Learn how to receive higher guidance, release doubt, clear blocks, and improve your intuition with this book on developing your psychic abilities through energy. Express your full potential through a journey of spiritual awakening. You’ll access your psychic senses more than ever before and discover how intuition can heighten self-knowledge, reveal your inner truth, assist in healing, enhance manifestation, and help answer life’s big questions.

Intuition and Chakras provides everything you need to safely develop your unique profile of psychic abilities. Featuring exercises and foundational techniques, this book makes it easy to follow your inner guidance, overcome challenges, and develop your intuition into a practical tool that helps you lead a purpose-filled life.

When I invited over one thousand people their most pressing question, half asked: “what is my life purpose?” I was astounded so many feel lost, especially when I know how you can access your life purpose. The key is in your chakras. They channel your intuitive abilities, which are your personal guidance system for your life. When you have access to your intuition, answers to all your life questions are in reach. “Intuition and Chakras, How to Increase Your Psychic Development Through Energy” can help you discover and live true to your life purpose by connecting with your unique profile of intuitive gifts.

This book, published worldwide by Llewellyn April 8th 2020. It will be available for purchase from Llewellyn, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound and on Amazon. Sign up on the form below to be notified about the book launch!