May 10

Essential Life Activations – Choose A Happy Life


Would You Like Help Facing Your Life Challenges?

essential life activations help facing challenges in life

What are Essential Life Activations?  Do you have issues overcoming challenges in life moving beyond your blocks? Would you like to create desired change and release the true you, the happy you? You know the life you want is there but it seems just beyond your grasp. The issue is that you are looking in the wrong places for happiness. The key is to activate your inner sense, your true essence.

Essential Life Activations do exactly that. They are mystical guided meditation journeys that help you in overcoming challenges in life allowing you to release your inner most joy. They help you reconnect with your higher self and explore your life to the fullest in a safe, gentle but effective way.

Each of the seven unique Essential Life Activations gives you access to very specific meditation that deal with most common life challenges. Each Activation has been found to be the solution to issues that people suffer from and ask about the most. These are found to be the top three questions that cause the most pain:

  • What is my life purpose?
  • Why can’t I attract loving fulfilling relationships?
  • How can I enjoy improved health & well being?

Essential Life Activations Are Unique Transformational Experiences..

…that will give you an instant boost in crucial areas of your life. They are available individually or in a bundle (like this one). Included in your Download Package are the audio recording(s) you have ordered as well as special instructions about how to prepare for your experience. Each recording is 16-20 minutes long and can be listened to daily to accelerate the Activation. The effects can be felt for days, weeks and even months afterwards.

reveal your life purpose Find Your Purpose and Path

Are you feeling lost, experiencing life circumstances you don’t enjoy and wondering why you are here? Times of uncertainty where you lack clarity and walk in the dark without direction or destination are extremely uncomfortable. It doesn’t help to be told you are always on your path and living your purpose regardless of feeling that way. Knowing that your confusion offers an opportunity for growth isn’t comforting when you are drifting through life without a rudder. In this activation you will raise your awareness above doubt and uncertainty. You will climb the Magic Mountain and receive Higher Guidance and take a leap of faith that will reveal your Life Purpose.

attract a loving supportive relationshipAttract Loving Fulfilling Relationships

If you are failing to attract a loving supportive relationship or suffer from unhealthy or abusive relationships this cannot shift unless you change first. In accordance with the law of attraction you always attract who you are. Meaning your outer reality is a reflection of your inner reality. You will not be saved from loneliness and unworthiness by a future event where you meet your soul mate unless you become your own loving supportive partner. In this Life Activation we will see what you are attracting into your life by examining your beliefs that don’t support attracting a love match. You will courageously look at your reflection in the Magic Mirror of Self Revelation. After releasing distortions of how you see yourself, you will be invited to Activate Your Magnetic Heart and attract relationships that reflect the new you.

take a healing journey and wash away all your illsEnjoy Improved Health and Well Being

Your body is your temple. It is the precious vehicle that takes you through life’s journey. Your body must be nurtured to remain healthy. Otherwise non supportive thoughts, emotions and beliefs build up leading you to suffer from physical ailments. Like a garden, your body must be tended or the weeds take over. Like a house it must be cleaned or clutter makes it uncomfortable to live in. In this Life Activation we will see what has built up inside your body causing blocks its natural energy flow. Then we will take a healing journey to the Crystal Cave and Ancient Spring of Rejuvenation. Where you will be invited to relax and allow the healing waters to ionize your energy field and wash away all your ills.

Why wait? Start on your path to a healthy, happy, prosperous life NOW!!!


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