How To Read The Akashic Records UYT188

The Akash contains a record of all creation. It has been called the “Mind of God.” It is the fabric of the multiverse and contains a recording of all experiences, universes, beings, time, space, physical and nonphysical reality, and pretty much everything else.

Entering or being able to access the Akashic Record is not …

Who Has Spiritual Abilities, Do I?

psychic powers list

Who has spiritual abilities? Ever wondered if you have spiritual abilities? A psychic told me I have psychic abilities once and then I found out everyone does. Then you have also probably asked, “ am I psychic or intuitive…

Is The Man I Dream About Destined To Be With Me? FCR290

is the man i dream about destined to be with me

We all dream. There are no two ways about it. Now, how real are these dreams? Lots of women come to me and telling me things like “I am dreaming of a man I’ve never met” and they want to know “when will I meet the man of my dreams”. The power of dreams is actually very interesting. Are they …

Are They Okay On The Other Side? FCRG272

are they okay on the other side

So someone you care for very much has passed over to the other side. You miss them. Sometimes it is that you have been left on your own. Just to be able to communicate with deceased loved ones one more time.  When people who you care about have gone…

Is My Recently Passed Sons Spirit With Me Every Day? FCR172

is my recently passed sons spirit with me every day

Basically the question is about the possibility of spirits of loved ones around you. The answer is yes. They do visit. So how can the dead communicate with the living and vice versa? The means to receiving messages from the dead loved ones is not all that difficult. Communicating with dead loved ones can be done personally

How To Dream Big And Make It Happen?  UYT137

Would you like to know how to dream big and make it happen? Another name for this process would be manifestation. There are several ways of creating manifestations of your desires in your life.  Using your dreams and dream state is one of the systems that can accomplish this. Do you think it would be wonderful if there was a dream big book to show exactly how to do this. If you are ready to dare to dream big then our guest, Kathy Tuccaro, will really excite you.

What Do Dreams Mean? – UYT030

what do dreams mean

Everybody dreams whether they remember their dream experiences or not. What is actually happening during the dream state is that the consciousness separates from the physical body and has experiences in other realities.

How Meditation Opens Your Intuition

how meditation opens your intuition

Did you know that many of the great discoveries in history came from intuition? Albert Einstein is a great example, his theory of relativity was inspired by a dream, much like being a meditative state, where he was going down a mountainside ever faster and watching the appearance of the stars change as he approached the speed of light.

What Is The Psychic Ability Of Clear Seeing?

What is the psychic ability of clear seeing or clairvoyance? It is one of the types of psychic abilities. In most cases it is about seeing energy fields that are not visible to the eye. Some would liken a clairvoyant to a fortune teller. Not so.