How Meditation Opens Your Intuition

how meditation opens your intuition

Did you know that many of the great discoveries in history came from intuition? Albert Einstein is a great example, his theory of relativity was inspired by a dream, much like being a meditative state, where he was going down a mountainside ever faster and watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light.

What Is The Psychic Ability Of Clear Seeing?

What is the psychic ability of clear seeing or clairvoyance? It is one of the types of psychic abilities. In most cases it is about seeing energy fields that are not visible to the eye. Some would liken a clairvoyant to a fortune teller. Not so.

How To Develop Mental Telepathy Or ESP

If your are hearing voices in your head you may want to learn to hone your claircognizance and learn how to develop mental telepathy.
Telepathy, also know as ESP or extrasensory perception, and telepathic communication are not just for the SciFi fact telepathy is a spiritual ability that we can all do with a little practice. There are even scientific studies that support the existence of telepathy in humans.