Working with Lesley has been a life-changing experience for me. Her ability to intuitively guide the session for the deeper inner work is unique. I value the tools I have received that support me in anchoring my changes while empowering me to love and appreciate my own abilities and gifts and to live my life even more fully. Thank you Lesley.


Sandra Coutts
avatar“I was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Luckily it is treatable and I will take chemotherapy. I have read and re-read your book and have begun to use many of your visualizations in my meditations as I attempt to strengthen my immune system. So, THANK YOU! Dr. Lesley”

Dr Robert Rose
Rewiring Your Brain
"I did a custom chakra energy program (Deva Program) with Dr. Lesley a number of years ago where she taught me to go deeper into myself and find and heal any patterns and wounds stored in my Chakras. I still use these techniques to this day and I have so much gratitude to Lesley for really helping me embark on my journey into self-healing and working with my own energy field. Thank you so much Dr. Lesley!!"

Marika Hall, BA, Holisitc Doula
Birth Medicine
Thank you so much for the reading yesterday Lesley, you really brought to light a lot of deep feelings that I have and it makes it so much easier to move through this energy with Grace opposed to going against the flow, I felt a huge release as the conversation went on and I know that it will just continue in that way as I incorporate what I learned and use it to better understand Life and my own Being

Katherine Dixon
I met Dr Lesley Phillips at the Vancouver Body, Soul & Spirit Expo, where I approached her for a past life reading. I wasn't sure what to expect but what I walked away with was quite amazing. With some details she provided me about a more recent past life, including year of death, the country I lived in, and a general idea of a profession, I was able to do some research and discover who I was. I was a distinguished physics professor at Yale University by the name if Leigh Page (the masculine of my current name). Dr. Lesley Phillips has provided me with more insights into my spirit than I expected, and I recommend that if you're interested in learning more about yourself, that you see her too.


Leah B
Dr. Lesley Phillips provided me with spiritual advice of the highest caliber completely in sync with my struggles she did not know about prior to bringing them up in the reading and was able to offer me direction and resources to help me stay in line with my spiritual path. She is a wonderful, professional and attentive spiritual adviser and I do recommend her. Thank you Dr. Lesley!"

Val, North Vancouver

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