All Disease Begins In The Gut, Fact Or Fiction UYT208

does all disease begins in the gut

There was a time that science and medical practitioner believed all disease begins in the gut. This concept started over 2000 years ago when it was suggested by Hippocrates, who like you most probably know, was considered the father of contemporary medicine. This concept held true for quite a period of time. So was he correct in his prognosis?

How To Be Peaceful In A Crazy World UYTI193

learn the art of how to be peaceful

The Akash contains a record of all creation. It has been called the “Mind of God.” It is the fabric of the multiverse and contains a recording of all experiences, universes, beings, time, space, physical and nonphysical reality, and pretty much everything else.

Entering or being able to access the Akashic Record is not …

Release Self Judgement, You Are Amazing UYT171

learn to build self confidence

Before you can release self judgement you first need to know what it is. Self-judgment is the critical view you take of yourself.  As you self-judge, you look at your qualities and flaws and then rate them according to different standards.  Usually, you tend to focus on the negative self-judgement opinions and form false determinations about yourself.  Some simplistic examples…

What Are The Signs Of A Big Ego? UYT170

what are the signs of a big ego

What are the signs of a big ego in relation to your life? Have you ever wondered “do I have a big ego ” about yourself? Hopefully, we will be able to clear that up. A question I am often asked is how can I tell the difference between my intuition and my ego?

I Had A Breast Screen Scare, Will I Be Alright? FCR199

i had a breast screen scare will i be alright

Do you have good judgement? Actually, the question I am really asking is ‘do you have negative self judgement’. We all do to a point. We all look in the proverbial mirror at times and see someone that we are having a problem liking or loving. self worth, self confidence, self love are all symptoms of the inability of releasing self-judgement.

How To Stop Negative Thoughts! UYT141

how to stop thinking negatively about yourself with clayton john ainger

Why do I always think the worst and have these obsessive negative thoughts? Simple! It is who we are! That is where we go if left unchecked. It is time to learn how to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. Let’s look at the why negative thoughts and feelings creep in.

Self Care Vs Selfishness – UYT151

self care vs selfishness is important

Nobody enjoys their company of a self-centered individual especially those of us on a spiritual path of any sort. Being involved with a person with self-centered tendencies can affect your own self-esteem. If you take…

Victim Of Circumstances, Are You One??? – UYT103

are you a victim of circumstances

So let us look at the truth about the concept of being a victim of circumstances. Bad things happen to good people as the adage goes. At some point in time, you will most probably experience very unpleasant life circumstances that you did not …

What Is The Ego, Related To Spirituality? – UYT098

what is the ego in relation to your spirituality

What does having a big ego mean? Donald Trump’s is an example on steroids. Let’s talk about his superego and how it can actually be a spiritual teacher for you. I can almost hear you all now, “How can Donald Trump’s expansive ego, or any women or men with ego issues, possibly be considered to be spiritual teachers?”