Why Keep A Dream Journal – UYT061

bedside dream journal to help with your dream recall.

Basically, one of the areas where we can learn much about ourselves and our relationship with the Universe is during lucid dream states and their dream stories. Dreams and journals are a door to the astral plane because when you dream you are actually entering …

Is Astral Travel Real, Astral Projection Dangers – UYT009

astral travel techniques

Our Reality as many would say is a holographic project that each individual creates. It is accomplished using thought projection basically. This type of projection can also be called consciousness. We experience this reality as REAL for the lack of a better word. Astral Projection is when we …

What Is My Life Purpose? – UYT001

how do i find out what is my life purpose

How to truly discover yourself can be an amazingly challenging task, to find the real you and your spiritual reason for being. Many people wander the globe aimlessly in an attempt to find a sense of purpose. Living a purpose-driven life is …

Out Of Body Experience, Astral Travel And The Third Chakra

out of body experience and astral travel

We occasionally have conscious awareness of some of our out of body experiences. We store these memories in our third chakra for spiritual reference. Much of this information is incomprehensible to the physical body and not relevant to bring into conscious awareness on the earth plane.