Attract Abundance and Financial Prosperity


Can Anyone Help Me Financially?attract abundance and financial prosperity

Attract Abundance and Financial Prosperity is a Life Activation. These are mystical guided meditation journeys that help you move beyond your blocks, create desired change & activate your inner senses. They help you reconnect with your higher self and explore your life challenges in a safe and gentle way.

Creating as spirit is instantaneous and requires no effort. Operating a body requires effort and occurs in time and space. Most humans have forgotten the difference and attempt to make their spiritual creations appear in physical reality using effort. This is a recipe for disaster and leads to feelings of frustration, unworthiness and lack.

The more exasperated you get, whether you feel like a victim of an unfair world or judge yourself for your lack of creative ability, the worse things get. As your vibration spirals down you attract even less. Because our universe operates on the magnetic principle that like attracts like. There is a secret money magnet formula That exists and it is not just for money. It is all about how to attract success.

Retrain your brain with this extraordinary adventure in the Garden of Eternal Abundance, where you will be shown the system of how to attract abundance from the universe and attract what you want without struggle and where you can effortlessly release your limiting beliefs. You can achieve financial freedom and more.

Attract Abundance and Financial Prosperity…

…is one of seven Life Activations which are unique transformational experiences, available individually or in a bundle for extra savings. Included in your Download Package are the audio recording(s) you have ordered as well as special instructions about how to prepare for your experience. Each recording is 16-20 minutes long and can be listened to daily to accelerate the Activation. . The effects can be felt for days, weeks and even months afterwards.


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