After attending a meditation hour - "I really enjoyed it!"

West Coast Reiki Center Meetup Group
Really enjoyed the group Meditation, I lost track of time the Meditation was working well for me, I’ve incorporated some of what I learned that night and have picked up the amount of time I meditate. Also really liked the Reading I had after, I keep going back and re-listening to the recording you sent me and I keep learning things, that are striking a cord within me. Thank You!

Karl Petersen
Vancouver Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awareness Meetup Group
Lesley contributed immensely to creating a successful annual Team Build for our company. She provided all of us in attendance with lasting tools to enhance both our personal and professional lives. Lesley has a very engaging and accessible style and is an excellent communicator and I recommend her without hesitation. My team and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Heather Stieh
Whole Body Team Leader, Whole Foods Market
I just wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate your cards.  I had been thinking recently that I wanted to get my own deck to use sometime soon. The other day, I asked my housemate to borrow some of her cards and she gave me her Tarot.  Interestingly, when I came home tonight and showed her your deck she started laughing, because she has them and had debated about putting those out for me instead of the Tarot cards. And finally, while I was talking with her I decided to open the new deck and I got the exact same card that I had picked out tonight at your place, Uniqueness. I take that as a sign that your cards are pretty special, and that now is the perfect time for me to be using them!

Jill Boadway
Conscious Table
Thank-you for last month's address at the First United Spiritualist Church. Complemented by your wonderful guided meditation, it clarified the reasons and benefits of meditation throughout and got the point across that the practice of meditation does wonders for the body and the soul. Thank-you again, Lesley. It would be delightful, were you to give another talk on the same topic in the near future.  As a FUSC member, I will also propose my idea of having you give a seminar on meditation to this group.

Nataya Anderson
Broken Wings: A Flight Attendants Journey
"I enjoyed the meeting, I plan to attend again" - after attending a night of energy healings.

"It was great, a very peaceful atmosphere & I was happy with choosing a past life reading with Dr. Lesley." - after attending apsychic reading party.

Deb Ensign
Vancouver Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awareness Meetup?
“ I really appreciated the opportunity to try something new and to see how it resonated with me. I look forward to participating in more of their activities and events. ” - after attending psychic reading party

Vancouver Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awareness Meetup?
"Received a wonderful healing and witnessed a healing modality that was new to me. Amazing results right before our eyes. Very worthwhile." - after attending an evening of energy healings

Vancouver Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awareness Meetup
Last week when I came for the (Intuition) workshop I was a little sceptical, since I was never open to psychic readings. I grew up in a communist regime and anything away from materialism was roughly judged and socially not approved. The workshop was as informative as experiential, open to discussion, questions and feedback in a supportive atmosphere. Even though I usually have a hard time visualising, I was able to "see" the symbol that was suggested. I also had the ability to "read" the meaning that intuitively came from the painting (in Portico Soul Essence Cards).I decided to book a private session to explore the experience even deeper. I am glad I did, because I got some answers to some of my existential questions. Through the reading came the confirmation of the challenges I have to face and master, the beliefs I have to work on to overcome the blockages that keep me stuck and it confirmed some of the resources I thought I had but was not sure if it was true or just in my imagination. Beside the fact that I got the recording to review all the information, I enjoyed your calmness, your easy to understand way of expressing the ideas, as well as the positive attitude... Thank you, I have already recommended you to my friend.


Codrutsa Rotaru
Lesley, my very first reading from you (past life) was unbelievably accurate that it now makes me think if the decision I will make is base on a karmic pattern or otherwise.  Through this, I realized why I did certain things and made certain decisions that affected my life not so positively, that if I am to make them today, they will for sure produce a more positive outcome.

The readings you have done on me (Aura, Chakra, Card and Past life) are all enlightening and quite helpful that I learn more about myself now more than ever. They also make me aware of my full potential and what I can become.

You are truly and undoubtedly gifted and I am blessed to have shared this wonderful experience with you.

I truly believe...

Sevelina Simnos

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