Can Dreams Come True? UYT179

So what is happening when you’re dreaming? You’re entering your own inner psychological dimensions. In another way, you’re entering the deeper dimensions of reality. You’re moving outside of time and space. You can either look…

Is The Man I Dream About Destined To Be With Me? FCR290

is the man i dream about destined to be with me

We all dream. There are no two ways about it. Now, how real are these dreams? Lots of women come to me and telling me things like “I am dreaming of a man I’ve never met” and they want to know “when will I meet the man of my dreams”. The power of dreams is actually very interesting. Are they …

How To Interpret Dreams UYTI167

dream interpretation

Do you think knowing how to interpret dreams can be important in your waking life? We all dream and more often than not we all wonder what these interesting experiences mean.
There are several hypotheses that…

How Do I Interpret My Dreams?-UYT099

how do i interpret my dreams

So when you are wondering about, “what do dreams mean when you dream about someone” or ” what does it mean when I remember I died in my dream” there are ways to determine these …

Why Does Deja Vu Happen? – UYT093

why does deja vu happen

There are different theories on deja vu and schools of thought when we broach this subject. Some lean towards the explanation that the experience may be the result of …

Meditation Benefits Part 4, Live In The Present – UYT087

meditation benefits part 4

The main difference in operating as a spiritual body or a physical body is the use of effort. Acquiring this effortless state can be difficult however. It’s not a surprise many people struggle with this because we applaud effort (grit, determination, hard work, will power, discipline and struggling against the odds).

Why Keep A Dream Journal – UYT061

bedside dream journal to help with your dream recall.

Basically, one of the areas where we can learn much about ourselves and our relationship with the Universe is during lucid dream states and their dream stories. Dreams and journals are a door to the astral plane because when you dream you are actually entering …