You Make Me Feel… UYTI182

do you know how you make feel

I am sure that at some point in your life some has said to you, ‘you make me feel’ with some sort of descriptor attached like, you make me feel like dancing or you make me feel like a natural woman (a really great song by the late Aretha Franklin). Ahhh the memories! Regardless of what was…

Positive Thoughts Can Change Your Life UYTI181

experience how positive thoughts can change your life

You have all heard the phrase, be careful what you wish for because you may just get it. The truth is that positive thoughts can change your life as can ‘stinking thinking’. We have a tendency to forget about the power…

Is Luck Real? – UYT092

is luck real

Is luck real? Are you born with bad luck or is it something that just happens to you? Or do you actually create all the reality in your life including luck? Is there a science behind luck? If luck is real, where does luck come from? Is bad luck a real thing? We all would love to be able…

What Is The Importance Of Words In Our Life? – UYT054

what is the importance of using words

What is the importance of words in our life and in communication? Words are the basis of our communications with each other and the power of communication are the skills to build trust, inspire loyalty, and lead effectively.

The Power Of Words

understand the power of words and language

Language, words, and writing are how you make your ideas thoughts and beliefs physically real. They are your tools and, as any tool can, may be used in a positive or even negative way. Words can even be used as weapons. Whether you…

Words Can Hurt Or Heal, The Power Behind Words!

words can hurt or heal and the miracles they can create

Words can hurt or heal! They can create miracles in your life or complete devastate you. Remember the old ‘“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”’ saying when you were a child well the opposite is actually truer. Think about it. Words CAN…